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George Washington Slept Here

  • Diplomacy with Honorary British Consul Oliver St. Clair Franklin

    19 DIC 2023 · In episode 18 of "George Washington Slept Here," host Jason Raia engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Honorary British Consul, Oliver St. Clair Franklin. They delve into the complexities of the historical relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom, highlighting challenges and opportunities that have shaped their shared narrative. Topics covered include post-World Wars I and II, understanding history, navigating political disagreements, and the transformative effect of international travel. Oliver St. Clair Franklin's role as honorary consul for American and British businesses is also explored, offering insights into bridging the gap between the two nations. Quotes "Always remember that despite the challenges, entering the biggest economy in the world is worth it. Once the gates open, you'll have a ball and find it truly worth it."- Oliver St. Clair Franklin "It's essential to treat people right and build strong relationships so that when you are in need, they will be there to support you."- Oliver St. Clair Franklin Featured in this Episode Oliver St. Clair Franklin Linkedin: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 00:50 - Unveiling American History, Civics, and Liberty 08:08 - Lincoln: A Remarkable Historically Black College 15:44 - Alienation in the 60s: A Path to Realization 18:07 - Managing Pressures in Modern Monarchy: A Thoughtful King 23:15 - Impressions of Young and Talented British Foreign Office Staff 29:07 - Shifting Relationship: World Wars' Impact 33:58 - Interpretation Clash: Scholars & Historical Facts 38:16 - Royal Gala: Celebrating the 50th Charity Event 46:42 - Shape of Ideas: Examining Material Reality 48:13 - Slavery's Early Recognition: A Contradiction with Principles 53:57 - Napoleon's Defeat: Impact on Louisiana Purchase 59:32 - The Influence of Social Media on Local News 01:02:08 - Unfulfilled Promises: Legislative Neglect 01:04:48 - Honors System: Recognizing Extraordinary Service in the UK 01:09:02 - Outro Produced by Produced by Heartcast Media
    1 h 9 min. 49 sec.
  • Community Solutions with Civil Rights Activist Robert Woodson

    12 DIC 2023 · In episode 17 of George Washington Slept Here, host Jason Raia interviews civil rights activist Robert Woodson. They discuss community solutions, the state of America, and prevailing narratives. Woodson shares grassroots initiatives and emphasizes faith, resilience, and moral revival in addressing societal issues. Join us as we explore Robert Woodson's experiences and advocate for a civic education that celebrates our nation's history and embraces diverse perspectives. Quotes "What we should seek is not the destruction of our enemy, but to change each heart. You can do this and still protect yourself." –Robert Woodson "Experience always wins in arguments. Our young people have the potential to not only save themselves but also save others." –Robert Woodson Featured in this Episode Robert Woodson Founder and President of the Woodson Center, 1776 Unites and Voices of Black Mothers United Civil Rights Activist Books Mentioned\ __by Robert Woodson by Robert Woodson by Robert Woodson Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 05:12 - Moving Out and Facing Illness: A Father's Struggles 07:43 - From Doubt to Confidence in Academic Potential 12:44 - Child Disruption: Impact on Well-being and Funding 15:10 - Disillusionment with Forced Integration and Pursuing School Excellence 17:13 - Education and NAACP: Addressing Student Issues 22:57 - Transforming Gang Members through Compassionate Outreach 26:27 - Setting High Expectations for Success 27:47 - Seeking Revenge: Carl's Brother's Beating 31:10 - Black Wall Street and Tulsa Race Riots Discussion 34:18 - Empowering Students for Driving Change 37:46 - From Despised to Empowered: Joseph's Story 44:26 - Promoting Civic Education and Countering 1619 48:51 - Importance of Interacting with 16/19 Project Members 50:39 - Lincoln's Impact: Allowing Blacks in War 56:10 - Conclusion Produced by Heartcast Media
    57 min. 2 sec.
  • Good Government with Committee of 70 President Lauren Cristella

