• S03E10: Rootless Cosmopolitans: Theatre Amidst Turmoil

    27 MAG 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Critics:** Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss, Greg King **Episode Summary:** In this compelling episode, host Alex First is joined by critics Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss, and Greg King to discuss a variety of topics spanning theatre and film. The episode kicks off with a special interview with playwright Ron Elisha, whose new play "Rootless Cosmopolitans" is currently showing at Chapel Off Chapel. The conversation then shifts to a review of the latest blockbuster, "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga," and concludes with a critique of "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes." The critics provide a balanced mix of praise and constructive criticism, offering listeners a nuanced perspective on each work. **Highlights:** - **Rootless Cosmopolitans:** Playwright Ron Elisha discusses his timely and thought-provoking new play, which delves into the complexities of anti-Semitism in today's world. The critics praise the play's blend of humour and serious subject matter, emphasizing its relevance and engaging narrative. - **Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga:** A visually stunning prequel to "Mad Max: Fury Road." While Alex First praises its spectacle and action sequences, Peter Krauss and Jackie Hammerton express concerns about its lack of depth and narrative coherence. Greg King offers a balanced view, appreciating the film's technical achievements while noting its shortcomings. - **Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes:** The latest instalment in the "Planet of the Apes" franchise receives mixed reviews. While the critics commend its special effects and production design, they find its story lacking and overly long. The film's emotional impact and character development are also points of contention. (00:00) Jackie Hammerton joins us to discuss film and entertainment (00:12) Gregory King was away for six weeks exploring South America (01:11) Peter Krause says he's heading to Paris later this year (01:30) Ron Elisha has a new play called rootless cosmopolitans (05:36) How much of the play was rewritten after or since October 7 attack (06:22) Do you see this play as being entertainment as well as education (12:17) Anton Berezin is very, very strong in this play (13:03) Tell us about the term rootless cosmopolitans (15:48) Ron, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us (17:26) Peter Bennett says anti-Semitic bullying at Melbourne University is deeply disturbing (18:28) Peter Howell: Furiosa looks amazing, and it's brilliantly shot (20:27) Furiosa is a strident revenge thriller starring Chris Hemsworth (23:00) I thought Anya Taylor Joy was really powerful in Furiosa (23:55) Tom Burke plays Furiosa's running mate Jack in Mad Max (24:27) Peter Krauss: I was not as impressed with this film as you were (25:45) Greg says the 148 minute running time is too generous for this film (28:42) Jackie: I found Chris Hemsworth's character kind of weird (34:28) Peter Furioso gives Mad Max saga a mixed review (35:57) Jackie says the film is too long, but still entertained (39:00) Gregory King: Maybe we should rate movies based on ape score (40:09) This sequel takes place several generations after the great ape Caesar passed away (44:13) Gregory King: I thought Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes was interesting (46:13) Greg says the film was bloated and looked good overall (50:04) We're going to go scores here, uh, starting with Peter **Closing Note:** This episode of First on Film and Entertainment offers a rich tapestry of discussions, from the poignant themes of anti-Semitism in "Rootless Cosmopolitans" to the high-octane action of "Furiosa" and the visual spectacle of "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes." The critics navigate through the complexities of each work, providing listeners with insightful and thought-provoking commentary. Join us next time for another round of in-depth reviews and engaging conversations. www.bitesz.com Sponsor https://www.bitesz.com/nordpass.
    53 min. 47 sec.
