• S2, E7 Hannah Miller - A Lady Butcher

    26 FEB 2024 · Hannah Miller is A Lady Butcher and her passion is to create purposeful meats. Hannah’s jam is making traditional charcuterie, the art of preserving meat, with local New Zealand ingredients. She’s gaining a fan following for her range of premium dried and cured meats from local, ethically-raised animals. She and her husband also have a restaurant and brewery, Churly’s, in Auckland. At Churly’s they do whole carcase butchery, and Hannah is committed to ensuring every cut has a place, adopting a nose to tail philosophy. The butchery itself is tucked inside the restaurant. A Lady Butcher show notes Website: http://www.aladybutcher.co.nz Facebook: A Lady Butcher https://www.facebook.com/aladybutcher Instagram: @aladybutcher https://www.instagram.com/aladybutcher/
    46 min. 45 sec.
  • S2, E6 Greg and Dansy Coppell - Repost

    2 NOV 2023 · When Greg and Dansy Coppell purchased their sheep and beef farm near Nelson they needed to do 30km of fencing on a shoestring budget – recycled vineyard posts were the ideal solution. Soon, neighbouring farmers were asking how they could get their hands on the cheap but perfectly functional posts, and Repost was born. Repost takes what was previously a waste product, posts ripped out of vineyards at harvest and left in piles, and repurposes them as a key on-farm input, at a fraction of the cost of a new post. A win for your back pocket, and a win for the environment. Website: https://repost.co.nz/ http://www.repost.co.nzFacebook: Repost Fence Posts @repostnz https://www.facebook.com/repostnzInstagram: @repostnz https://www.instagram.com/repostnz/
    51 min. 14 sec.
  • S2, E5 Cam Ravenwood - Fernglen Farm

    5 OTT 2023 · Sheep milking is providing the perfect value add, and creating opportunities for the whole Ravenwood family, at Wairarapa’s Fernglen Farm. Sheep tick all the boxes for this entrepreneurial family, from a nutrition, sustainability and environmental perspective.The picturesque coastal farm is home to 1300 milking ewes, which are milked once a day at a purpose-built facility on the property, near Riversdale beach. The milk, which provides a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk, is turned into a number of products, including flavoured milk and yoghurt.Cam Ravenwood has a passion for nutrition, especially its role in sports and muscle recovery, and became interested in sheep milking after seeing a newspaper cutting in 2015, his last year at high school. Fernglen Farm Website: http://www.fernglenfarm.co.nz Facebook: Fernglen Farm https://www.facebook.com/Fernglenfarm Instagram: @fernglenfarm https://www.instagram.com/fernglenfarm/
    50 min. 31 sec.
  • S2, E4 Mark Ferguson - NextGen Agri

    14 SET 2023 · Genetics play a vital role in our industry and Mark Ferguson is leading a team at neXtgen Agri that aims to bring genes to life. A self-confessed sheep tragic, originally from across the ditch, Mark first came to New Zealand almost a decade ago after successfully pitching for a merino genetics review for the New Zealand Merino Company. He says it was a pivotal moment writing the application, as it led to him moving to New Zealand to run the production science component of a Primary Growth Partnership for the company. At neXtgen Agri, the focus is on the pastoral livestock industries. It is a consulting and innovation business, predominantly genetics consulting, helping sheep and beef breeders breed and buy the best animals. Website: http://www.nextgenagri.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextgenagri Instagram: @nextgenagri https://www.instagram.com/nextgenagri/ Head Shepherd podcast: https://headshepherd.com/
    52 min. 12 sec.
  • S2, E3 Elizabeth Hayes - Nest Tree Houses

    27 AGO 2023 · A tree house is part of the quintessential Kiwi kid upbringing, and now you can relive your childhood in style, thanks to Nest Tree House luxury treetop accommodation. Found in the Hakataramea Valley on Million Springs Farm, the home of Andy and Elizabeth Hayes and their three children Charlie, 12, Ayla, 10 and Hugo, 8, the treetop accommodation injects a touch of playful adventure into a luxury getaway. The farm has been in the Hayes family for six generations and was a sheep and beef farm, more recently converting to a 2000-cow dairy farming operation in 2009 when Andy and Liz took over the farm. Website: http://www.nesttreehouses.com Instagram: @nest.tree.houses Facebook: Nest Tree Houses https://www.facebook.com/nest.tree.houses Learn more about Down to Earth at: https://youngcountry.co.nz/podcasts/#downtoearth
    48 min. 26 sec.
  • S2, E2 Kate and Prue - Foxtrot Home