    5 DIC 2023 · In episode 16 of George Washington Slept Here, host Jason Raia sits down with Lauren Cristella, President and CEO of Committee of Seventy. We delve deep into the heart of American democracy and civic participation as we explore topics like open primaries, ranked-choice voting, and the complex art of drawing electoral maps. With Lauren's wealth of knowledge and experience, we uncover the true significance of civic engagement, responsible governance, and the transformative power of respectful dialogue. Quotes "Our mission is to ensure efficient and effective representation within our democracy, empowering citizens to hold their government accountable." –Lauren Cristella "I strongly believe in the importance of a thriving opposition party. It is in the presence of such a party that the government operates at its best." – Lauren Cristella Featured in this Episode Lauren Cristella President & CEO at the Committee of 70 Chapters 00:00 – Introduction 09:29 - Empowering Citizens in Every Election 10:59 - Sourcing Candidates: A Historical Perspective 11:28 - Educated Voters and Unchanged Party Control 12:25 - Committee of 70: Power in City Politics 15:57 - Committee of 70: Better Government, Fair Elections 21:32 - Understanding the Power of Your Vote 22:44 - Local Government and Citizen Responsibility 23:52 - The Role of a Free and Fair Press in Democracy 25:34 - Researching Candidates and Bar Associations' Endorsements 35:23 - Ranked Choice Voting Eliminates Runoffs 39:56 - Local Experiments Shape Election Policies 43:36 - Geographic Boundaries and Political Districts in Pennsylvania 50:31 - Equipping Teachers for Controversial Discussions 52:35 - Ironic Compromises in Our Country's Founding 55:01 - Creating Safe Conditions for Vulnerable Dialogue 58:52 - Conclusion Produced by Heartcast Media
    59 min. 48 sec.
  • Executive Powers with Former Justice Department Official John Yoo

    28 NOV 2023 · In episode 15 of George Washington Slept Here, we welcome former Justice Department Official John Yoo. Throughout this discussion, we examine the realm of executive powers, tracing their historical origins. Throughout this captivating episode, we delve into thought-provoking topics such as the president's pivotal role in times of war, the ongoing debates surrounding constitutional rights for enemy combatants, and the dynamic evolution of executive power from the days of George Washington to the present. Join us as we navigate this complex landscape and gain a profound understanding of the presidency's significant influence throughout history. Quotes "We aim to uncover the understanding of executive power by exploring the perspectives of those involved in drafting and ratifying the constitution." – John Yoo "The president possesses discretion in the execution of laws, yet it is anticipated that this authority is exercised in a manner that benefits the nation." – John Yoo Featured in this Episode John Yoo Former Justice Department Official Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 05:14 - Unique Schools near Barnes Foundation in Marion Town. 10:00 - Discouragement around Pursuing a PhD in History. 12:19 - Law School Philosophies, Trials, and Bush Administration Legal Counsel. 19:29 - Approved Drone Strikes and Legal Interrogations. 21:55 - Balancing Civilian Blending and Protecting Enemy Soldiers. 25:59 - Evolution of Executive Power from 18th-century Politics. 28:38 - Debate on Concentration of Executive Power. 32:38 - The President's Role: Protecting the Nation and Executing Laws. 34:29 - Shaping the Presidency: George Washington's Decisions. 37:40 - Senate's Role in Appointments and Treaties. 43:32 - Jefferson's View on Constitution Amendments for Acquisitions. 44:26 - Rushed Louisiana Purchase: Presidential Power Defense. 48:44 - Critiquing Nixon's Excessive Use of Power. 50:41 - Executive Orders: Power, Weaknesses, Appropriateness. 54:32 - President Fills the Gap: Limited Government Ideals. 59:37 – Conclusion Produced by
    1 h 35 sec.
  • Ben Franklin and colonial Philadelphia with public historian George Boudreau

    21 NOV 2023 · In episode 15 of George Washington Slept Here, host Jason Raia joins our distinguished guest and public historian George Boudreau. This conversation delves into a riveting exploration of Philadelphia's rich history and deep-rooted ties to the legendary Benjamin Franklin. From Franklin's grand vision for a diverse and thriving city to the vibrant cultural and linguistic tapestry of Philadelphia, we explore Franklin's innovative ideas and endeavors that were pivotal in shaping the city's evolution. Additionally, George and Jason discuss the value and importance of incorporating everyone's stories and perspectives of individuals from America's past and the importance of visiting historic places. Brace yourself for a spellbinding voyage through time as we unveil the untold stories and pivotal experiences that have shaped our country. Quotes "Immersing oneself in the places where historical figures lived and walked provides a deeper connection to the past" - George Boudreau "We all have our histories. And I think ignoring any of them is perilous." - George Boudreau Books Mentioned in the Podcast by George Boudreau by George Boudreau by Judith L. Van Buskirk by Rhys L. Isaac by Erica Armstrong Dunbar Featured Guest George Boudreau Social Links: Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 03:30 - Contrasting Early Pennsylvania and Massachusetts 07:26 - From Public History to Volunteering 10:30 - Historian's Memorable Meeting with David McCullough 15:34 - Sipping History at Jamaica Wine Bar 17:47 - Transforming a Quiet Village into a Diverse City 20:09 - Quaker Meeting House: Intellectual Hub 24:16 - 18th-Century Shopping Discussions 29:54 - Self-Taught Artist and Lifelong Learner 31:09 - Mastodon Mysteries and Museum Ownership 35:51 - Embracing the Importance of History 39:12 - Ona's Remarkable Escape 42:10 - The Vanishing Mall and Historical Quest 45:59 - Teaching History with Heart 48:08 - Supporting Learning through History 52:25 - Outro
    53 min. 30 sec.
  • American Idealism with Presidential Grandson David Eisenhower

