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Deborah Hatswell. BBR Investigations. Cryptids, Paranormal & Unexplained Events

  • Lovers See A "Man Beast" In The Forest Of Dean

    21 MAG 2024 · Lovers See A "Man Beast" In The Forest Of Dean
    31 min. 35 sec.
  • Three Dogmen Are Seen On The Isle Of Wight - Jay's Interview.

    17 MAG 2024 · We would regularly stop to take heed of our surroundings. Crouched, we attempted to tune into the immediate environment, allowing the surroundings to occupy our senses so we could better filter what was going on around us. I was not the first to see it; that honour goes to my then-friend, who I shall not name as it is not my place to recant on his behalf. I know that he reached back with his arm without shifting his gaze from what he had seen and grabbed my arm. I looked where his head was fixated and saw it for the first time. It appeared crouched, almost as if it were mimicking our actions, no more than 20 or so metres from us. Although in that moment, I was unclear as to what I was looking at, what I can say was that it was large, to my eyes and mind, it was huge, black in colour, and not stationary, as I could see it moving ever so slightly from side to side.With all of us now firmly transfixed, it raised what I believe to be its head. The singular sizeable black mass now had a head, with two large triangular-shaped ears set at the top of the head. This was not a dog or one of the big cats, and its next action told me my assertions were not wrong. With a distinct, slow deliberateness, it stood up. Its arms seemed disproportionate in length, but because of the foliage between us, I was unable to see it's hands, nor could I see clearly defined features on its head other than the ears, and it stood roughly 7-8 feet tall and was broad.We ran... Jay's Youtube -
    1 h 9 min. 44 sec.
  • I Saw A Dogman On The Family Farm prt 2 - He Was On The Roof #UKDogman

    10 MAG 2024 · Please join me for the second part of my interview with Daisy who lives on the Surrey/Sussex border. She first saw the Dogman around 18 yrs ago and he still continues to show himself to Daisy. There have been times when he has stood at the window or climbed up onto the roof of the farm. Part 1 -
    53 min. 56 sec.
  • We Were Armed & We Guarded The Farm All Night - UK Dogman Witness Comes Forward

    3 MAG 2024 · #bbr #dogman #werewolf #wolfman #cryptids #creatures #unexplained BBR Witness Daisy B: My story is a strange one but here goes anyway. Around 18/20 years ago I was walking down an Old Cart Track with my two Dogs nearing a bend in the track that you can't see around because of the way the trees are situated. It was a Beautiful Sunny day around 10am. I was deep in thought walking along looking at the ground, the Dogs were just a bit ahead and were just sniffing around. The first I knew something was wrong was when the Dogs ran back to me and snuck in behind me. I looked up as a Creature (I now know as Dogman) came around the bend doing the same as me. He was wandering along minding his own business. He was down on all four feet when I first saw him. But as he saw me he stood up on his two feet like a man. He spun around and ran off like a man would, upright on two feet! Before he could run out of my sight he disappeared right in front of my eyes!!!  Here more of Daisy experiences as we chat about her earlier encounter and whats been happening on the farm since.
    1 h 7 min. 8 sec.
  • I Witnessed A UK Dogman On Our Family Land

    28 APR 2024 · Daisy lives on the border of Sussex and Surrey on her family's farm. Around 20 years ago she saw a Dogman creature whilst out walking with her dog. Her mother had a similar experience. All these years later he is still around and Daisy believes he is coming ever closer to their home. Daisy asks the questions most witnesses have and we discuss this further in the video.
    19 min. 8 sec.
  • Chased By An Unknown Creature - Terrifying Encounters From Rendlesham Forest

    26 APR 2024 · Feelings Of Being Watched and Running Shadow Beings A Geocacher Sees A Tall Man-Like Figure In Rendlesham Forest An Overwhelming Feeling Of Being Watched 2008 An Overwhelming Sense Of Being Watched Geo Chasers Scared out of an Area By An Unknown Threat The Ebchester Eyes Oct 2009 Strange Animals Found Hanging from a Tree. Yorkshire 2012 The Creature of Bramham/Boston Spa Sighting 1998 The Boston Spa Bear. 2000's The Jackdaw Crags Experience
    42 min. 24 sec.
  • Prt 2 Petts Lane, My Haunted Home. Family Ties & Serendipity’s Galore