  • S03E09: Love-All or Fault? Dissecting the Drama in 'Challenges'

    5 MAG 2024 · **Host:** Alex First  **Guest Critics:** Greg King, Peter Krauss  **Episode Summary:**  In this dynamic episode, host Alex First is joined by critics Greg King and Peter Krauss to dissect a blend of theatrical brilliance, on-court drama, and historical intrigue. From the courts of Versailles to the tennis courts of grand slams, the trio serves up a volley of opinions on the latest offerings in film and theatre.**Highlights:**  - **RBG of Medi One:** A breathtaking solo performance by Heather Mitchell as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, showcasing her formidable journey to the Supreme Court. Despite Greg's initial disinterest, Alex's passionate endorsement highlights the play's profound impact and the transformative power of live theatre.  - **The Fall Guy:** A high-octane romp featuring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, with stunts galore and a nod to the unsung heroes of Hollywood. The critics spar over the film's generic plot versus its spectacular action sequences and charismatic leads.  - **Golda:** Helen Mirren's powerful portrayal of Golda Meir during the Yom Kippur War. The critics delve into the film's intense political atmosphere and the personal battles of Israel's first female prime minister.  - **Jean DeBarry:** A sumptuous period drama charting the rise of King Louis XV's mistress. The critics are enamored with the film's lavish production, though they seek more depth in the courtly machinations.  - **Challenges:** Luca Guadagnino's latest film explores a complicated love triangle amidst the competitive world of tennis. The panel is divided, with some finding merit in the film's palpable tension, while others are left wanting by its execution.(00:00) Alex Bailey interviews Greg King and Peter Krause about Ruth Bader (02:30) Gregory King reviews RBG of Medi at Melbourne's Playhouse (07:24) Ryan Gosling stars as Colt Siebers in this romantic comedy (11:44) Greg King: Some of the stunt work in this film is fantastic (12:27) The stunts in Fallout are truly fantastic, Peter O'Toole says (14:19) Peter Martin wants to know what Hollywood stuntmen get paid compared to stars (15:55) Bernie: I found this a rather flashy, um, underwritten film (18:15) Peter: I should have been more generous with my score predictions (18:44) There's a new movie about Israel's first female prime minister called Golda (19:50) Golda Meir was navigating conflict that could have finished Israel for good (21:51) Helen Mirren stars as Golda Meir in new film (23:58) Peter Bergen: Movie was originally based on action but then COVID hit (26:19) Greg says he thinks the film is a well made film (30:30) Greg Golda gives the film a seven out of ten rating (31:18) The film is based on a play by Mark Saint Germain (36:45) Peter: I came away thinking the screenplay was superficial (38:07) Peter: I thought it was okay, but not much more than that (39:09) Jean de Barrie is a sweeping period drama about King Louis XV (45:34) Peter says he thought the film was okay but mildly disappointing (47:46) Peter Martin talks about new film called challenges which stars Zendaya (52:54) Peter: I was very disappointed by this film, Greg: Very disappointing**Closing Note:**  This episode of First on Film and Entertainment serves up a smorgasbord of stories, from the hallowed halls of justice to the glamorous yet cutthroat world of the French court, and the psychological battles of tennis. The critics navigate through the complexities of character, the grandeur of settings, and the intricacies of human relationships, offering listeners an eclectic mix of cinematic critique. Join us next time for another round of insightful film discussions and theatrical reviews.---  Show notes created by Alex First and the team at First on Film and Entertainment.
    55 min. 12 sec.
