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    FunkMMA Podcast - Episode 21 - UFC Fighter Alex Volkanovski

    17 NOV 2018 · Today I am excited to bring you one of my favourite UFC fighters Alex Volkanovski who is currently on the rise, ranked 11th at the time of this podcast and getting set to fight Chad Mendes on the end of the year UFC Card. If you have never heard of Alex he is a 145er and a conditioning beast and has recently beat the likes of Darrin Elkins (who was on a 6 fight win streak at the time) Mizuno Hirota and Jamie Kennedy which was the fight I truly fell in love with guys style. Working for the UFC I’ve had the honour to see a lot of his fights live in Australia and had the honour of training him here while I was in Thailand. Can you believe he used to weigh over 200 pounds and now fights at 145…anyways you are truly going to enjoy tis podcast learning more about Alex, how he got to the UFC which is a crazy story and how he has changed up his conditioning and training to help him feel the best he has ever felt. NOW if you are listening and you want to take you cardio and conditioning to the next level, please make sure to download my 6 FREE Conditioning programs and workout videos at to help you get started on a path to becoming a BEAST
    1 h 8 min. 15 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast - Episode 20 - Dave King Leduc World Bareknuckle Boxing Lethwei Champ

    27 OTT 2017 · Amazing podcast Episode with French Canadian David "King" Leduc who is here training in Thailand and is the current world Lethwei Bareknucke Boxing Champion which is out of Burma and is fast becoming a world wide martial art. Dave talks about his journey from being in Gatineau Quebec to king of Lethwei in Miramar. We talked about his strength and conditioning training for bareknuckle fighting, his participation in Prison Fights in Thailand, training at Tiger Muay Thai, beating the former world champion who had over 100 fights and 86 knockouts. We discuss the rules of Lethwei, it's massive growth, his famous fight with Cyrus Washington. Dave calls out a former UFC fighter for his next fight, we talk about his future in the sport and being married on national TV in from of 30 million people.. Follow David on Instagram at @kingleduc
    1 h 29 min. 42 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast EP 19 - Training and Fighting in Thailand featuring Angela Roberts

    25 OTT 2017 · In this episode we talk with Funk's wife Angela Roberts who is a muay thai fighter and discuss training and fighting in Thailand. Andy T talks about his upcoming pro muay thai fight and also chat Thailand, travel and fitness
    1 h 32 min. 3 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 18 - Importance of Protein and How To Choose The Right Protein Powder

    20 SET 2017 · In this episode, Funk and Andy talk about the importance of protein for fighters, athletes, fitness and regular folks on a daily basis. You will learn how much protein you should be eating each day and what kind of protein has the highest BV rating. You will discover the different types of protein and how to differentiate between them both. You will discover the importance of supplementing with protein powders. Funk and Andy take you through their negative experiences using protein supplements. You will learn the 5 different types of protein supplementation and which ones to stay completely away from. YOU discover the 5 things supplement companies do not want you to know when it comes to protein powders. You will learn what to look for when it comes to choosing the right protein powder so you never have to flush your hard earned money down the toilet or suffer from all the negative side effects of using protein supplements. Funk and Andy will share the best protein powder on the market. Get Your LeanPro30 VIP Code HERE:
    1 h 57 min. 21 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 17 - Logan Christopher - How To Develop Mental Strength Using Mental Training

    30 AGO 2017 · Today’s podcast delves into developing mental toughness by adding mental training to your overall training regimen. Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs and Legendary Strength is a strongman, acrobat, master in bodyweight exercise and has expertise in deceptive strength and mental training. He authored a book called Mental Muscle: How to Use the Full power of Your Mind to Develop Superhuman Strength. In this episode we discussed: •How Logan got started with mental training •The difference between mental toughness and mental training •His masterful techniques using NLP, hypnosis and energy psychology • Do having big muscles equal strength •How to use visualization techniques •Visualization routines •How to add visualization into your training •What is Anchoring and How to use it •UFC fighters that use anchoring before their fights •How using belief systems can help you in training and competition •Mental toughness and how to improve it •Mind, muscle and body connection •How coaches and trainers can help their athletes and clients gain mental strength •Techniques you can use RIGHT NOW to help you improve mental strength Get Mental Muscle Paperback Legendary Strength Lost Herbs Empire Supplements
    1 h 15 min. 53 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 16 - How To Improve Your Cardio