    14 NOV 2023 · In episode 14 of George Washington Slept Here, host Jason Raia joins special guest David Eisenhower, grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. David and Jason discuss Dwight Eisenhower's role as Supreme Allied Commander and his achievement of mobilizing America to help defeat the Nazis. David also dives into Eisenhower's Presidency, the influence of his father and grandfather throughout his life, and his written works on Ike's impressive career. David and Jason also discuss Dwight Eisenhower's integral role at Freedoms Foundation, a legacy continued by David's father and David himself, and the importance of Freedoms Foundation's programs for future generations. Join us as we journey into personal and historical perspectives, gaining unique insights from one of America's most distinguished families. This episode is a must-listen, offering a genuine tale of leadership and legacy. Books Mentioned in the Episode by David Eisenhower by David Eisenhower Quotes "Essential leadership qualities, like organization and authority, create a profoundly positive impact on everyone's lives." -David Eisenhower "Experiencing history and its emotional impact can drive powerful change and awareness." -David Eisenhower Featured Guest David Eisenhower Chapters: 00:02 - Introduction 09:32 - Visitors and Insights from Eisenhower's Farm 14:25 - A Powerful Affirmation of World War II Spirit 20:42 - Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and the Nazi Threat 27:29 - Entering the War: Responding to German Brutality 31:26 - Justifying American Intervention: Confronting German Atrocities 35:21 - Confronting Horror: Visiting a WWII Concentration Camp 41:41 - Hidden Treasures: The Significance of a Buchenwald Photo Album 55:02 - The Resilience of a Powerful Personality: Eisenhower's Journey 01:00:41 - Turbulent Times: Watergate, Vietnam, Nixon, and the Cold War 01:08:54 - Embracing American Values and Addressing Challenges 01:14:48 - Penn Public Service & Campaign Strategies 01:17:43 - Keener's Keynote: Government Participation 01:34:43 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    54 min. 11 sec.
  • Being Thomas Jefferson with Actor Steve Edenbo

    7 NOV 2023 · In episode 12 of George Washington Slept Here, host Jason Raia and Thomas Jefferson actor-historian Steve Edenbo delve into the art of civil discourse and underline the importance of foundational knowledge coupled with experiential learning. Steve, an interpreter at the, shares insights from his portrayal of historical figures, offering a unique lens through which to explore characters like Thomas Jefferson. Join us for a captivating discussion on the power of interpretation, the complexities of historical figures, and the impact of immersive education. Quotes "Engaging with good faith, even amid disagreements, is crucial. Civil discourse counters bad faith influence." -Steve Edenbo "Interpretation in historical theater, like history itself, sparks discussions through careful study and preparation." -Steve Edenbo Featured Guest Steve Edenbo and American Historical Theatre Social Links: Twitter/X: and Instagram: and Facebook: and Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 05:35 - A Family Tradition: Serving in the White House 09:14 - Unearthed Tapes: General Bradley's Late '70s Interviews 13:11 - Winston Churchill's Leadership Against European Threats 15:08 - Eisenhower's Emergence at the Tehran Conference 17:38 - Allied Perspectives: Winning the War with Strategy 23:04 - Escapee's Horrific Concentration Camp Tale 25:02 - Following American Liberators: A Personal Revelation 27:21 - Nazi Offer: Jews in Exchange for Allied Trucks 31:23 - America's Favor: The Price of Duty 34:58 - Living with Privilege: The Call to Responsibility 37:55 - A Silent Car Ride: Exploring Deeper Divisions Today 43:02 - Debating Contemporary Issues: Americans in Conversation 43:57 - Fukuyama's Essay on Western Capitalism 47:59 - Professional Insights into Election Strategies 53:18 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    1 h 6 min. 43 sec.
  • Season 2 Coming Soon

