• Ray-Bans Post IG Stories, Pinterest Report on Gen Z, TikTok Layoffs, & More...

    23 MAG 2024 · Today, we've got some hot topics to dive into. First, we'll discuss how Meta's Ray-Ban glasses are getting an update that allows them to post directly to Instagram stories. Next, we're looking into a fresh report from Pinterest revealing what's catching the eye of Gen Z users. Then, we've got some news on TikTok potentially shaking things up with their global user operations team. Plus, Twitch is changing the game with a new strategy for managing violent and sexual content, giving the power of choice back to the users. And finally, X is tightening up its rules, now requiring those who share ad revenue to confirm their ID. Stay tuned as we unpack all of these stories and more on today's episode of Creator Daily. === Looking to share those perfect moments without fumbling for your phone? Well, Meta's got a new trick up its sleeve. The company's partnership with Ray-Ban has birthed smart glasses that can now post Instagram stories all by themselves. That's right, with a simple voice command, you can tell your glasses to share your latest snapshot directly onto Instagram. Just say, "Hey Meta, share my last photo on Instagram," and consider it done.  But that's not all, Meta is integrating a few more goodies into these stylish frames. Think of meditating while on a walk, courtesy of a collaboration with the meditation app Calm. Users can now also enjoy guided meditation sessions through the glasses, with a free three-month subscription offer on the table for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses owners.  And for music lovers, there's something too. Streaming Amazon Music is as easy as saying, "Hey Meta, play Amazon Music," and your glasses will cue up a recommended playlist just for you. If you need to adjust the volume or pause the tune, touch and voice controls are there to bypass the need for your phone. These updates come following previous support for both Spotify and Apple Music. But remember, these nifty features will be rolled out incrementally, so keep an eye out for updates. And in case you missed it, last month Meta enhanced the smart glasses with AI capabilities that can, among other things, interpret signs in various languages and even suggest Instagram captions. It seems like the future of seamless social sharing and more might just rest on the bridge of your nose. === Pinterest is spotlighting a significant trend within its platform: it's fast becoming a go-to destination for Gen Z users, who are now its fastest-growing demographic, comprising over forty percent of global monthly users. These young Pinners aren't just casual browsers either; they're highly engaged, frequently searching and saving at a higher rate compared to other generations. Given their notable presence on the platform, Pinterest is advising marketers to pay attention to six key strategies to effectively reach Gen Z. These include optimizing content descriptions to appear in searches, building traction for transactions as users are more likely to buy products they've saved, making pins easily shoppable to take advantage of the fact that a majority of weekly Gen Z Pinners are always open to shopping, and staying ahead of the fast-changing trends that this demographic is keenly attuned to. In addition, marketers should connect with cultural moments that resonate with Gen Z and not forget that a significant portion of shoppers on Pinterest also includes those buying for Gen Z, such as many American moms. Understanding and strategizing around these insights could prove to be a game changer for brands looking to refine their marketing on Pinterest. The full report titled "It's a Gen Z World" is available for those interested in delving deeper and making the most of their marketing campaigns targeted at the young cohort on Pinterest. === TikTok is bracing for a significant shake-up, with reports indicating a new wave of layoffs targeting its operations, content, and marketing teams. Word on the street, or rather from The Information, is that these cuts could hit a hefty portion of the teams' workforce, which currently stands in the thousands. The restructuring is so extensive that the global user operations team could be disbanded altogether, with any remaining staff being reassigned to areas like trust & safety and product teams. Leading the narrative behind these operational changes are TikTok's Head of Operations Adam Presser and Head of Brand and Communications Zenia Mucha. Presser, who stepped into the role last year, has been vocal about his ambitions to unleash TikTok's 'full potential' through a sweeping reorganization. This move isn't entirely unexpected as back in February, hints were dropped about a plan to merge operations with the trust & safety division. Mucha, a seasoned professional with a Disney background, has been with TikTok only a short time after Presser took the helm. She's had her hands full, especially with TikTok's significant lobbying efforts in Washington which, despite a $13.4 million price tag, failed to block new legislation. This law puts TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, in a tough spot, forcing them to either sell off TikTok or pull it from the U.S. market. It seems that this upcoming spate of job cuts, which will also impact some teams outside of the U.S., is a part of TikTok's strategy to gird for the legal battles ahead. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time TikTok has had to make tough decisions about its workforce. Last year, roles were cut from its music division, and earlier this year, a number of people from the sales and advertising departments were shown the door, mirroring the layoff trend that has swept across several tech companies. With all these shifts, it's clear TikTok is keen on reorganizing its internal structure to better align with Presser's vision and perhaps to fortify itself against the challenges it faces on the regulatory front. Keep your ears peeled for those official announcements to staff; they might be just around the digital corner. === Twitch is rolling out a solution to its ongoing conundrum regarding explicit content. They're introducing an update that lets users filter out streams they're not comfortable with, based on specific labels such as mature-rated games, profanity, gambling, sexual themes, violence, or drug use. Streamers are required to properly tag their content according to Twitch's Content Classification Guidelines. If they fail to label their streams accurately, they'll be warned. Now for the interesting part - users will be able to block content based on these tags to customize their viewing experience. What's more, if you're under eighteen, most of these filters will already be in place by default. Twitch's aim here is to give viewers greater control over the content they come across on the platform. This update is seen particularly as a move to tackle the challenges posed by sexual content. Twitch's "topless meta" became a popular but controversial trend last year, causing the platform to readjust its rules on sexual content several times. With the new filters, viewers can simply opt out of seeing such content, leaving the onus on streamers to tag their content properly or face the consequences.  So essentially, Twitch is empowering its users with a more personalized experience, allowing them to steer clear of content they find inappropriate while still providing a space for a variety of content to exist on the platform. === X is making a significant update to its creator ad revenue share program. From now on, any participant hoping to earn money through the program will need to prove their identity by submitting a government-issued ID. This process isn't just a matter of uploading an ID to the platform; users will need to take a selfie and put their ID through a verification process managed by Au10tix, a third-party service that began verifying X user profiles for Premium subscribers since September of the previous year.  While Premium subscribers have the choice to verify their ID to receive prioritized support, this new requirement isn't an option—it's mandatory if you want to get paid through X's ad revenue initiative.  The move comes amidst concerns about who's actually getting paid through the program. There have been instances of far-right influencers and misinformation spreaders earning significant sums, as well as sanctioned entities potentially profiting. Not to mention the system as it stands could be rewarding spammers and bots for engagement.  Understandably, some concerns are bubbling up among X's users. Privacy is a core issue for many people who use social media, and providing personal identification runs counter to the anonymity that users have enjoyed. Plus, there's an added layer of concern since Au10tix is based in Israel, which is causing some users to worry about how their personal data might be handled.  Nonetheless, this could be seen as a necessary step, particularly as X explores the prospect of becoming a full payments and banking platform. The platform is currently working on obtaining money transmitter licenses in the U.S., and as they move forward, ID verification is likely to become an even more significant component of their services. So, whether people like it or not, this change is seen as a sign of what's to come on X's roadmap to evolving its financial services. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and it's been a pleasure bringing you the latest scoop on what's trending in the creator universe. Remember, you've got a whole world of resources just a click away! Check the show notes for all the juicy links and detailed info we talked about today. Want to dive deeper into any topic? Or maybe you've got a hot tip on a new trend? Shoot us an email over at creatordaily@podcraftr.com. We love hearing from you and who knows?
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  • YouTube Investigates OpenAI, TikTok Music Promos, X AI Fact Checking, & More...

