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  • Are you ready for change

    19 GIU 2024 · God is always moving and he is always changing our lives. Christ being the center he is always moving us with new opportunities. We must activate and move in the mind of Christ. God bless
    Played 15 min.
  • Oraciones y peticiones

    19 GIU 2024 · Es tiempo para levantarnos en guerra en medio del adoración y oración y peticiones al Señor. Mirar a todo redondo nosotros y como todo se está dando y dar cuenta de cosas de este mundo no son para siempre pero el reino de Dios sí. Quédate en La Brecha y entra conmigo en la adoración para el Rey de reyes y Señor de señores.
    Played 15 min.

    17 GIU 2024 · High Church remembering that God knows how to bring not only the revelation but the resurrection of Jesus Christ within our lives. As We Lay Down Our Lives to daily pick up with what he has for us to do. God sees us and all of our potential and Who We Are. Trust God and Trust the moves what he has done for us in US and through us. God loves us and he is always there thank you Holy Spirit.
    Played 15 min.

    17 GIU 2024 · Wonderful to see the hand of God move mightily over our lives. And the trust of his mighty deliverances of his mighty power working through our lives God's holy protection that he is forever with us and for us working against our enemies. There's Divine protection and divine Deliverance in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    Played 15 min.
  • Connected

    14 GIU 2024 · That's right Church the Lord knows how to pull us in and pull us out when he wants to as well as pull us out to pull us back in. These are the signs and the wonders of God that only he can do within our lives and I am excited that he is moving abundantly. Thank you for your love your prayers and your support towards his ministry I invite you to Tina Viesca Designs which is Crossing Borders store as well. Thank you once again
    Played 13 min. 37 sec.
  • Riding the wavelength

    13 GIU 2024 · Hi Church blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ. The wavelength because sometimes we're on a up and sometimes we're on a Down but we always have to know that around the corner that you're going back up again. Don't be moved don't be shaken but stand in your faith and know that he is God don't allow your present circumstances present or identify and who you are. You belong to him praise God and let's thank him on this wavelength
    Played 15 min.
  • The discernment

    13 GIU 2024 · Using discernment which God has given will help the development of our faith and of our walk in Christ. It opens us with an alertness of the truth of God's word within our lives as well as those things around us. Stay alive be an awareness don't fall into a pit or a pit of Lies for we know that our enemy is the father of them. Use discernment today God bless safe travels
    Played 15 min.

    13 GIU 2024 · Hearing the word and giving the word of God globally. Sharing God's word and keeping and the way of Truth and using discernment on all spiritual matters of the word of God. God speaks to truth and the truth is liberating. Stay watchful
    Played 15 min.
  • Following hard after God English and Spanish

    12 GIU 2024 · Hola hermanos Dios es tan bueno y hermosa y maravilloso que nos enseña día y día que él está por nosotros para levantarnos cuidarnos para seguir adelante. Dios no dijo que los pasos iba a ser fácil pero con la ayuda del señor él es Nuestra fuerza hi Church God is our strength any leads us daily go with me in this prophetic Journey as we praise and worship after God's heart. God bless
    Played 15 min.
  • We are in the Season of UPGRADE

    7 GIU 2024 · God is always showing himself to be strong within our lives. We must continually to be brave and keep on going trusting in the Lord and knowing that he has wonderful plans for our lives. That is blessing the name of the Lord here today in Jesus name
    Played 15 min.
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