    3 OTT 2023 · Learn more about the exciting interviews coming on Season 2 of Freedoms Foundation’s George Washington Slept Here podcast.
    3 min. 14 sec.
  • Constitutional Law Scholar Stefanie Lindquist

    18 SET 2023 · In this episode of George Washington Slept Here, we are joined by the brilliant, an ASU professor of law and political sciences, and together, we dive into the fascinating world of political polarization, constitutional conversations, and the power of civil discourse. We discuss the importance of judicial decision-making, the concept of judicial activism, and the complexity of democracy. We also look into the challenges of modern communication and the need for meaningful conversations with those who hold differing viewpoints. Quotes "Polarization thrives when we avoid meaningful talks with those who disagree.” -Stefanie Lindquist "Never underestimate your potential. As I turn 60, I wish I'd been even bolder. So take it from me: Be bold." -Stefanie Lindquist "Civic decline and the 'big sort' fuel division; civil dialogue is key to progress.” -Stefanie Lindquist Featured Guest Stefanie Lindquist Social Links: Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 02:32 - From Lawyer to Teacher: A Legal Passion 09:52 - Emotional Politics: Online Reactions & The Need for Civil Discourse 12:19 - Social Media's Echo Chambers 19:33 - The Decline of Elegant Communication 25:26 - Judicial Opinions: The Pillars of Democracy 32:28 - The Hurdles of Amending the U.S. Constitution 36:31 - Constitutional Limits in Legislative Writing 40:17 - The Dilemma of Supreme Court Activism 47:44 - Public vs. Private Sector: Flaws and Concerns 50:16 - Tribalism vs. Institution-Building: The Current Struggle Shaping America 54:55 - Democracy as the Governance Gold Standard 59:40 - Lessons from Constitutional Dilemmas 01:01:49 - From Small Town to Big Impact: Overcoming Self-Doubt 01:03:24 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media https://www/
    1 h 4 min. 46 sec.
  • FIRE Director of Public Advocacy Aaron Terr

    12 SET 2023 · In the latest episode of, host Jason Raia welcomes, the Director of Public Advocacy at the Aaron discusses his role at FIRE, First Amendment rights, and the challenges of advocating for them. The conversation also explores the critical role of free speech, past and current First Amendment cases, and the initiatives FIRE is taking to safeguard free speech for all Americans. Take advantage of this insightful dialogue on America's state of free expression. Quotes "The First Amendment is not just a legal protection, but a cultural value that we need to remind Americans of in order to safeguard our freedom.”- Aaron Terr "Engaging in thoughtful dialogue and addressing opposing views on their merits is crucial for a healthy democracy.”-Aaron Terr "We must ensure that the rights to free speech and expression are protected not just on college campuses, but in our broader society as well.”-Aaron Terr Featured Guest Aaron Terr Linkedin: Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 05:31 - How Dad's Record Collection Shaped Comedic Observations 09:46 - Law Schools & The Lack of Focus on First Amendment Careers 10:43 - The Discouragement of Constitutional Law in Law Schools 14:06 - The Process: Oversight, Brief Writing, Record Review, Meeting Judges 18:10 - The Yale Incident that Raised Alarms About Free Speech 23:15 - Advocacy for Free Speech in Educational Settings 26:05 - Two Decades of Campus Advocacy for Free Expression 29:41 - Student Vietnam War Protests Win Supreme Court Backing 35:10 - The Crucial Role of Free Speech in Education 38:41 - Controversial Judge Visit Highlights Need for Open Dialogue 41:00 - Tough Questions Shaping Campus Conversations 43:53 - Public Outcry Over Professor's Unfair Termination 47:42 - Rising Protests in Jackson, Mississippi Lead to Legal Action 51:55 - The Transformative Power of Mindfulness and Meditation 53:22 - Reevaluating Career Paths and Musical Goals 57:15 - Outro Produced by Heart Cast Media
    58 min. 32 sec.

Shining city on a hill. Political polarization. American exceptionalism. A nation divided. Come explore with Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge how the first principles of freedom can help American citizens...

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Shining city on a hill. Political polarization. American exceptionalism. A nation divided. Come explore with Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge how the first principles of freedom can help American citizens recognize that what they share in common is stronger than what divides them.

George Washington managed to unite a new nation after the Revolutionary War. He was so popular, his travels throughout this young republic are still memorialized by brass plaques that read “George Washington Slept Here.”

Join Freedoms Foundation CEO David Harmer and staff as they talk with thinkers, writers, and leaders to discover whether the American experiment really is on the Roman road to oblivion. Or might this nearly 250-year-old nation – conceived in liberty – have the resilience to endure?
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