    22 MAG 2024 · Today, we'll be diving into YouTube's probe into OpenAI's use of creators' content and their confidence in their in-house AI. We'll discuss TikTok's move to amplify music promotions with Fan Spotlight and explore X's new initiative to implement a Grok Analysis button for AI-generated content fact-checking. Plus, we'll look at TikTok's recent program aimed at spotlighting creators who are driving positive impact. Finally, we'll delve into X's decision to make post likes invisible across the platform. Stay tuned for all of that and more on Creator Daily. === YouTube is taking a close look at claims that OpenAI may have scraped content from its platform without permission to train its text-to-video generator, Sora. Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, confirmed the investigation on The Verge's podcast 'The Decoder', following recent reports about OpenAI's alleged use of YouTube videos. The company's CEO, Neal Mohan, previously stated that any such use of creator content by OpenAI would directly violate YouTube's terms of service. The situation is heating up as OpenAI also faces controversy over allegedly using actress Scarlett Johansson's voice for ChatGPT, against her wishes. Meanwhile, Pichai addressed concerns about the role of AI in content creation and how Google and YouTube's approach differs from that of OpenAI's products. They are focusing on creating tools for artists rather than releasing general-purpose tools to the public, aiming to keep the creator community at the core. As the AI field evolves, Pichai suggested that platforms which better support content creators will ultimately prevail. The full interview with Sundar Pichai on The Decoder discusses these issues in greater depth, exploring how Google and YouTube plan to add value back to creators in the age of AI. === TikTok just rolled out a new feature called Fan Spotlight to supercharge music promotions on the platform. Riding the wave of the recent licensing deal with Universal Music Group, TikTok is going all in on leveraging popular artists like Billie Eilish to drum up more user engagement. With Fan Spotlight, musicians can now pin up to five fan videos they love to the top of their music tab. This not only gives fans the thrill of being recognized by their favorite artists but also serves as a clever promotional tool. As fans create and post tribute videos, the artists amplify these by showcasing them, stirring up more content and excitement on the app. It's an ingenious cycle of promotion and engagement that's likely to appeal to even more musicians, especially since TikTok has become essential in music discovery. This feature also marks a harmonious culmination to the challenging times when licensing issues between TikTok and UMG made it tough for users to include many artists' music in their videos. Thankfully, with those disputes in the rearview mirror, artists like Eilish and Taylor Swift, also under UMG, can fully harness TikTok's promotional power. So long as TikTok stays clear of any potential bans in markets like the U.S., this could mean big things for music promotion on the app. === Elon Musk is steering his attention towards AI and robotics, and in line with this, X is enhancing its Grok chatbot with a new "Grok Analysis" button. Positioned within the app's bottom function bar, this feature aims to provide AI-driven fact checks for any post on the platform. However, the technology isn't quite ready for prime time just yet. The button will take center stage in a new user interface layout, but there have been some hiccups. The Grok system has previously been tripped up by sarcasm and non-literal language on the platform, leading to incorrect trend highlights. For instance, Grok inaccurately reported an NBA player going on a vandalism spree and other false events like an unusual sun behavior and a missile attack on Tel Aviv, all due to misread X posts. To complicate the matter, Musk is planning to introduce a "fun mode" for Grok which aims to give humorous takes—this can further blur the lines between truth and sarcasm. It’s clear that Grok’s approach to AI fact checking has its challenges. Musk’s goals seem to include reflecting his own views, which often encompass random conspiracies and nerdy humor, so Grok’s outputs might sometimes lean more towards entertainment rather than reliability. In essence, for those looking for a combination of humor and intel, the Grok Analysis button might just hit the spot. But for users keen on accuracy, it's hoped X can finetune Grok's system for more reliable fact checking. If so, it could be a useful tool for discerning the truth amongst an ever-growing sea of information. === TikTok is stepping up its support for creators who are driving societal change with its latest initiative, the TikTok Change Makers Program. This new effort is aimed at recognizing and promoting creators and non-profits that are using TikTok to make a positive impact in their communities. To kick things off, fifty participants have been chosen for the first round, where they'll partake in an education and support program lasting six months. During this time, they'll be given tools, resources, and even donations to non-profit organizations, to help them grow their communities, reach new audiences, and enhance their impact. Additionally, TikTok has unveiled the Change Makers Grant which pledges over $1 million to support more than 30 global and local non-profit organizations working on various causes. This move is part of TikTok's effort to support a wide range of creators, such as those from Black, Latin American, and ANHPI communities, educators, and environmental activists, among others. This latest program could have significant benefits for TikTok's image, particularly in the US, where the company is facing the prospect of being forced to sell to American owners. By showcasing the positive change generated through its platform, TikTok aims to strengthen its position in the ongoing legal disputes surrounding its operation in the US. Even though amplifying positive, educational content is something that's also emphasized on TikTok's Chinese counterpart, Douyin, the global impacts and initiatives like Change Makers underscore the platform's broader commitments to social good. === In a move that's stirring up some controversy, X is rolling out a new feature where your likes on posts will become private. This change, initially spotted by X News Daily, is meant to give users the freedom to like content without worrying who might see or judge their interests. X engineer Haofei Wang mentioned that hiding likes could prevent users from feeling discouraged when interacting with content they find interesting but may be considered "edgy" or controversial. This update isn't just about privacy; there's also an algorithmic angle. X hopes that by privately liking more posts, users will feed the platform's "For you" algorithm better signals, which could lead to more personalized and engaging content. However, this raises concerns. Critics argue that it might serve as a blanket of invisibility, encouraging users to engage more with controversial or harmful content. There’s also a worry that it might amplify such content more broadly on the platform due to algorithmic reach. Previously, X made the hiding of likes an exclusive feature for paying users, and with Elon Musk at the helm, who himself has faced criticism for liking contentious content, this broader roll-out doesn't come as a complete surprise. For further clarity on the update, here are a few points regarding the changes to the like feature on X: - Users can still see who liked their own posts. - The total number of likes is visible on all posts and replies. - However, you can't see who liked someone else's post. - The 'Liked' tab on user profiles will not be visible to others. The conversation surrounding these changes is complex, focusing on user privacy versus the potential for algorithmically amplifying controversial content. It also touches on the broader implications for the kind of content that becomes more prevalent on the platform due to these behind-the-scenes like patterns. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and I want to thank you all for tuning in and joining the conversation on the latest in the creator universe. 
