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  • Two Day Shutdown At Kelly's Roast Beef In Revere Beach After Employee Gets Coronavirus

    12 SET 2020 · Kelly's Roast Beef's original location in Revere Beach is back open Saturday after one employee tested positive for Covid-19. All other employees test negative. Manager says they're working with MA Health Department on contact tracing.
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  • Kelly's Roast Beef In Revere Beach Open Again After Employee Tests For Covid

    12 SET 2020 · The original Kelly's Roast Beef location in Revere Beach is reopening Saturday after a brief shutdown when an employee tested positive for Covid 19. All Other employees tested negative and restaurant disinfected.
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  • WBZ News Update 11-29

    29 NOV 2017 · Headlines from Deb Lawler.
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  • WBZ News Update 11-29

    29 NOV 2017 · Headlines from Deb Lawler.
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  • Are You A Licensed Plumber?.... I Didn’t Think So

    17 NOV 2017 · Well, maybe Kevin Brastler isn’t a licensed plumber, but he has needed one from time to time, and if you do too, you might want to listen to this podcast with the chief. Reviews on every service need - from plumbing to acupuncture, they have it covered.
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  • November 16, 2017 Reporters Roundup

    16 NOV 2017 · Rod Fritz has all of today’s top stories. Senator Al Franken the Latest to Be Accused of Sexual Misconduct, CBS News Correspondent Peter King (01:10). How Much Do the Airlines Know About You, Bloomberg’s Tracy Johnke (03:25). Misplaced Sarcasm at a Pot Dispensary Public Hearing, WBZ’s Kendall Buhl (04:50). Hawaiian Metal Patient Captured Trying to Escape, Correspondent Jim Roope (07:10). Sports, WBZ’s Adam Kaufman (10:05). Tax Plan Voting in the House Today, CBS Political Analyst Leonard Steinhorn (11:52). Concerns about “Juuling” in Boston Schools, Boston Globe Reporter Beth Teitell (14:25). Join WBZ AM 1030 every day at 12:30 for Reporters Roundup.
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  • Boston University Professor Under Fire Over Yelp Review!

    16 NOV 2017 · A Boston University professor has been reprimanded by the school dean after posting a negative Yelp review about a restaurant.  The review was highly critical of the restaurant and the service he received, and referred to the general manager as “fat guy”.  Do you think the dean was right to denounce the negative review?  Or should the professor be allowed to post his true feelings about his experience at the restaurant?  Do you ever post negative reviews?  Do you check for negative reviews before choosing where to eat or stay?  Call in and be a part of the show!
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