    23 AGO 2017 · FunkMMA Podcast Episode 16 – How To Improve Your Cardio Quickly with Andy Tiet In this episode, Funk and I talk about how to improve cardio quickly. If you need to improve your endurance then you will want to listen up and take all this information and get it done. You will learn how to use your skill training session to train and improve your cardio. You will learn how this one exercise will help improve both your anaerobic and aerobic system in the same workout. You will discovery how this 4 minute circuit with a secret exercise, will quickly help you improve your gas tank. You will learn how this piece of equipment is one of the best conditioning building tools for fighters. Funk shares his #1 cardio building workout of all time!
    1 h 16 min. 35 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 15 - Jeff Novitzky UFC

    23 AGO 2017 · You do not want to miss this one! Had a great time chatting with Jeff Novitzky on in this episode. Jeff was an agent for the FDA where he investigated the use of steroids in professional sports. He has also worked for the IRS and now is the head of Anti-Doping for the UFC. He is also the UFCs Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance. He was one of the key players in steroid cases taking down Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Victor Conte, Jose Canseco, Floyd Landis, Marion Jones and many more. Jeff shares he tactic for taking down Belko. We talked in depth about some of his past cases, his history, the current state of MMA, weight cutting in UFC, his present role at the UFC, and the new UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. This is one you don't want to miss.
    1 h 13 min. 11 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 14 - Strength Training for Fighters

    11 AGO 2017 · In this episode, Funk and Andy talk about the importance of strength training, as part of your overall conditioning. The best lifts to incorporate into your workouts. We discuss Andy’s experience introducing a full strength-training program and how it has helped improve his performance. What strength training isn’t. You will learn what a typical strength training routine is and how to use the Tripahsic strength training method as one of the most effective way to improve strength while staying the same size. Pound for Pound Strength! Get your copy of the Pound for Pound Strength Program – 12 Week Program here:
    56 min. 47 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 13 - Eric Wong MMA, Precision Movement, Flexibility, Mobility

    18 LUG 2017 · Eric Wong is the founder of Precision Movement, which he created to help you eliminate pain and flexibility or movement restriction so you can the most out of LIFE. Eric has a BSc in Kinesiology, CSCS and has been training UFC, MMA and Boxing athletes since 2006. In this episode we talk about Eric’s background and his transition from focusing on training MMA fighters and conditioning to movement, flexibility and mobility speciality. We touch on how to improve conditioning for a BJJ athlete for mixed martial arts. You will learn about the importance of hip flexibility. Eric will share the top 2 pieces of equipment to help improve mobility and decrease chances of injuries. He goes over the top 3 “stretches” every fighter and fitness enthusiast should be using. Also talk about how hanging has helped his and my shoulder injuries…and so much more! Connect with Eric Wong Facebook Precision Movement - Power Dojo - YouTube - 3 Best “Stretches” for all Athletes, Fighters and Fitness Enthusiasts -
    1 h 10 min. 24 sec.
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    FunkMMA Podcast Episode 12 - George Castro - AllianceMMA

    11 LUG 2017 · George Castro is a world renowned UFC strength and conditioning coach at Alliance MMA in San Diego and now in the Philippines George is a former professional MMA fighter and Pro Wrestler turned MMA Conditioning Coach. In this episode he talks about how he has been training former UFC champion Dominick Cruz for 10 years and how he got started in martial arts. Castro currently works with Brandon Vera, trained him for his One FC Heavyweight Championship and is opening up Alliance in the Philippines. George goes through his top 3 training modalities that all fighters should include in their training. He discusses his journey which includes many hardships and how he has over come it. He talks about his growth, hardships, his crazy past life and the greatness that he has for the future including movies. Connect with George Castro Instagram @castro916fit Facebook
    1 h 24 sec.

Welcome to the FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning Podcast with your host Funk Roberts. In this podcast we discuss everything strength and conditioning for the MMA, martial arts, combat athlete and...

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Welcome to the FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning Podcast with your host Funk Roberts. In this podcast we discuss everything strength and conditioning for the MMA, martial arts, combat athlete and those that want to train like one. We will talk workouts, nutrition, supplements, prehab, training, coaching, mindset, fitness and life lessons. There will be frequent guest from Professional fighters, trainers, coaches, doctors and more…join Funk with frequent co-hosts Andy T and Mrs Funk!
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