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  • Mr. Beast Does Chicken, X Communities, Reddit Awards Revamp, & More...

    20 MAG 2024 · Today, we're talking about Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, shaking up the fast-food world with the "MrBeast Box" at Zaxby’s. We'll also dive into X's latest addition to Communities to boost user engagement. Then, we'll look at Reddit's return to its classic award system, admit their recent misstep. Next, TikTok is pushing the boundaries with tests on 60-minute video uploads. And finally, we'll explore why the Instagram Chief is highlighting post share rates as a key factor for increasing your reach. It's a packed episode, so let's jump right in! === YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has switched things up from his MrBeast Burger venture to a brand-new collaboration with fast food chain Zaxby's. They've introduced the 'MrBeast Box' at Zaxby's locations across the country, where they're known for their chicken dishes. The box is priced starting at $12.99 and comes fully loaded with chicken, fries, Texas toast, and an exciting new addition—MrBeast's very own Feastables' milk chocolate bar. This partnership also provides an exciting platform to showcase Feastables' newly reformulated chocolate bars, which Donaldson has playfully dubbed "the best-tasting chocolate ever made by mankind." Donaldson, who fondly recalls going to Zaxby’s growing up, is thrilled to include his chocolate in the MrBeast Box, pairing what he believes to be the best chicken and chocolate on the market. Beyond the box, this partnership will extend into video integrations and social media content. On the flip side, some might be curious why the Carolinian YouTuber has teamed up with Georgia-based Zaxby's when there's also North Carolina's own Bojangle's in the picture. Yet, MrBeast's foray into Zaxby's seems smooth and promising, unlike his previous fast-food endeavor, MrBeast Burger, which, despite its initial growth, faced quality control challenges and legal disputes over expansion strategies. Now, this new collaboration is set to take the fast-food and chocolate industries by storm, minus the controversy. === As group engagement keeps climbing on X, the social media platform continues to enhance its Communities feature to foster this growth. They're rolling out new analytics for community admins to better understand what sparks interest and grows their groups. Alongside this, they plan to introduce Community-specific Spaces chats, which aim to boost group interaction further.  Additional tools for moderators are on the horizon too, helping with management tasks, battling spam, and improving reporting functions. These forthcoming updates build upon the recent changes, such as community recommendations, streamlined in-group searching, and showcasing trending Communities. Despite the company’s challenges during Elon Musk's acquisition, including significant staff turnover, X has identified Communities as a significant area for expansion. The focus seems warranted as X reports a staggering 600% increase in the time users spend on Communities within the last year. This is even though the platform hasn't seen a rise in its user base during the same period. With more than 350,000 communities and about 650,000 posts created daily, these new features seem poised to solidify Communities as a central part of the X experience. === Reddit is making a U-turn, bringing back its classic award system after realizing its recent changes weren't up to snuff. They admitted that the golden upvote system they tried to implement simply didn't resonate with users, stating, "We tried something new, it wasn’t great (you called it)." Starting today on its website and mobile apps, Reddit is reintroducing its old awards, now with a slightly revised look. The core idea remains unchanged, but they're making user experience a bit smoother. You'll see an award button under posts that qualify, there's a neater user interface, and there's even an awards leaderboard to showcase the posts and comments raking in the most gold and awards. New safety measures are also in place to keep awards out of NSFW or sensitive subreddits, and users can now report award misuse. Reddit is rolling out new awards while refreshing some old favorites.  For those missing coins — the currency once needed to purchase awards — there's a bit of compensation. Reddit is gifting users, who lost their coin balances, with some exclusive awards to distribute for free, though the coin system won't be making a comeback. Instead, you'll need to buy gold, now priced starting at one dollar and seventy-nine cents for one hundred gold via the desktop version, to give to others.  