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Doin Motherhood Podcast w/ AnyaDoula

  • Episode 50 - End of the Road

    2 NOV 2022 · Yes. It’s that time. The title means what you think it means. I didn’t even realize until I picked up the phone to record that this is the 50th episode, and it’s the last. I’ll take it as a sign. This episode is raw, no edits, sound…all me. Sorry if it’s noisy.
    Played 33 min. 5 sec.
  • Empty Nest Chronicles- A Deeper Dive

    15 APR 2022 · Our Issues in the News w/ @ravenmdorsey • Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson confirmed! • Oklahoma bans abortions • NYC puts their money into Black Maternal Health Episode referenced: Texas is Wildin The 411- A deeper look at what empty nest syndrome is and how it shows up for parents who have children leaving the nest. Where to connect with me: Interested in sponsoring DMP? Contact me at the link below. Include DMP Sponsor in the subject. Produced by @theguildhtx and @alyracfilms
    Played 1 h 1 min. 4 sec.
  • Empty Nest Chronicles- I Am Not Okay

    8 APR 2022 · This is the beginning of my Empty Nest Chronicles and y’all I am not okay. I will be okay. But right now, and for the first time in my life I’m okay with not being okay. This episode is a short and sweet one about the woes of empty nest syndrome. I also share what’s helping and the plans I have as I prepare my empty nest. I haven’t found many single black mothers sharing their empty nest stories on socials or YouTube, so I plan to fill that gap. I hope this series will help others who find themselves deep in empty nest syndrome and those who will be there before they know it. Where to connect with me: Interested in sponsoring DMP? Contact me here: Produced by @theguildhtx and @alyracfilms
    Played 13 min. 22 sec.
  • The Oscars Fiasco

    1 APR 2022 · What’s the Goins On: @ravenmdorsey is back with Our Issues In The News •KBJ SCOTUS hearings •Adora Perez sentenced for stillbirth •Brittany Griner- Lisa Leslie shares WNBA wanted silence from WNBA players about her case The 411: The Oscar’s slap heard around the world. I break down the incident from a historical and cultural context. Let’s talk about it if you aren’t talked out already. Leave your comments below. Previous episode mentioned in Adora Perez story: Keeping Families Together w/ Santa Maria Hostel If you know a mother or pregnant person who struggles with substance use check out Santa Maria Hostel for more information. They work to keep families intact even through substance use recovery. Where to connect with me: Produced by @theguildhtx & @alyrracfilms
    Played 46 min. 18 sec.
  • Our Issues In The News w/ Raven Dorsey

    21 MAR 2022 · We have a new segment and a new correspondent! Raven Dorsey is our new political correspondent and she will be sharing news that’s important to US. In her first episode, Raven brings us up to date on the State of the Union address, Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Job Protection Act, Don’t Say Gay legislation, and Brittany Griner being detained in Russia. You’ll also learn a bit about Raven herself. She will drop in twice a month to give us the news that matters to US. Find Raven on IG: @ravenmdorsey Where to connect with me: Produced by @theguildhtx
    Played 1 h 6 min. 18 sec.
  • Two Years of Pandemic Parenting w/ Midwife Frances, Nurse Nikki, NP, and LaVonda Lane

    7 MAR 2022 · First of all, don’t my guests’ names sound like superheros? It’s because they are! This episode is all about parenting in a pandemic for TWO YEARS. We are TIYERD. Listen in to hear how these mamas have taken care of themselves, their families, their communities while living and thriving in one of the biggest health scares of our lifetime. Cue Destiny’s Child Survivor! ✊🏾♥️💪🏾
    Played 1 h 1 min. 5 sec.
  • Mothers of Gynecology w/ Artist Michelle Browder and Midwife Dr. Stephanie Mitchell

    19 FEB 2022 · This is a special episode today, honoring the contributions, advances, and care that black women have always made in womens health. Guest speakers: Michelle Browder is the artist who created the Mothers of Gynecology monument in honor of the three very young enslaved women who were experimented on by Dr. J. Marion Sims, known as the Father of Gynecology. Michelle shares with us her reason for building this monument and how Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey’s stories connect to the state of health for black women today. You ca learn more about Michelle, the monument, and the incredible work Michelle does at her More Up Campus in Montgomery, AL. You can find more info here: Dr. Stephanie Mitchell recently became the first black CPM in Alabama after serving as a CNM in hospitals for many years. She is currently building The Birth Sanctuary which will be the first free standing birth center in the state of Alabama when it opens. Dr. Stephanie shared with endeavors it took to become a midwife in Alabama, the need for more midwives in the midst of the maternal health crisis, and why women and birthing people need to explore all options when planning their births. You can find more information about The Birth Sanctuary here: Use this link to donate to the fundraising campaign: Where to connect with me: Produced by: AlyRac Films IG: @alyracfilms
    Played 1 h 12 min. 24 sec.
  • Talking Elections w/ Candidate Aurelia Wagner

    4 FEB 2022 · Welcome to Season 2- I guess it’s official. I’m doing seasons lol. Talking to Aurelia Wagner about the upcoming elections. 2022 is all about Light and Growth for me and Doin Motherhood Podcast. Find Aurelia Wagner here: Donate here: aureliawagnerfortexas Hospital Doula Training Co. registration opens today! Apply Here: Where to connect with me: Produced by @theguildhtx
    Played 43 min. 33 sec.
  • End of Year Wrap-Up

    17 DIC 2021 · And just like that…lol, it’s the last episode of the year! I cut my hair, new holiday traditions, podcast on break until late January, a wrap-up of the episodes you should catch up on from this year. Episodes 1-3(old Intercultured Podcast): My birth stories and a medical story. Scroll way back. Maternal Mental Health (2 Parts)- taking care of moms beyond postpartum Keeping Families Together w/ Santa Maria Hostel: Medical kidnapping and the importance of keeping children with mothers even through substance abuse recovery Healing Series (3 Parts) Womanships- Friendships for grown women and new mamas Parenting Athletes Happy Holidays! Be safe! We’ll talk next year! Until then, take care of yourself. Take care of each other!
    Played 35 min. 24 sec.
  • Ask Anya- Kick Them Out Or Nah?

    10 DIC 2021 · Our LF (Listener-Friend) is empty nesting but the kids say they aren’t going anywhere. What to do? Hey LFs! Have a question or dilemma? Send it in to Anya in the IG DMs @doin_motherhood_podcast OR the email
    Played 11 min. 22 sec.

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