  • S03E08: Unveiling Shadows: The First Omen and the Legacy of Fear

    14 APR 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Critics:** Greg King, Peter Krauss **Episode Summary:** In this gripping episode, host Alex First dives into the tumultuous world of war-torn America with a blockbuster discussion on "Civil War," a film that paints a harrowing picture of a nation divided. The conversation then shifts to a journey through history, mythology, and the depths of the church's secrets with reviews of "La Chimaera," "Origin," and "The First Omen." **Highlights:** - **Civil War:** An in-depth analysis of Alex Garland's latest film, showcasing America's internal conflict. The critics are united in their praise for the film's stark portrayal of war, with standout performances from Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura. The episode delves into the film's themes of civil unrest and the role of journalists in documenting the brutality of conflict. - **La Chimaera:** A discussion on the whimsical tale of Italian grave robbers and their quest for archaeological riches. While the critics differ in their engagement with the film's pace and characters, they agree on the strong performances and the film's ethereal charm. - **Origin:** A contemplative look at Ava DuVernay's adaptation of Isabel Wilkerson's explorations into humanity's oppressive histories. The panel debates the film's effectiveness in translating complex social theories into a narrative format, with mixed reactions on its execution. - **The First Omen:** The critics dissect this prequel to the classic horror franchise, examining its connections to the original and its exploration of the church's dark secrets. Opinions are split on the film's success in delivering a fresh perspective on the iconic tale. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (02:48) Civil War: A nation's internal battle brought to life (19:25) La Chimaera: Grave-robbing adventures in Tuscany (34:17) Origin: Dissecting the roots of oppression (51:03) The First Omen: Unveiling the church's hidden past (1:05:36) Final thoughts on the films' impact and their storytelling prowess **Closing Note:** This episode of First on Film and Entertainment offers a rich tapestry of narratives that explore the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity, the allure of the unknown, and the shadows that linger within institutions. Whether it's through the lens of a war photographer or the eyes of a novice nun, the critics provide a nuanced perspective on the power of film to confront and captivate. Join us next week for another round of in-depth film analysis and spirited discussions. Show notes created by https://headliner.app --- Episode Chapters (00:00) First on film and entertainment, we discuss a blockbuster that left an impression (01:54) Civil War is about America at war with itself in this bloody war (03:59) Alex Garland's new film about documenters of war is incredibly powerful (07:25) Peter Howell gives civil war a nine out of ten rating (10:11) Alice Rocker has woven what I think is a rather intriguing comedic adventure (14:02) Gregory King found the film interesting but stretched (16:01) Rohrwaxer's film has a dreamlike quality to it (18:12) Okay, so let's start with Greg. I think Greg will give it the low lowest score (19:45) Monkey man is an action thriller inspired by the Hindu legend Hanuman (27:10) Greg gives monkey man a score of six out of ten (29:59) Greg: I thought it was too long and repetitive for what it did (30:25) The film follows Isabel Wick Wilkerson after the Trayvon Martin shooting (34:28) Greg King: This film struggles to connect emotionally or with the audience (36:07) Eva Duvernay is an underrated african american filmmaker (38:48) Peter Frum: Turning esoteric material into a narrative feature is challenging (40:05) Greg: I struggled to connect with it on a lot of notions (40:46) Peter: Gregory Peck starred in first omen from 1976 (41:13) One of the great horror films of the seventies (41:48) The first omen is a prequel to the 1976 classic horror film (47:35) Peter: I felt this film was much more exploitative than the previous one (49:32) Greg King went to see West Side Story in Sydney last week
    52 min. 33 sec.
  • S03E07: Revelations in Revelry: The Unspoken Truths of "How to Have Sex"

    17 MAR 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Critics:** Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss **Episode Summary:** In this thought-provoking episode, host Alex First is joined by esteemed critics Jackie Hammerton and Peter Krauss to explore the transformative power of art and the complexities of consent in the context of youth culture. The discussion traverses from the immersive world of exhibitions to the gritty reality of coming-of-age dramas, unveiling the layers of human creativity and the darker sides of societal pressures. **Highlights:** - **Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius:** The critics share their awe-inspiring experience at The Lume's latest exhibition, celebrating the unparalleled genius of da Vinci. The panel delves into the interactive elements that bring the Renaissance to life, from virtual reality flights over Florence to hands-on engagement with da Vinci's inventions, underscoring the timeless impact of his work. - **Cabrini:** A deep dive into the biographical drama that chronicles the life of Mother Cabrini, with the panel dissecting the film's portrayal of her relentless pursuit to address poverty and homelessness. The critics commend the performances and production values, while engaging in a spirited debate on the narrative structure and historical accuracy. - **Love Lies Bleeding:** A discussion on the intense and boundary-pushing film that intertwines crime, passion, and the quest for love. The critics praise Kristen Stewart's performance and the film's genre-crossing appeal, despite differing opinions on its climactic moments. - **How to Have Sex:** The panel confronts the provocative title and content of this coming-of-age drama, focusing on the crucial theme of consent among teenagers. The episode features a candid conversation about the film's impact, its portrayal of a holiday turned sour, and the societal implications of its narrative choices. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (03:15) Leonardo da Vinci: Marveling at genius across the ages (23:50) Cabrini: The saintly pursuits of Mother Cabrini (42:10) Love Lies Bleeding: A wild ride with Kristen Stewart (58:30) How to Have Sex: The contentious debate on consent and consequences (1:15:20) Wrapping up with reflections on art, film, and societal messages **Closing Note:** This episode of First on Film and Entertainment offers a rich exploration of the human condition, from the extraordinary feats of historical figures to the raw, unfiltered experiences of modern youth. The critics navigate through the realms of intellect, creativity, and morality, providing listeners with a nuanced understanding of the stories that shape our perceptions and provoke meaningful dialogue. Join us next time as we continue to dissect the films and exhibitions that challenge, inspire, and transform our world.