Despite the return of the awards, some features like the option to 'gild' posts aren't coming back, leaving a certain vintage Reddit charm in the past. The Contributor Program, on the other hand, is picking up steam, now available in thirty-five countries and aimed at creators who want to monetize their content. The response to the awards' revival? Mixed. Users are airing out their confusion over the new-old system and mourning the loss of cherished features. Reddit's efforts at rectifying the situation have resulted in some clear wins, but also a few head scratches among the community. === TikTok is pushing the boundaries of video length on its platform by testing out a massive expansion, allowing some users to upload videos that run for up to an hour. This move represents a significant jump from the app's initial 15-second video limit, showing a gradual evolution to longer content with past updates that expanded the limit to 60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and then 10 minutes in 2022. As recently as last October, TikTok toyed with 15-minute uploads and then 30-minute clips in January of this year. The big question is whether TikTok users are interested in watching such lengthy videos. TikTok believes there's a creator demand for more time to create content like in-depth cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lessons, and comedic sketches. However, the appetite from users for extended videos isn't as clear, especially when considering that other social platforms like Meta are nudging creators towards shorter formats, like Reels that are under 90 seconds. Despite this, TikTok continues to explore ways to diversify its content, including incentives for longer, landscape videos. The approach might be rooted in the successful strategy used on Douyin, TikTok's Chinese counterpart, and could be seen as an effort to better compete with YouTube for content creators by offering more monetization options through longer videos that can support more ads. The direction TikTok takes could reshape how users engage with the app, but whether this will be a successful strategy remains to be seen as the platform experiments with the potential of 60-minute uploads. === Instagram's head honcho, Adam Mosseri, recently dropped a little knowledge bomb that could be a game-changer for those looking to boost their visibility on the platform. In a Q&A session, Mosseri revealed that it's no longer just about racking up likes or tallying up watch time. The secret sauce now? Share rates! Simply put, Instagram's algorithm is leaning heavily towards how often posts are sent to other users. That's right, it's all about the sends per reach ratio.  Why? Because Instagram is all about fostering connections and creativity, and what better way to measure that than by looking at how willing people are to share your content with their pals? Seems like the more your post is shared, the wider it'll spread. Now, this might seem like a bit of a pivot from the previous emphasis on watch time, especially with social media's current love affair with short-form videos. But whereas watch time used to reign supreme, it's now the likelihood of your post being shared that could help it go big. This shift reflects a broader change in how social media platforms are keeping users hooked, moving away from in-stream interactions to prioritizing video consumption duration. So what's the takeaway if you want to capitalize on this trend? It's all about focusing on entertainment and cultivating content that taps into emotions – mostly joy on Instagram, steering clear of the more contentious stuff. Think about what makes you want to share something with someone else, and let that inspire you to create content that others can't help but pass along. In short, Instagram is hinting that share-worthiness is the new key to unlocking reach, with share rates possibly topping the charts over watch time, comment rates, and like rates when it comes to what the algorithm favors. Keep all this in mind as you craft your next post, and you could see your content fly further than ever before. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and it's been a pleasure bringing you the latest and greatest from the creator landscape. Before you go, don't forget to swing by the show notes for all the juicy links and extra information on the stories we covered today. Got thoughts, questions, or a story idea? We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com, and who knows—your message might just make it into a future episode. Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep creatin
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  • Lawsuits for Everyone! Emmys for YouTubers, Carbon Neutral Snap Ads, & More???