    6 AGO 2023 · Website: http://www.foxtrothome.co.nz Facebook: Foxtrot Home https://www.facebook.com/foxtrotathome Instagram: @foxtrot_at_home https://www.instagram.com/foxtrot_at_home/ There’s nothing quite like climbing into a crisp, freshly made bed. Linen loving sisters, Kate Cullwick and Prue Watson, hit on a winner with their online homeware business, Foxtrot Home, which has gained a huge fan following. Having decided they were keen to launch a business together, they knew two things for certain – it had to be homewares (a shared love) and online, due to their locations. With Prue living in Auckland for her corporate marketing job and stay-at-home mum Kate living in Central Hawke’s Bay on a sheep and beef farm, they knew the business needed to fit around their already busy lives.
    1 h 10 min. 24 sec.
  • S2, Ep 1 Rob Auld - Auld Farm Distillery

    16 LUG 2023 · Website: http://www.aulddistillery.co.nz Facebook: Auld Distillery https://www.facebook.com/AuldDistillery Instagram: @aulddistillery https://www.instagram.com/aulddistillery/ A seed-to-sip philosophy is the approach at Auld Farm Distillery, where the Auld family harvest the grain from their Southland farm and take a fresh new approach to bottling the essence of their land, their history and their story. Rob and Toni Auld combine the grain from their paddocks and pure water from their own spring in an onsite distillery, resulting is a stellar range of whisky, gin and other spirits for the discerning punter.The site of Auld Farm Distillery has been growing grain since 1883. Three generations of family – all named Robert – have worked the land in this isolated corner of New Zealand, right at the bottom of the world.Rob has always enjoyed a tipple of whisky and with a push from a Rabobank course, he created a business plan to diversify the family business and ensure opportunity for all three of the couple’s sons, in the form of an on-farm distillery.
    50 min. 4 sec.
  • Episode 10 - Sophie Hurley, Honest Wolf

    1 DIC 2022 · Spotting an opportunity to offer a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bags, Sophie and Sam Hurley developed their wool shopper, made from wool grown on their Hunterville property, Papanui Station. Now, they have opened their flagship Honest Wolf store, in Hunterville, and are providing employment opportunities for locals, as well as retaining a close connection to their product and customers. Honest Wolf Show notes Honest Wolf website: www.honestwolf.co.nz Instagram: @honest.wolf Facebook: @honestwolfwool
    1 h 1 min. 33 sec.
  • Episode 9 - Kate Ivey, DediKate - Kate Ivey Fitness

    17 NOV 2022 · From running personal training sessions on her front lawn while her young children slept, to a thriving online health and fitness platform, Kate Ivey is inspiring people to adopt a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable long-term. Founder and trainer of DediKate, Kate Ivey Fitness, Kate runs her business from a farm near Twizel, where she lives with her husband Mark and their three children. DediKate now has about 1700 members across New Zealand and Australia. Online Personal Trainer | Fitness, Health and Inspiration (kateiveyfitness.com) They offer a 7-day free trial if you’re keen to try it out for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/kateiveyfitness Instagram: @kateiveyfitness)
    52 min. 22 sec.
  • 49 min. 19 sec.

Welcome to Down to Earth, (previously From the Ground Up) a podcast brought to you by Young Country. This is a podcast for the go getters, the big dreamers, the...

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Welcome to Down to Earth, (previously From the Ground Up) a podcast brought to you by Young Country.

This is a podcast for the go getters, the big dreamers, the innovators of the primary sector.

I’m your host Rebecca Greaves, and we’re taking a closer look at people in the primary industries who have dared to think big, push the limits and give it a go in business.

We’ll be asking them what the catalyst was to take the plunge and make a change.

We find out how they got to where they are now, what they’ve learned along the way, and what their advice is to other aspiring agri-innovators.

So, settle in and listen up as we serve you a healthy dose of inspiration, motivation, and maybe even challenge your thinking a little.

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