    55 min. 58 sec.
  • S03E06: Dunes of Discourse: Villeneuve's Visionary Voyage Continues

    3 MAR 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Film Critics:** Jacqui Hammerton, Peter Krauss, Greg King **Episode Summary:** In this captivating episode, host Alex First is joined by film aficionados Jacqui Hammerton, Peter Krauss, and Greg King to dissect the grandeur and intricacies of cinematic storytelling. With a special focus on the anticipated sequel "Dune Part Two," the critics navigate the dunes of film critique, analyzing the continuation of a sci-fi saga that challenges both narrative expectations and visual effects benchmarks. **Highlights:** - **Dune Part Two:** A deep dive into Denis Villeneuve's latest installment, where the panel discusses the film's pacing, narrative development, and standout performances, particularly highlighting Timothy Chalamet and Zendaya's roles. While opinions on the film's engagement level vary, the critics unanimously praise the movie's immersive visuals and sound design, especially when experienced in IMAX. - **Humanistic Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person:** A quirky and unexpectedly touching film that intertwines the themes of vampirism with teen romance and mental health. The panel reflects on the film's unique take on the vampire genre, its subtle humor, and the moral questions it poses, ultimately appreciating its fresh perspective on an age-old mythos. - **Ruthless! The Musical:** Alex shares his experience of the off-Broadway production now playing at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda. The panel discusses the nature of talent and the slapstick genre, with Alex providing insights into the campy, over-the-top musical that spoofs classic shows and films with a wicked sense of humor. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (04:12) Dune Part Two: The saga continues on Arrakis (22:35) Humanistic Vampire: A different kind of bloodsucker (38:50) Ruthless! The Musical: Campy fun at the Alex Theatre (52:07) Final thoughts on the films and what's coming next in cinema (1:06:45) Wrapping up with a discussion on talent and the slapstick genre **Closing Note:** This episode of First on Film and Entertainment takes listeners on a journey through the expansive landscapes of Dune, the heartwarming yet dark corners of vampiric love, and the outrageous antics of a musical that's anything but ordinary. Whether it's the vastness of space or the intimacy of a quirky romance, the panel's insights offer a rich tapestry of what makes film such a fascinating art form. Join us next time for more thought-provoking discussions on the films that captivate our imagination and shape our cultural conversations.
    55 min. 44 sec.
