• Episode 26 - Ed Dominion, D6 Inc, Sulphur Springs, TX

    15 GEN 2024 · On this episode of Gone to Texas, Super Dave Quinn welcomes Ed Dominion, President of D6 Incorporated. Ed shares his experience first expanding to Sulphur Springs, eventually making it their headquarters. He talks about how the Sulfur Springs, Texas community welcomed and supported his company's move, offering insights into the positive impact on the local economy and the innovative recycling projects they've implemented. Ed shares why he loves being a part of a small community in Texas and how his business has thrived while other areas of the country have needed help filling positions and growing. To learn more about Sulphur Springs, visit our sponsors page at: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/
    23 min. 18 sec.
  • Episode 25 - David Gillrie, Hoover Treated Wood Products, Fairfield, TX

    15 DIC 2023 · In this episode of Gone to Texas, Dave Quinn sits down with David Gillrie, President and CEO of Hoover Treated Wood Products, to discuss their expansion into Fairfield, Texas. David discusses why they chose Fairfield and why the central location was so important to their business. He also talks about the strategic importance of the Texas market and the role of economic developers in facilitating growth. From the challenges of building a new facility from the ground up to the importance of creating a supportive company culture, this conversation provides a wealth of knowledge for business owners considering a move to the Lone Star State. To learn more about Fairfield, visit our sponsors page at: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/
    27 min. 8 sec.
  • Episode 24 - Roger Treacher, Marching USA, Gainesville, TX

    1 NOV 2023 · Welcome to another episode of Gone to Texas. In today's episode, Dave sits down with Roger Treacher, the owner of Marching USA. Marching USA specializes in designing and manufacturing top-notch instruments and frames for the music education industry. Roger shares his journey from the United Kingdom to Texas when he was part owner of a snack food company and why he first picked the Dallas, TX area. He then talks about how his passion outside of work helped him discover the opportunity for his company, Marching USA, and why he moved his company to Gainesville, TX. He also discusses why he prefers the smaller town life versus the larger cities and why he has found it's easier to find the perfect employees being part of a smaller town. He also discusses why he feels the state of Texas is one of the perfect spots if you're a company that ships across the country. To find out about Marching USA, visit: https://www.marchingusa.com/ To learn more about Gainesville and the economic opportunities there, visit: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/
    25 min. 11 sec.
  • Episode 23 - Courtney Radloff, Purveyors of Fragrance, Richardson, TX

    15 OTT 2023 · Welcome to another exciting episode of Gone to Texas, where we welcome Courtney Radloff, Founder of Purveyors of Fragrance. Courtney shares her entrepreneurial journey and the challenges she has faced along the way. From building a business from scratch and having to navigate the complexities of the fragrance industry to suddenly having to move her business from California to Texas, Courtney's story is one of determination and resilience. Courtney shares how she started her journey, and why she was able to grow her company so quickly. She also talks about running a business with her husband, and why she couldn't be happier with the decision to move her business to Texas. To learn more about Courtney's company, visit: https://purveyorsoffragrance.com/ To listen to Courtney's podcast, visit: https://www.FirstToArriveLastToLeave.com
    45 min. 51 sec.
  • Episode 22, Accasisa Martinez, Accasia’s Event Venue, Fairview, TX

    15 AGO 2023 · Welcome to another episode of Gone To Texas, where Dave Quinn welcomes Accasisa Martinez of Accasia’s Event Venue in Fairview, TX. Accasisa talks about what it's like running an event business and how a post-COVID world and a desire for people to connect again in person inspired her to create her own business. They also discuss the ups and downs of running your own business and why being involved in the community has been one of Accasisa's biggest assets when growing her business. They also talk about how Fairview's EDC has been one of her most valuable resources in helping her not only get the business off the ground but helping her to continue to build. If you'd like to find out more about Accasia’s Event Venue, visit: https://www.accasiaevents.com/ To learn more about our sponsors, visit: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/
    23 min. 34 sec.
  • Episode 21, Willy Dyck, CEO Besser Pro, Paris, TX