    19 APR 2024 · Last week I shared the first part of what I believe to be the best Paranormal Investigation I have carried out so far here at BBR. It involves a Victorian home on the coast and a modern day haunting. Along with my full notes on the case you will also be able to view the CCTV video and audio captures along with a website link showing all the photographic evidence, newspaper confirmation and a sketch made by the homeowner which shows one of the souls still at the old farm. - This is the footage from the CCTV cameras in place on Petts Lane. The cameras were installed this Year 2024 and in March they began to pick up strange audio from the oldest part of the old farm that the house sits on See BBR Website for complete case notes -
    47 min. 38 sec.
  • Prt 1 - The 25 Year Haunting On Petts Drive & Three Mystery Men Found Dead In A Ghostly Boat.

    5 APR 2024 · Tonight we follow one case of a family who are currently living in an activie paranormal hotspot. The house has stood at the edge of the River Nene since 1830 and many people have occupied it. Krissy and her husband bought it without realising her parents had left the address as they couldnt bear to live there. 25 years later is living there with her children and partner and the acitivity is building daily. Krissy fitted a cctv system and has recorded some ghostly chattering voices, dark mists, orbs, shadow beings, hooded figures to name but a few. Just this month an orb is seen turning into a ghostly hand as it grips Krissy's bedroom door, Website link -
    45 min. 28 sec.
  • UK Road Entities - I Saw It Cross The Road In Front Of My Car

    29 MAR 2024 · I Saw It Cross The Road In Front Of My Car Woman See A Strange White Non Human Thing Whilst Driving in Yorkshire 2020 She Ran Out In Front Of My Car 12/3/24 The Swannington Creature Feb 2013 It Had Multiple Eyes Tall Lanky Figure Runs Across The Road Tall Shadowy Figure Crosses the Road Family See Tall Blurry Figure on Holiday Trip Clay Lane Shadowed Through The Woods Strange Light at Merlins Bridge 2018
    37 min. 32 sec.
  • Starfox & Lilith - Worldwide Dogman Reports- They Feel The Hunger

    22 MAR 2024 · Please join me while I chat with my goodfriend Kenny from Starfox Media & The North American Dogman Project while we chat about some of Kenny's cases and what its like to be a Dogman investigator. Kenny has collected personal experiences from people all across the world that have had interaction with the Upright Canine Creatures.  BBR - Starfox Media -
    41 min. 2 sec.

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BBR Investigations - Sharing personal accounts from the BBR Investigation case files on the British Bigfoot, Man-Ape creatures, Werewolves & Dogmen, Paranormal Entities, Haunted homes, Haunted people and many UFO’...

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BBR Investigations - Sharing personal accounts from the BBR Investigation case files on the British Bigfoot, Man-Ape creatures, Werewolves & Dogmen, Paranormal Entities, Haunted homes, Haunted people and many UFO’ experiencers here in the UK and worldwide.
Deborah Hatswell is the UK’s leading British Bigfoot researcher and investigator. A horrible experience with an unexplained creature in 1982 has shaped and forged Deborah's research into a ‘one stop shop’ for all things Cryptid, Paranormal, Supernatural or Unexplained. Shunned by many sources and outlets Deborah made her own reporting site that has been in operation for over 40 years.

Deborah has worked with, interviewed and counselled many witnesses to the other worldly events that happen to people on a daily basis. Deborah interviews the witness about their initial experience and then takes them over several weeks back to their childhoods in the hopes of understanding why so many people have interactions with several different phenomena during their lifespan. Many of the people Deborah helps have had ongoing activity since their very early life, often in their own rooms at home.

Those cases are investigated by Deborah and her team of researchers who check out the witnesses' family lines to see if the activity is a generational thing. Deborah's theory on ‘Paranormal bloodlines’ will take you down the rabbit hole of haunted homes, woodlands and impossible creatures seen and witnessed on Military Of Defence land in the UK. 
In the cases she covers you will hear from people who have seen Man-Ape creatures, Werewolves & Dogmen, Paranormal Entities and many UFO’ experiencers several with missing time events, strange object placed within them and some extreme cases the signs of childbirth in females who have never carried a human child. Deborah releases her thoughts on the experiences of others and her interviews with them in her show BBR Investigations (Being Believed Investigations)
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