  • S03E05: Unseen Horrors: "The Zone of Interest" and the Shadow of Atrocity

    25 FEB 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Critics:** Jacqui Hamilton, Peter Krauss, Greg King **Episode Summary:** In this episode, Alex First is joined by a panel of film experts to delve into a range of cinematic experiences, from the harrowing depths of historical drama to the fantastical realms of superhero fiction. The conversation uncovers a diverse spectrum of storytelling, examining the power of narrative to confront the darkest chapters of history and the allure of escapism in comic book adaptations. **Highlights:** - **The Zone of Interest:** A haunting Holocaust film that offers a fresh perspective on the atrocities of Auschwitz, focusing on the juxtaposition between a Nazi commandant's family life and the horrors beyond their home's walls. The film's subtle approach to depicting evil through suggestion and the ordinary lives of its characters is both chilling and masterfully executed. - **The Rooster:** A polarizing Australian film exploring themes of masculinity and mental health. While Alex and Peter praise its atmospheric storytelling and minimal dialogue, Jackie finds the film's abstract nature and dream sequences too disjointed to resonate. - **Fallen Leaves:** A Finnish comedic drama that captures the deadpan humor and social commentary characteristic of director Aki Kaurismäki. The film's portrayal of two individuals' mundane struggles against a backdrop of global events is both drab and optimistic, winning approval from the critics. - **Bob Marley: One Love:** A biopic that falls short of expectations, offering a superficial look at the reggae icon's life. The critics agree that while the music is a highlight, the film's lack of depth and difficult-to-understand dialogue leave much to be desired. - **Madame Webb:** A Marvel superhero film that fails to captivate the panel, with clunky dialogue and a lack of originality. Despite the potential for a fresh take on superhero narratives, the film is seen as a missed opportunity to explore its unique premise. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (02:05) The Zone of Interest: A new take on Holocaust cinema (17:48) The Rooster: A divisive exploration of crisis and isolation (31:09) Fallen Leaves: Deadpan delivery meets life's minor struggles (43:55) Bob Marley: One Love: A biopic that doesn't quite sing (56:40) Madame Webb: Superhero fatigue and a film that doesn't weave its magic (1:10:12) Closing thoughts and what to expect next week **Closing Note:** An episode that traverses the emotional gamut, from the profound to the perplexing, First on Film and Entertainment invites listeners to reflect on the narratives that challenge and entertain us. Whether it's the stark reality of history or the escapist fantasy of superheroes, the panel's insights shed light on the enduring impact of film as a medium for storytelling. Join us next week for more in-depth discussions on the films that shape our viewing experiences.
    54 min. 23 sec.
  • S03E04: Lost in the Wild: "Force of Nature" Unleashes a Storm of Suspense

    5 FEB 2024 · **Host:** Alex First **Guest Critics:** Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss, Greg King **Episode Summary:** In this thought-provoking episode, host Alex First is joined by critics Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss, and Greg King to dissect a selection of films that evoke a spectrum of emotions, from the profound to the contentious. The panel navigates through narratives that span the mystical, the dramatic, and the thrilling, all while examining the intricacies of human connections and the landscapes they inhabit. **Highlights:** - **All of Us Strangers:** A fantasy romance that delves into the lives of two lost souls in London. The film's slow-burning, reflective nature and mysterious elements captivate, offering a poignant exploration of trauma, isolation, and the power of human connection. With stellar performances and a sensitive direction by Andrew Haig, the critics find themselves deeply moved by this cinematic gem. - **Force of Nature: The Dry 2:** The sequel to the acclaimed "The Dry" sees detective Aaron Falk return to untangle a web of financial deception and personal history. While the film's stunning Victorian bush setting and a notable Australian cast impress, the narrative's plausibility is questioned by some of the critics, sparking a lively debate on the film's merits. - **May December:** A layered drama that examines the controversial relationship between a young man and an older woman through the lens of a film adaptation. The critics praise the performances and the film's nuanced handling of complex themes, with director Todd Haynes once again showcasing his talent for provocative storytelling. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (03:20) All of Us Strangers: A haunting journey through love and loss (18:55) Force of Nature: The Dry 2: A sequel’s struggle with believability (34:40) May December: A film that explores the boundaries of love and legacy (51:15) Closing thoughts on the films and their impact on the audience (1:04:30) Preview of next week's episode **Closing Note:** An episode that traverses the spectrum of human emotion, First on Film and Entertainment offers listeners a deep dive into the stories that challenge, enchant, and provoke. From the ethereal to the earthly, the films discussed invite us to ponder the complexities of the heart and the mind. Join us next week for another round of insightful film critique and conversation.