    16 MAG 2024 · Today we'll touch upon TikTok creators taking legal action against the divest-or-ban law. We'll also discuss the YouTube CEO's stance on creators deserving Emmy recognition. Then, we're diving into Snap's innovative program for tracking the carbon footprint of digital advertising. Don't miss out as we explore Instagram's fresh interview series with leading creators. And finally, we'll unravel Reddit's latest enhancements to its popular 'Ask Me Anything' sessions. Let's get right into the mix. === Eight TikTok creators have taken a bold legal stand, filing a lawsuit challenging a law that could prohibit TikTok unless its Chinese parent company ByteDance divests from it. They argue the law threatens their livelihoods and their unique form of creative expression. Their case builds on First Amendment grounds and draws attention to the app's distinctive features, like its recommendation algorithm and specialized video editing capabilities, which they argue make TikTok a one-of-a-kind platform that fosters a unique culture and form of content. The creators are concerned that an ownership change could fundamentally change the platform, much like what some have experienced with Elon Musk's takeover of X. They have noted that their presence on alternative platforms like Facebook and Instagram doesn't come close to their reach on TikTok. The lawsuit emphasizes that TikTok content can convey a different meaning than if shared elsewhere due to these unique features. Filed in the federal Court of Appeals in DC, the lawsuit seeks to have the divest-or-ban law ruled unconstitutional and prevent its enforcement. The creators, including personalities like rancher Brian Firebaugh, book reviewer Talia Cadet, and college football coach Timothy Martin, are not just fighting for their own interests, but for the broader TikTok community that values the platform's distinct voice in the digital landscape. === Should YouTube creators be rubbing shoulders with traditional TV stars at awards shows like the Emmys? Well, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan seems to think so. He's made a pretty compelling case for it, arguing that YouTube—and its creators—have become a significant force in entertainment. According to Mohan, it's not just about vlogging from bedrooms anymore. Creators on YouTube are putting together writers' rooms, production teams, and business strategies to churn out content that's not just popular, but boundary-breaking. Take the variety program "Good Mythical Morning," which boasts over 18 million subscribers. Its creators, Rhett and Link, manage to integrate viewer feedback almost instantly, unlike traditional shows that might have to wait for a new season. So the point here is this: if YouTubers are professionally producing content and engaging massive audiences, why shouldn't they be recognized by prestigious TV awards? It's true, YouTube's algorithm does play a big role in what content gets seen, but then, so many YouTubers are getting views that rival television programs. That indicates a level of cultural impact that can't be ignored. Now, there's still debate around the subject. Some argue that YouTube content is less about the audience and more about gaming the algorithm. Yet others might see the creators' work as a fresh, responsive form of entertainment reflecting modern culture. Mohan's take is that YouTube creators are defining a new era of entertainment, and they deserve the same acclaim as other creative professionals. The gap between traditional TV and online content continues to narrow, with online media swiftly gaining ground. So the question remains: will we soon see YouTube giants standing alongside Emmy winners? Only time will tell, but the conversation about the value and recognition of online content creation is certainly heating up. === Snapchat is stepping up its game in the environmental department with a brand new initiative to help advertisers understand the carbon footprint of their digital ads. By partnering with sustainability platform Scope3, Snapchat is setting the stage to provide advertisers with detailed insights into their campaign's impact on the environment, like server load, device usage, and how they add up in terms of emissions. Scope3 is basically going to breakdown the carbon impacts of a business and shine a light on how different aspects of digital advertising contribute to the overall emissions. It looks like Snapchat is leading the way here, being the first messaging platform to directly feed data into Scope3's emissions model, which is expected to really sharpen the accuracy and understanding of social and messaging platforms' role in carbon emissions generated by advertising. Now, let's talk numbers. Advertising in the digital realm, on social media, and messaging apps punches in at around 3.36 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year in just five major markets, including the US and the UK. But don't frown yet, because it seems Snapchat ads are actually playing the eco-friendly card well. They're scoring points for being significantly more carbon efficient than other similar apps. To be exact, they're 39% more efficient than the average, and a whopping 60% more efficient compared to programmatic advertising. Snap is also highlighting that its AR-based ad formats, like Lenses and Skippable Video, leave a much lighter carbon footprint, which is promising for the future of AR in the greener metaverse landscape where we're heading. But here's the million-dollar question: Will this sway the advertisers' choices? Results for their bottom line might still be the main driver, but having this information could encourage more environmentally conscious marketing approaches in the long run. Snapchat is all set to make these emissions insights accessible via the Scope3 emissions dashboard for agencies and advertisers, potentially stirring the pot towards greener advertising practices. === Instagram is pumping up its game for creators with the rollout of their new interview series named "Creator POV". The series kicks off with comedy creator @ezee in conversation with Instagram's chief, Adam Mosseri. They're diving into everything from how the platform operates to the ins and outs of content strategies, touching on topics like the performance of videos versus photos, and of course, spreading a little positivity. This series isn't just about chit-chat though; it's a chance for creators to share their experiences and demands directly with the decision-makers at Instagram. They'll get into the nitty-gritty of monetization, community engagement, and the progress of artificial intelligence on the platform. If you're looking to bolster your Instagram presence, this could be a gold mine of insights.  