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Darth Vader Is Your Father

  • Mark Hamill & George Lucas

    15 MAG 2024 · Two birthdays. One created magic for a day and another created magic for a LIFETIME
    4 min. 50 sec.
  • May The 4th Be With You..On JLJ Media

    4 MAG 2024 · We have Star Wars shows for you: Andor Aftershow, Ahsoka Aftershow , The Book of Boba Fett Aftershow, Obi Wan Kenobi Aftershow, and The Mandalorian Aftershow.Plus this show! 
    2 min. 9 sec.
  • Tales Of The Empire

    27 APR 2024 · A new season of Tales of the Empire to be released May 4th! 
    4 min. 23 sec.
  • The Phantom Menace 25 And Convincing Fan Art

    20 APR 2024 · The Phantom Menace turns 25 and will be in theaters. James Lott Jr shares his thoughts.Plus fan art and AI generated product loks too real! 
    7 min. 1 sec.
  • 10 min. 18 sec.
  • Billy Dee/Carl Weathers/Pedro P!

    27 FEB 2024 · host James Lott Jr talks about Pedro Pascal (the Mandalorian)having bigger succees with another tv series; Billy Dee Williams (Lando) new book and View Appearance; and RIP Carl Weathers!
    7 min. 46 sec.
  • The Bad Batch Final Season and Pedro Pascal's Other Success

    23 GEN 2024 · James Lott jr talks about the latest news on The Bad Batch the Final Season AND PEDRO PASCALS OTHER HIT SHOW!
    6 min. 29 sec.
  • My Reaction To News of the New Star Wars Movie Director

    4 GEN 2024 · Star Wars/Disney announces a new director for the movie franchise and its causes a stir. James Lott Jr gives his reaction!
    7 min. 28 sec.
  • Talking Star Wars and Heavy Metal with Ed Gage!

    21 DIC 2023 · Ed played a Sorgan Farmer in Season 1(Chapter 4) of the Mandolorian! James talks with him about how he got the job! Also discussed: The martial arts community and their shared love of Heavy Metal! Follow him on IG @mredgage or buy merch at
    48 min. 25 sec.
  • What IS Going On in the Star Wars Universe?!

    24 NOV 2023 · James Lott Jr needs clarity!
    6 min. 29 sec.
This show is ALL about Star Wars and it can be very specific and very random about what the hosts talk about on the show! Created by James Lott Jr.
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