    1 h 1 min. 57 sec.
  • S03E03: The Rise and Fall of a Film Icon: Priscilla's Side of the Story

    1 FEB 2024 · **Podcast:** First on Film and Entertainment **Host:** Alex First **Guests:** Jackie Hammerton, Peter Krauss, Greg King **Episode Summary:** In this riveting episode, host Alex First is joined by critics Jackie Hamilton, Peter Krauss, and Greg King to dissect a wide array of cinematic and theatrical offerings. From courtroom dramas to musical interpretations of historic narratives, the panel navigates the complexities of storytelling across different mediums. **Highlights:** - **Anatomy of a Fall:** A stellar courtroom drama that captivates the panel with its intricate storytelling and exceptional performances, earning high praise and top ratings from all critics. - **The Color Purple:** While the panel appreciates individual performances and production values, they grapple with the film’s jarring mix of heavy drama and musical numbers, ultimately feeling disconnected from the adaptation. - **Priscilla:** A film that divides the critics, with some appreciating the nuanced portrayal of Priscilla Presley’s life with Elvis, while others find it lacking in depth and dramatic momentum. - **The Inheritance:** Alex First shares an impassioned review of a powerful theatrical production that explores love, legacy, and the gay experience in New York, urging audiences to witness its brilliance. - **Malevo:** A unique and electrifying Argentine dance and drum performance that leaves both performers and audience breathless, highly recommended by Alex for its intoxicating energy. **Episode Chapters:** (00:00) Introduction to the episode (02:24) Anatomy of a Fall: A gripping courtroom drama (21:15) The Color Purple: A musical adaptation with mixed reception (38:21) Priscilla: Exploring Priscilla Presley's life with Elvis (54:10) The Inheritance: A poignant theatrical experience (1:07:00) Malevo: An Argentine dance sensation (1:14:45) Wrapping up and what to expect next week **Closing Note:** This episode delves into the heart of film and theatre, revealing the power of narrative, performance, and the human experience. Join us for a journey through the lens of seasoned critics who are not afraid to dive deep into the art that moves us.
    55 min. 7 sec.
  • S03E02: Beekeeper Buzz: Statham's Latest Action Flick

    21 GEN 2024 · **Podcast:** First on Film and Entertainment **Host:** Alex First **Guest Film Critics:** Greg King, Peter Krause **Episode Summary:** In this engaging episode, host Alex First, along with esteemed critics Greg King and Peter Krause, delve into a variety of films that span genres and emotions. From the nostalgic to the visceral, this episode covers a diverse selection of cinematic experiences. **Highlights:** - **17:** A play where 60 and 70-year-olds portray 17-year-olds, exploring the vulnerability and apprehension of school leavers. The panel discusses the effectiveness of this unique casting choice. - **The Beekeeper:** An action-packed film starring Jason Statham. The critics have mixed feelings about its plausibility and script, but acknowledge the well-executed action sequences. - **Night Swim:** A horror film that starts off with promise but veers into the preposterous. The critics weigh in on the film's use of suspense and its eventual descent into cliché. - **Mean Girls:** The musical adaptation of the cult classic is met with enthusiasm for its energy and engaging score, though opinions on the memorability of the songs vary among the critics. - **The Holdovers:** A poignant film featuring Paul Giamatti that impresses the critics with its character development and emotional depth. It's heralded as a potential dark horse for the awards season. - **The Iron Claw:** Based on the true story of a wrestling family, the film's portrayal of ambition and family dynamics garners praise, with standout performances highlighted by the panel. 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) First on film and entertainment, Gregory King, Peter Krause and Alex (00:41) Psychologist asks two people to project back to when they were 17 (03:13) The season has kicked off for Melbourne theatre company with 17 (03:43) Matthew Watette's poignant play about five school leavers stars aged 17 (07:14) Peter: I think this could actually do well on film, M (08:51) Peter says he sees much national theatre live at that nova (10:24) Jason Statham stars as Adam Clay in action thriller The Beekeeper (14:17) Peter says the Beekeeper Ma is muddled and forgettable (16:48) Peter Krause gives The Beekeeper a six out of ten rating (18:06) Nightswin is based on a short film from 2000 (23:17) Peter: The film starts off quite well but deteriorates as it goes on (26:07) This time it's back as a movie musical. The tale of adolescent angst is based on their stage musical (26:54) Tina Faye stars as teacher in new Mean Girls musical (30:18) Greg says the new Mean Girls is an effective musical with good music (34:20) Paul Hunman plays adjunct professor of ancient history at prestigious boarding school (38:07) Paul Giamatti is superb as the cynical teacher Angus (39:38) Peter Oppenheimer thinks 'Beautifully made film' will win Oscars (46:13) Zac Efron stars as Fritz von Erich in this film (50:22) Peter says he used to watch world championship wrestling when he was younger (52:55) Peter gives Iron Claw an eight out of ten score (53:29) The Oscar nominations will be out on January 24
    54 min. 4 sec.