And guess what? The interviews aren't a one-off. Instagram has plans to release more of these insightful conversations over the coming months. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to binge-watch some social media strategy – this could be just what you need to take your Instagram game to the next level. Check out the first video for some potentially game-changing tips and stay tuned for future episodes. === Reddit is rolling out new features to enhance its popular "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions. Users can now schedule AMAs up to 21 days in advance, making it easier to plan and promote these events. The update also includes a convenient "Remind Me" button that notifies users 24 hours before and just as an AMA starts, which should help boost participation. Another neat addition enables AMA hosts to add up to five guest collaborators to answer questions, perfect for group participants like a band, as long as there's not more than five. To wrap things up clearly, hosts can now add end notes signaling the AMA has concluded and even include links to their other social channels to keep the conversation going. Lastly, Reddit has introduced sorting options for AMA comments, allowing users to quickly see which questions have been answered and which haven't, streamlining the experience for those sifting through the session's content. These updates aim to not only improve the overall AMA process on Reddit but also to help users maximize their session's potential. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and I hope you've enjoyed diving into the latest news stories, strategies, and trends with me. Don't forget to peek at the show notes for all the links and more detailed information on what we've discussed today. And hey, your thoughts and feedback mean the world to us—so if you've got something to say, or you just want to join in on the creator conversation, drop us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com.
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  • Longer Reels Bad? X Community Notes, Peek is the New Poke, & More...

    14 MAG 2024 · In today's episode, we'll dive into Instagram's latest update, warning that longer Reels may not perform as well as you'd hope. Plus, 'X' celebrates a milestone with over half a million users contributing to Community Notes. And in the world of ad tech, Reddit is bringing a Google veteran on board to navigate their post-IPO journey. We'll also take a sneak peek at Instagram's new 'Peek' feature, aimed at boosting user interaction. Finally, stay tuned to hear about TikTok's experiments with a brand new feature that could change the game for collaborative posting. Let's get into it! === For all the Instagram creators out there, here's a tip straight from the platform's content team: Posting Reels longer than 90 seconds might not be your best move. This insight was shared by the Instagram crew at a recent creator event in New York, where CEO Adam Mosseri addressed various platform-related questions. According to Mosseri, and a slide presented at the event, Reels exceeding the 90-second mark could see a dip in distribution.  Sure, Instagram allows you to upload Reels that are longer, even experimenting with three and ten-minute long Reel uploads. However, based on this new advice, it seems these longer formats may not be performing as well as expected.  Apart from the length of Reels, Instagram also pointed out that other factors such as posting recycled content, using watermarks from other apps, and low-quality content can all negatively impact your reach. On the other hand, syncing your posting times with updates on other platforms could work to your advantage, presumably due to the benefits of cohesive branding and conversation generation. Creator monetization and the challenges of developing an equitable and sustainable program were also discussed by Mosseri. While subscriptions could be a solid revenue path, they seem to be fitting just for a small subset of creators. So, if you're looking to maximize your performance on Instagram, it might be time to cut those Reels down to size and focus on original, high-quality content. === The platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has hit a new benchmark with its Community Notes feature, exceeding half a million contributors worldwide. This crowd-sourced fact-checking tool, initially called Birdwatch, allows users to add fact-checks and corrections alongside posts. The impact is apparent; users are less likely to repost content that has a Community Note attached, and these notes enjoy higher levels of trust compared to standard misinformation flags. Despite the positive aspects, Community Notes isn't perfect. The slow process and the requirement for bipartisan agreement on notes mean many do not appear in time to curb the spread of misinformation, with only a small percentage ever making it into the app. X is working on refining the system, especially the speed at which notes are shown. However, the reduced moderation workforce