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    "it's good for engagement." | Episode 4

    1 MAG 2024 · oh wow! you found us! took you a while didn't it. huh?! what do you mean you looked and we weren't here? that doesn't sound like us at all. are you sure? anyways we can debate the smaller details later. in the meantime...WELCOME BACK TO DAMN. YOU FOUND MY POD. In this glorious episode, DJ A.C.E. & Junior Bevel link back up after a short hiatus and discuss all things submissive, Amanda Seales, & rap beef. I'd tell you more, but I think it would ruin it for you. Or it's 11:42 PM and i'm too tired to do timestamps again. either way come on in, kick your shoes off, and enjoy another outstanding episode of damn. you found my pod.
    1 h 53 min. 17 sec.
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    "devil's advocate." | Episode 3

    6 APR 2024 · Ayooooo!!! You found us again! So yeah, not sure if I wanna do timestamps today. I honestly don't. So I won't. BUT you, you should still come on in and sit down. Come join A.C.E. and Junior Bevel this week as they catch up on all things Diddy, Beyonce, and Big 3 related (not necessarily) in that order. Also, gaVen heVy (@gavshotthis) joins the pod to discuss how likely a return fire from Drake & J. Cole is and get down to the bottom of what Diddy is actually accused of. OH!! Which reminds me...something very important. TRIGGER WARNING: A segment of this show contains speculation about alleged crime that is sexual in nature. If the debate over credibility of the alleging parties is something that triggers you, you probably wanna skip ahead to about 1 hour 44 minutes and 3 seconds. But don't worry you'll hear a little note from me when that part is coming up ;) However, you’re not bothered by that kind of thing…ENJOY!
    1 h 58 min. 34 sec.
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    "whew. it's a nasty week." | Episode 2

    31 MAR 2024 · Oh wow! We did it! You found us another week in a row! Ahh, this feels good. Well, come on in. Please take your shoes off, grab a drink, and join A.C.E. and Junior Bevel as they dive into this week of nastiness, tradgedy, and f*ckery. And as promised, I have timestamps this week! Junior Bevel & A.C.E. set things off giving their reaction to the recent raids on P. Diddy's resindences (3:56) and discuss whether it's a smear campaign, or whether there's really a case here (6:07). Ace has his own theories though (10:56). The two then send thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the Key Bridge Collapse in Balitomre, MD (22:16).  After that the two dive into--wait a minute. What the hell am I doing? I'm not giving you all the goods up here. I know what we'll do. (At the risk of aging myself) Remeber those DVD Chapter Lists? Yeah, let's do something like that. - Kendrick v. Drake (36:28) - Freaknik Doc (44:24) - Can Freaknik Really Come Back? (52:03) - Quiet on the Set Doc (53:52) - damn. you found my pod. tries politics (1:06:27) This week features the following music (33:03): blvkm0nd4y "Lo0pty (feat. Damn. Della. & Javonté)" Available on all DSPs yyyeah, I was starting to feel like you were getting all the sauce upfront. To be real honest with you, I just thought of a way to rewrite it to make it work, but I don't feel like doing that right now. If you reeally wanna skip around, there's your map my friend. anyways, sit back, indulge in your favorite (legal) vice, and enjoy!! P.S. we're working on the socials. soon come.
    1 h 26 min. 28 sec.
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    "damn. you found my pod." | Episode 1

    23 MAR 2024 · Aaah you found us. Welcome to: damn. you found my pod. The only podcast on the web that you weren't meant to find. But now that you're here come dive in with DJ A.C.E. and Junior Bevel this week in our inaugural episode as we explore 50 Cent's expansion of the Power Universe, Shaggy's voice, skinny Lizzo, and more. Normally I'd do the whole timestamped description here. But that'll soon come. In the meantime, come on in, check it out, have a taste. If you like what we put in you mouth, come on back next week!
    1 h 25 min. 42 sec.

Oh no! You found us! You're not supposed to be here! Well, now that you're here, sit down get comfy and strap in as we take you on a ride...

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Oh no! You found us! You're not supposed to be here! Well, now that you're here, sit down get comfy and strap in as we take you on a ride covering music, movies, and more in entertainment news and beyond.
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