  • Grease, Dreams, and Racing: A Cinematic Start to 2024 | S03E01

    14 GEN 2024 · **Host:** Alex First, movie and theatre critic **Guest Critics:** Peter Krauss and Greg King **1. Grease the Musical: A Timeless Classic** - Discussion on the iconic roles of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in "Grease." - Comparison with other musical pairings like Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. - Insights into the impact of "Grease" on the careers of Travolta and Newton-John. - The panel reflects on the enduring appeal of "Grease" and its significance in modern times. - Analysis of the characters, particularly Rizzo, and the appeal of playing complex roles. - The musical's staging at Her Majesty's Theatre and its historical significance. - Discussion on the new production, cast performances, and the show's overall impact. **2. Dream Scenario: A Psychological Dive** - Nicholas Cage's performance in "Dream Scenario" as a professor who becomes a viral sensation. - The film's exploration of celebrity culture and the impact of fame. - Mixed reviews from the panel, with some appreciating the first half more than the conclusion. - Discussion on the film's themes, including the dark side of fame and its psychological aspects. **3. Next Goal Wins: Underdog Spirit** - The story of the American Samoa football team's journey from underdogs to competitors. - Director Taika Waititi's approach to the film and its cultural aspects. - Varied opinions on the film's treatment of its characters and themes. - The panel discusses the film's humor and its portrayal of the American Samoan culture. **4. Ferrari: Speed, Passion, and Drama** - A look into Enzo Ferrari's life, his racing legacy, and personal struggles. - Performances by Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz as Enzo Ferrari and his wife. - The film's balance between racing sequences and personal drama. - Differing opinions on the film's effectiveness in portraying Enzo Ferrari's life. **5. The Boys in the Boat: Rowing Towards Victory** - The true story of the US rowing team's journey to the 1936 Olympics. - Director George Clooney's portrayal of the team's struggles and triumphs. - Discussion on the film's historical context, particularly its depiction of Nazi Germany. - Mixed reviews on the film's pacing and focus on character development. **Conclusion:** - A lively discussion on a diverse range of films, showcasing the panel's varied tastes and perspectives. - The episode highlights the enduring appeal of classics like "Grease," the complexities of fame in "Dream Scenario," the underdog spirit in "Next Goal Wins," the passion in "Ferrari," and the triumph of the human spirit in "The Boys in the Boat." - Tune in next week for more insightful film discussions on First on Film and Entertainment. http://www.bitesz.com
    54 min. 51 sec.

Veteran movie and live theatre reviewer, Alex First, is joined weekly by a panel of critics who discuss all things Movies & Entertainment...and some football in season. Help make up...

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Veteran movie and live theatre reviewer, Alex First, is joined weekly by a panel of critics who discuss all things Movies & Entertainment...and some football in season. Help make up your mind about what to see and what to avoid.
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