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  • Jolene makes amends for taking another woman's man?

    6 MAG 2022 · What would Dolly Parton say if she found out her character "Jolene" wants to talk to the woman she stoled a man from and tell her sorry? That's the story we have for you here. Tara from Sweaty Lamarr, tells us how she writes music and all her influences that include Punk Rock, Americana and Country. Click to listen to her new single "Mystery".
    23 min. 52 sec.
  • What makes you change from Stoner Metal to Americana and Country?

    23 SET 2021 · Female singer Manu, is a strong smooth contralto singer. She has been a blues singer for over 20 years, but currently she has decided to make a country/americana band with Peter, a guitar player that played Stoner Metal. While they are being interviewed by Lenny and Alejandro, they tell us what made them start playing a complete different music genre and come together in this band with a completely new and fresh style for both of them.
    20 min. 49 sec.
  • How to make fans while busking!!

    17 SET 2021 · Kiana Corley is a singer songwriter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She tells how she has concerts in some venues, but most importantly she says how she interacts with the crowd, while she's playing in the streets of Lancaster.
    18 min. 42 sec.
  • From Theater to Songwriting: Lauren Lograsso Interview

    27 AGO 2021 · Lauren LoGrasso is a very talented pop artist, that has a lot influence from blues and the Motown days. From Detroit to California, she started her career in Theater, but something made her change her mind, and decided to start writing songs. Click on this podcast to find out what happened, how did she handle the pandemic, what are her plans right now, and all the concerts she wants to give locally and intermationally.
    23 min. 9 sec.
  • Why feminist sing punk, metal and blues?

    20 AGO 2021 · Anabel is a blues player, that also plays Metal and Punk. She has a strong heavy conviction about feminism and politics, which makes her music really interesting to listen to. She sings in a German Dialect from where she grew up. In this interview she talks about women deserving respect and equal rights. Go ahead and listen to Anabel on this link.
    16 min. 34 sec.
  • During Lockdown: A musical awakening from Lebanon began!

    13 AGO 2021 · Raphaela Nehme, is a singer songwriter that wasn't sure about her career as musician, until the Lockdown in Ottawa, made her realize she was born to sing. Join us in this fun interview, and find out about her achievements, her love for Leonard Cohen's art and her new release "My Heart Beats". My Heart Beats, it's a song about love written originally in Arab. Raphaela made a Electronic Pop Version of this song. Click on the link to listen to it.
    21 min. 18 sec.
  • Quitting Professional Baseball to be a professional Producer and Singer?

    6 AGO 2021 · Professional Major League Baseball player Chris Manno, was a professional pitcher for the Nationals and the Reds in the United States. On this interview he tells us how he decided to quit he's professional career as an athlete to start producing over 50 unreleased songs. On our podcast he is releasing for the firs time the song "All Day" which is composed and produced by him. Join our interview to find out how he came to decide to write music, as well as his origins and travels in Spain.
    16 min. 50 sec.
  • How is the influence from the Beatles in 45 years of career?

    30 LUG 2021 · Phil Mathews a.k.a. The Village is a veteran musician who's described as a cross between Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, with one foot still in the magical sounds of the sixties. In this interview he brings us his latest hit, called "Isolation Blues". He was very honest describing how he was influenced since he was 14 years old by the Beatles to this day. Find out by clicking on the link.
    11 min. 50 sec.
  • A film maker attitude goes a long way: From Singing to Filming!!

    23 LUG 2021 · Singer-songwriter Matheo plays with his band as he sings his own compositions. While we interviewed him and asked him about her career, we found out how creative this Artist is. He started writing in English and then switched to German, and along the way he started working as a film maker. But… How could he handle both careers? Find out by clicking on our Link, and subscribe!!
    18 min. 3 sec.
  • Are small towns boring for musicians?

    16 LUG 2021 · Triggah RS is a band located near Frankfurt, that released a new song called “Town Down Here”. Rolf and Sonja tell us how they wrote the song, about being in a town that they don’t feel comfortable anymore, because of the situation they are living in write now, because of the lockdown and other circumstances. Join Lenny and Alejandro in this episode and find out, why musicians want to leave their hometown.
    17 min. 26 sec.

When Alejandro was a musician in his hometown, he played everywhere live music was allowed, and after deciding to get out of his city and play everywhere he could in...

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When Alejandro was a musician in his hometown, he played everywhere live music was allowed, and after deciding to get out of his city and play everywhere he could in his country, he decided to write everyone from Argentina to California, and go on tour!

On the way, he met Lenny, an Event Promotor, that has worked with a large variety of entertainers including musicians, comedians, writers, actors and many others.

Together they decided to talk about different bands and places they have visited.

Usually at the end of the show you will find a cover version of the artist on the podcast. In the Podcast you can also learn about the artists, as well on how to make cover versions.

If you’re a music lover, love to hear about traveling and exciting adventures, subscribe now.
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