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Global Perspectives with Ellie Cohanim

  • Ep. 45: Sheila Nazarian: 'Iran’s people are just fed up'

    12 OTT 2022 · Check out Sheila Nazarian's new podcast - The Closet (! The women and men of Iran are fed up with the regime and are risking their lives for the future of their children, Sheila Nazarian says. Nazarian, a plastic surgeon, is the star of the Emmy Nominated Netflix Series “Skin Decision” and a passionate social media activist. In the latest episode of “Global perspectives,” she and host Ellie Cohanim discuss the protests in Iran, anti-Semitism and what it means to be an immigrant in the United States. “I've never been prouder of my Iranian heritage, seeing my people stand up for what they believe in, stand up for their core values,” Nazarian emphasizes. “They are risking their lives to do so for the future of their children.” Check out the full episode.
    21 min. 30 sec.
  • Ep. 44: Arab Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad: No danger to Al Aqsa Mosque

    28 SET 2022 · Arab Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad says that describing Al Aqsa Mosque as in danger is a “complete lie.” “Israel does everything to protect it,” Haddad says on this week’s episode of “Global Perspectives” with Ellie Cohanim. Haddad is the CEO of “Together – Vouch for Each Other,” an organization that aims to enhance the connection between the Arab sector and the rest of Israeli society. “I have been hearing that Al Aqsa is in danger since I was born,” he says.” “This is a complete lie. Al Aqsa was never in danger.” Check out the full episode!
    22 min. 16 sec.
  • Ep. 43: Amjad Taha: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

    14 SET 2022 · Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and to claim otherwise is disingenuous, according to Bahrain-based political affairs expert Amjad Taha. “When a person claims to be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic, it is equivalent to saying that they are not Islamophobic but despise or hate all Muslims,” he tells Ellie Cohanim on this week’s “Global Perspectives.”
    17 min. 37 sec.
  • Ep. 42: David Eisner: President Joe Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil

    13 LUG 2022 · On this week's Global Perspectives, Ellie speaks with Fmr. Assistant Secretary for Management at the Treasury Department David Eisner. They discuss how President Biden's policies have destroyed the American economy causing hyper-inflation and are pushing the US away from being energy independent. They cover - The economy under Trump vs. under Biden - Caving to the far-left on energy policies - Iran sanctions On a more personal note, Eisner gives advice on how to remain religious and keep your Jewish identity in the workplace.
    25 min. 8 sec.
  • Ep. 41: Ahmed Quraishi: ‘Muslims need to own Koran’s message that Israel belongs to Jews’

    29 GIU 2022 · On this week’s episode of “Global Perspectives,” a Pakistani journalist tells Ellie Cohanim that it's time to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and for Muslims to recognize the message in the Koran that Israel belongs to the Jews. Journalist Ahmed Quraishi was recently in Israel on a mission to help reconcile relations between Muslims and Jews - a trip that cost him his job at a state-run TV station. Did anything good come out of the visit? Listen to this week’s “Global Perspectives.”
    22 min. 8 sec.
  • Ep. 40: Lee Smith: ‘U.S. public sphere has been poisoned by FBI, Obama admin’

    15 GIU 2022 · In the latest episode of “Global Perspectives,” Ellie Cohanim talks with journalist and author Lee Smith about how “half of the country fell prey to an insane story about the president of the United States working on behalf of a foreign power.” They look at US President Barack Obama’s willingness to use the country’s intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump and those opposed to the Iranian nuclear deal, and how the January 6 hearings were “the definition of a ‘show trial.’"
    24 min. 6 sec.
  • Ep. 39: Aryeh Lightstone: ‘Until President Trump, the US was not a true superpower’

    1 GIU 2022 · In this week’s episode, Ellie Cohanim talks with Aryeh Lightstone about the Trump administration’s greatest foreign policy achievements ahead of the release of Lightstone’s book on June 28: “Let My People Know: The Incredible Story of the Middle East.” They discuss: - The US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem - The importance of the Abraham Accords - And why the Palestinians have not yet made peace with Israel
    25 min. 16 sec.
  • Ep. 38: Matthew Foldi: ‘Democrats want to give Iran nuclear weapons as fast as possible’

    17 MAG 2022 · In this week's episode, Ellie Cohanim sits with Matthew Foldi, the 25-year-old Jew running for Congress in the 6th district of Maryland. If he wins, he will be the youngest member of the House of Representatives. They discuss why he is running, what issues are important to him and his district, Biden's wrong-headed foreign policy, rising anti-Semitism and why he feels that the current US government is failing the American people.
    21 min. 28 sec.
  • Ep. 37: Amb. Nathan Sales: 'Hezbollah is at America's Doorstep'

    13 APR 2022 · Could the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or Hezbollah attack US citizens on American soil? This threat is not as far-fetched as one might believe, according to Nathan Sales, former Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights of the United States. Find out why the US should think twice before removing the IRGC’s foreign terrorist organization status and the role that Hezbollah could play in any future escalation.
    26 min. 49 sec.
  • Ep. 36: Loay Alshareef: We were taught that Jews were evil

    5 APR 2022 · In this week's episode, Ellie Cohanim interviews UAE-based social media influencer and peace activist Loay Alshareef. They discuss the brainwashing of children in Arab society, the Negev Summit in Israel, and his optimism that the 'new Middle East' is being built.
    25 min. 58 sec.

Are you worried about the future of the Jewish people as antisemitism once again reels its ugly head? Join Ellie Cohanim, the former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and...

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Are you worried about the future of the Jewish people as antisemitism once again reels its ugly head? Join Ellie Cohanim, the former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, for “Global Perspectives.” She’ll take you behind the scenes, into meetings with heads of state, thought leaders, politicians and activists, to discuss the issues that matter to you most. If you want to be an expert on Judaism, Israel and the Middle East, tune in to “Global Perspectives.”
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