    17 MAG 2023 · On this episode of Gone to Texas, Dave travels to Paris, TX and talks to Besser Pro CEO, Willy Dyck. Besser is a manufacturer of axels for utility, dump, flatbed, car haulers, and live stock trailers. Willy talks about why he loves growing his business in Paris, TX, from affordable living costs to a helpful Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Paris’ Economic Development Center has been committed to helping thrive, making new connections, and offering resources for growth. Willy also shares his personal experiences of balancing sales and production to ensure customer satisfaction while expanding the company. He talks about the importance of community connections, seeking advice, and utilizing local resources to achieve success. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Texas, and discover what the Paris EDC has to offer. For more information on this show visit: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/ Full episode breakdown: 1:15 - Meeting Willy Dyck, CEO of Besser Pro and learning how he became an extremely young CEO and how he started working at 12. 3:10 - Willy shares all about his expansion and how they’re growing not just in Paris City, but to other states like Oklahoma and Arkansas. 6:03 - Willy talks about the the creation of his products and the problems they’re working to solve with them. 6:57 - Willy discusses how he is working with Paris’ EDC to help build his business and expand, and how they have been instrumental to his success. 8:20 - Willy talks about the number of his employees and plans for expanding. 9:46 - Willy discusses what his plans are for working within the community and even partnering with schools to create local training programs. 10:28 - Willy talks about his backstory, and how his family came from Mexico, and Canada and then to Texas. 12:30 - Willy talks about what is driving the growth for his company, and how COVID has actually helped his industry. 13:36 - Willy talks about what it’s actually like to do business in Texas, and why he’s so happy to have his business in Paris. 16:30 - Willy gives his one tip for someone thinking about moving their company to Texas. https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/
    20 min. 34 sec.
  • Episode 20, Economic Leaders from the Leadership Summit in Marshall, TX

    3 APR 2023 · In this special episode of Gone To Texas, Super Dave Quinn is joined by powerhouse guests live from this year’s Economic Summit and Leadership Conference hosted by Marshall, TX. Dave talks to Dr. Ray Perryman, President and CEO, The Perryman Group, Carlton Schwab, President/CEO of the Texas Economic Development Council, Aaron Demerson, Commissioner Representing Employers for the Texas Workforce Commission, and Rich Froeschle, Senior Economist at the Texas State Technical College System at Texas State Technical College. They discuss why the current global economy can have a huge impact on economies at a local level, and why it’s important for small business owners to keep up-to-date on all of it. They also talk about the state of Texas’ current economic status, and why businesses continue to flock here at record levels. They also discuss why the entire ecosystem is so important, from local high schools and colleges, to Chamber of Commerces and Economic Development Corporations, and why it’s crucial that all of them work together to continue to develop businesses and a workforce that can support a thriving economy. Plus, they discuss what has worked well so far, and where business owners, who are interested in relocating to Texas, should start in their search for finding the right home. It can be an overwhelming process, but the great news is, that it’s set up where you can easily find the help you need by connecting with the right resource. Thank you to Marshall Economic Development Corporation for sponsoring this podcast. To learn more, visit: https://www.gonetotexaspodcast.com/sponsors/. qBY8mzn09SdBRJyzpwH7
    31 min. 6 sec.
  • Episode 19, Bart Day Provost for Texas State Technical College, Marshall Campus & Richelle Langley, Ed.D Superintendent - Marshall ISD

    15 MAR 2023 · A thriving economy is only as good as the workforce development that a community is willing to build. Helping attract new students and work candidates to the city of Marshall, as week as preparing their current student body, are two large initiatives of the Marshall Economic Development Center. In this episode of Gone to Texas, Dave is joined by Bart Day, Provost for Texas State Technical College, Marshall Campus, and Richele Langley, Ed.D, Superintendent of Marshall ISD. Richele and Bart discuss the city's initiatives, including things like dual credits in helping kids explore their interests and getting them prepared on an accelerated scale to fill the needs of the Marshall workforce. They also talk about how programs are being developed at the Texas State Technical College to continually keep up with the local small businesses' demand and get the right people trained so they can have an impact immediately. They also discuss what they're doing to keep costs low and ensure their students will be placed in a job, in addition to how they're making sure they are not leaving out current Marshall residents. To learn more about the Marshall EDC, visit: https://www.marshalledc.org/ Full episode Breakdown 1:10 - Meeting Richele and Dale and learning more about their roles at Marshal ISD and Texas State Technical College, Marshall Campus. 2:20 Richele discusses their programs and why it's essential for them to educate not just students but also continue to educate current residents to keep them in Marshall. 5:10 - Bart talks about the system and how they're constantly considering helping the small business owner with the education and training of their residents. 6:21 - Richele discusses the program's cost, and how they've considered making this as cost-effective as possible. 9:00 - Bart talks about some of the difficulties with helping so many kids who are first generation college students, and how they're overcoming it. 12:30 - From a future perspective, how does the education system keep up with the needs of business owners? Richele and Dale discuss how they're keeping up with the frequent changes. 15:48 - Richele discusses what they're pushing for in the future and why tradespeople are so important. 16:43 - Richele discusses what small business owners can do to connect with and communicate with educators to help figure out what's needed. 18:45 - Bart talks about what businesses can expect if a small business owner finds themselves with a need that may need to be filled. 21:49 - Bart talks about the money-back guarantee with their programs.
    28 min. 40 sec.
  • Episode 18, Lester Thornhill, CEO of Life's Abundance

