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    Ep.24 FTFTH's - The One Where Hansel Drank Too Much!

    28 MAG 2024 · ADHD Forsure
    Ascoltato 46 min. 49 sec.
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    Ep.23 FTFTH's - Jumping From A Hot Air Balloon!

    30 APR 2024 · ADHD FORSURE!
    Ascoltato 44 min. 53 sec.
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    Ep.22 FTFTH's - Golf Is Better Than S3X!

    16 APR 2024 · Get ready to laugh your way through the greens! Join Greg and Kristen Hart as we dive into the hilarious side of golf, sharing wild stories and wacky stats from the Masters. From balls in water hazards to caddy mishaps, this episode will have you rolling with laughter while we navigate the crazy world of golf.... Ish
    Ascoltato 38 min. 32 sec.
  • Ascoltato 48 min. 24 sec.
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    Ep.20 FTFTH's - Selling A Hoarders House!

    19 MAR 2024 · Kids say the wildest things, helping people sucks and buying a 6000 sq foot house owned by a hoarder is wild!! code - HeartHart20
    Ascoltato 1 h 10 sec.
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    Ep.19 FTFTH's - Should Cereal Be Called Cold Soup?

    5 MAR 2024 · Wild episode with alot of new segments! Code - Hearthart20
    Ascoltato 45 min. 36 sec.
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    Ep.18 FTFTH's - Dealing With Depression And ADHD!

    20 FEB 2024 · Meh code Hearthart20
    Ascoltato 51 min. 58 sec.
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    Ep.17 FTFTH's - Fridge Crispers Are Cap!!

    7 FEB 2024 · I meant what i said....
    Ascoltato 39 min. 4 sec.
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    Ep.16 FTFTH's - Hugs Or Hurdles?

    23 GEN 2024 · On this weeks episode me and Kristen have a new game where we discuss weather something is a Hug or a Hurdle, some people talk about there sex life on the internet and we read some of the most wild stories! Magic Mind link code - HEARTHART20
    Ascoltato 49 min. 56 sec.
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    Ep.15 FTFTH's - Mexico Review

    9 GEN 2024 · Recorded in Mexico with a full review of Bahia Principe Luxury Akumal - Its Safe
    Ascoltato 21 min. 10 sec.
Unfiltered discussions about real world problems! Me and my wife might not always agree but that's not going to stop us from speaking our mind!

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