• Conversations with Cardinal Dolan Welcomes Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS

    20 DIC 2018 · In this episode of Conversations with Dolan, Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS, talks about his show Duc in Altum, hosted by WCAT Radio.
    10 min. 34 sec.
  • Episode 52: Man's Transfiguration with the Glorified Christ (May 30, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​SERIES FINALE - Episode 52: In this final reflection of Duc In Altum, Fr. Henchey looks at man’s quest for God in the context of the broad sweep of human history, from the time long before Jesus and in the world of the “unbelievers,” through the long story of God’s chosen people, the Jews, to those of the Christian era who have been able to find the image of God in the person of Jesus Christ. St. Peter’s own long quest to know, to understand, to love, and to be like Christ gives us hope that our own life of prayer will prepare us for the time that we, too, are transfigured with the glorified Christ. (May 30, 2018)
    1 h 23 sec.
  • Episode 51: Our Lifelong Quest for God (May 23, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 51: In this reflection, Fr. Henchey describes our lifelong quest for God which St. Augustine called a “restlessness” and which the Psalms call a “longing” that is like an ache which cannot be soothed. Prayer helps us on this quest because through it we learn that not only are we searching for God, but that Christ is searching for us. In prayer, we “knock” at the door and when we do, the door will be opened for us because Christ has promised that anyone who sincerely searches for him will not fail to find him. (May 23, 2018)
    58 min. 49 sec.
  • Episode 50: The Broad Subject of Prayer (May 16, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 50: Fr. Henchey examines the broad subject of prayer; that is, the road on which spiritual growth travels and he addresses many questions, including: what is prayer, why do we pray, how should we pray, what are the kinds of prayer and how often and in what settings should we pray. He tells us that prayer “is lifting the mind and heart to God” and any way that we attempt this conversation with God, he will surely hear us. (May 16, 2018)
    1 h 34 sec.
  • Episode 49: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part IX (May 9, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 49: In this final reflection on the Transfiguration, Fr. Henchey takes up the rich concept of the “veil” comparing and contrasting the veil Moses wore to prevent the Israelites from being overwhelmed by the glory of God which shone on his face with the veil of our own weakness which blinds us to the reality of God and keeps us from making a full leap of faith to him. In the Transfiguration, the veil was temporarily lifted for Peter letting him see what was in store in eternal life after death. Guided by Peter, our task is to try to remove the veil which obscures our eyes and turn towards God trustingly. (May 9, 2018)
    58 min. 2 sec.
  • Episode 48: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part VIII (May 2, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 48: Fr. Henchey continues his discussion of 2 Corinthians 3 by explaining St. Paul’s references to the “Old Testament Transfiguration” of Moses in Exodus 34. He compares and contrasts key elements of the Old and New Covenants: the Old being written for a specific community and the New for everyone; the Old written on stone and the New on living hearts; the Old being an object and the New Christ Himself; the Old being temporal and the New everlasting; the Old being narrow and the New expansive. In all, he shows how St. Paul draws together the Old and New Covenants, yet reveals how much the New fully surpasses the Old. (May 2, 2018)
    1 h 22 sec.
  • Episode 47: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part VII (April 25, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 47: Fr. Henchey further explores the new covenant written on human hearts in references to it in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 11, 35 and 36. He explores the key words, “covenant,” “heart,” “eternal” “everlasting” and “written.” The accumulation of all of these texts presents a projection forward of the mercy of God to those believers who persevere in faith and which we see prefigured in the Transfiguration itself. (April 25, 2018)
    1 h 10 sec.
  • Episode 46: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part VI (April 18, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 46: Fr. Henchey begins this reflection by returning to the beginning of St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians in which Paul establishes himself as a legitimate minister of the Word of God, directly taught by Christ. In introducing this letter, he draws on his vast Old Testament Scriptural knowledge to express a theology of the New Covenant, not written on tablets of stone as in the time of Moses, but on hearts of living flesh. (April 18, 2018)
    1 h 1 sec.
  • Episode 45: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part V (April 11, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · ​Episode 45: Continuing with an exploration of Scriptural references to the Transfiguration, Fr. Henchey explains 2 Peter 1:16-18. As a witness to the Transfiguration, Peter’s description is a first-hand account of this extraordinary event and he uses it both to rebut the false teachers of the Gospel and to encourage hope by showing the Transfiguration as a foretaste of Heaven. Fr. Henchey concludes this reflection with a few observations on the Transfiguration by St. Thomas Aquinas. (April 11, 2018)
    1 h 14 sec.
  • Episode 44: The Redemptive Mystery of the Transfiguration, Part IV (April 4, 2018)

    15 OTT 2018 · Episode 44: Fr. Henchey now considers the Gospels of Luke and John. As Luke did in his description of the Agony, he again emphasizes prayer as a central element of his account of the Transfiguration. John, who does not explicitly describe the Transfiguration event, refers to it in his more mystical references to the thunder and the light. In all, these four Gospels encourage us to see the Transfiguration as encouragement to persevere in our journey to fulfill the promises of Christ in our own lives. (April 4, 2018)
    59 min. 49 sec.

Luke’s Gospel tells the story of the fisherman, Simon Peter, who had fished all night in familiar waters, but had caught nothing. Christ commands him, “Duc in Altum,” that is,...

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Luke’s Gospel tells the story of the fisherman, Simon Peter, who had fished all night in familiar waters, but had caught nothing. Christ commands him, “Duc in Altum,” that is, “push out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch.” Although skeptical, Peter does just as Jesus commands. Out in the deep, he catches so many fish that his nets begin to tear and his boat is in danger of sinking. Peter's astonishment is overwhelming. Christ reassures him, "Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men."

Peter was an ordinary man called to an extraordinary mission and who grew, by fits and starts, ever greater in the spiritual life by his ever-hopeful trust in the Lord.​

Each week, and in the style of a directed retreat, Fr. Joseph Henchey and Lisa Fortini-Campbell will delve into a different dimension of Peter's growth in faith, connecting it to the vast treasure chest of Scripture and the Magisterium to show how we, too, can move further out into the deep as we follow Christ in the path of the fisherman, our first Pope.
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