    7 GEN 2023 · When they needed a more central location for their company, Texas seemed like the perfect spot. However, finding a place just anywhere in Texas wasn’t going to cut it. After Lester Thornhill, CEO of Life's Abundance, did some research, and when he thought getting closer to Oklahoma may be a better option, one of his co-workers mentioned getting an email from the EDC of Dumas, Texas. Lester looked at the location, called the number on the email, and the rest is history. In this episode of Gone to Texas, Lester joins Dave Quinn to tell his story of expanding to Dumas, Texas, and why he calls Dumas the best city he’s worked with. He shares the story of how he had to change some of their processes that worked throughout the country, and how he’s built an incredible relationship with the Economic Development Center of Dumas. To learn more about our sponsors, visit: https://texasedconnection.com/sponsors/ To learn more about Life’s Abundance, visit: https://lifesabundance.com/category/dogfood.aspx Full Episode Breakdown: 1:55 - Meeting Lester, and learning about his journey to the US, and what it was like coming here as an immigrant. 4:40 - Lester talks about how his technology background left him to Life’s Abundance. 9:40 - Lester talks about how he discovered his love of business and technology. 13:34 - Lester talks about expanding to Texas, and why it was such an important place for them to build a location. 17:14 - Lester talks about why his company picked Dumas, and how it ended up being the perfect location. 18:33 - Lester talks about how life was so different in Dumas, and how they had to change how they usually did things to grow the warehouse. 20:48 - Is the EDC only there just to help people get incentives, etc, or are they truly problem solvers for businesses? 23:48 - Lester gives his one piece of advice for business owners who are interested in Texas.
    26 min. 35 sec.
  • Episode 17 - Carsten Wagner, President/CEO, Wagner Tuning

    15 DIC 2022 · Expanding your company to a new state can have many challenges, but imagine expanding to a whole new country. It’s the story of Carsten Wagner, President and CEO of Wagner Tuning, and he joins Dave on this episode of Gone to Texas, to tell his story of expanding to the United States, and picking Kilgore, Texas as his location. Carsten talks about why he chose Kilgore and what convincing his family was like when no one really knew much about Texas. (And honestly, many of them thought it was going to be open spaces and cowboys.) He also talks about making a move during the pandemic, and how it went from exciting to sitting in an empty warehouse with nothing to fill it and no one to work. Carsten also shares his experience working with the Kilgore EDC, and what it’s been like being able to connect with an amazing community. It’s not just about being home for a business, but the opportunity to train local hires through the community college. He discusses the different ways he partners with the EDC and the Kilgore community as a whole. If you would like to connect with Carsten and Wagner Tuning, visit: https://wagner-tuning.com To connect with Kilgore’s EDC: https://kilgore-edc.com/ Full Episode Breakdown: 1:00 - Learning how the company grew and decided to expand and move from Germany to Texas. 3:30 - Carsten talks about what it was like visiting Texas for the first time, and the charm that attracted him to it. 7:20 - Carsten discusses what their original plan was, and how starting that plan during the pandemic really messed everything up. 9:35 - Once the items finally started coming together, talks about the next steps for Wagner Tuning and using their new facility in Kilgore. 12:15 - Carsten talks about what’s next for their business. 12:45 - What does the local hiring environment look like? And how are they managing the specialist side versus hiring locally? 14:10 - Carsten talks about being able to tap into the Texas economy and being able to capitalize on connections. 15:45 -Carsten talks about working with the EDC, and what it meant for his company. 17:40 - Carsten discusses what one of his surprises was that came from working in Texas. 23:40 - Carsten offers advice he would give to someone who wants to come and bring their business to Texas.
    26 min. 19 sec.

Welcome to "Gone to Texas," the official podcast of the Texas Economic Development Connection. On every episode, we share the stories of business owners and CEOs who have relocated or...

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Welcome to "Gone to Texas," the official podcast of the Texas Economic Development Connection. On every episode, we share the stories of business owners and CEOs who have relocated or expanded their business into Texas. Our goal is to use these stories as a guide to helps others who are ready to hang a sign on the door that says, Gone to Texas.
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