from 2,294 employees down to 1,849 since Musk's ownership has sparked concern. The downsizing has led to reports of increased hate speech and other issues, which robust moderation teams might have mitigated. While the platform continues to face a 50% decrease in ad revenue, the expansion and improvement of the Community Notes system offer a glimpse of hope that it might eventually take up the slack left by the reduction in staff moderators. But whether it can effectively handle the task remains to be seen. === Reddit has recently welcomed a new member to their team, a veteran straight from Google, Jyoti Vaidee. Now holding the title of vice president of ads product, Vaidee's role comes as a key move post-Reddit's successful initial public offering. With a rich background in monetization strategy at Google, where she led the Display Ads unit, she's geared up to steer Reddit's ad product strategy, execution, and management, working closely with Roelof van Zwol. This move marks an important change for Reddit, as Vaidee takes over from Shariq Rizvi, who is departing after being a pivotal figure in developing Reddit's ad infrastructure, including the launch of new ad formats and acquisition of audience insights firm Spiketrap. As Reddit aims to boost its monetization efforts on a global scale, Vaidee's experience with Google's advertising products like Dynamic Product Ads, Google Shopping, and YouTube is expected to be invaluable. Her appointment reflects the platform's ambition to solidify its standing in the digital ad marketplace, which has shown signs of rebounding after a shaky couple of years. The significance of this hire is underscored by Reddit’s impressive performance in its first financial quarter as a public entity, boasting a substantial year-over-year increase in ad revenue. With daily visits from over 82 million users, Reddit is carving out its niche by fostering communities and authentic connections that translate into tangible business results. And with recent deals, like the content licensing agreement with Google that assists in fine-tuning AI models, Reddit is continuously integrating itself further into the digital ecosystem. Jyoti Vaidee steps into a pivotal time for Reddit, as it navigates the post-IPO landscape with the goal of maximizing the site's untapped potential and creating value for both users and advertisers alike. Her expertise and track record suggest that Reddit's push to innovate and expand within the digital ad sector has just gained a significant ally. === Instagram is working on a new feature called "Peek," which aims to encourage more authentic interactions on the platform. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that this feature allows users to send a quick, unedited snapshot to friends, which will only be visible once before disappearing. The idea behind "Peek" resonates with the BeReal app's concept, encouraging real-time, unfiltered glimpses into users' lives, as opposed to the often curated images on regular Instagram feeds. Although BeReal has struggled to maintain consistent user engagement, the integration of a similar feature within Instagram could be more successful, given the platform's larger user base and the current trend towards private sharing and direct interaction. "Peek" could serve as a new way for Instagram users to stay connected without the pressure of polished posts. The exact release date for "Peek" is unknown as Instagram has not shared further details about the project's launch. === TikTok is stirring things up in the social media world with a new "Collaboration" feature that is currently in testing. Much like the collaborative posts feature on Instagram, this feature will allow creators to tag up to five other creators in a collaboration post. App researcher Radu Oncescu shared a sneak peek of what's in the pipeline with a screenshot of the new option, and the folks at The SpAndroid did some digging into the code to flesh out more details. Here's the scoop: Once rolled out, creators will be able to send out invites to potential collaborators who will then have the power to accept or decline the invitation. If they change their mind later, they can also remove themselves as collaborators. A collaborator post will show up on the profiles of the creator as well as collaborators, but only the creator retains the power to edit the post. Also, creators will be capped at sending four collaboration invites per month. As for how this stacks up against Instagram, the latter allows up to six collaborators without any limits on how many collab posts you can create each month. While TikTok's new feature might not win points for originality, it holds a ton of potential for audience engagement and could be a game-changer for affiliate marketing campaigns by leveraging partner accounts to reach a broader user base. The release date isn't set in stone, but with the feature appearing to be in the final stages of testing, it shouldn't be long before users get to play with this new collaborative tool. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this front. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and I want to thank you for joining me in exploring the freshest news, strategies, and trends that are shaping the creator world. Remember, you can find all the juicy details, links, and extra info from today's show right in the show notes. Got questions or want to share your own insights? Don't hesitate to shoot us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com. We always love to hear from our fellow creators and might just feature your thoughts in an upcoming episode. Until next time, keep creating, stay inspired, and we'll catch you on the flip side. Peace out!
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  • Dorsey Off Social, Reddit Growth, IG Beating TikTok, Updates, & More...

    10 MAG 2024 · In today's episode, we'll discuss the ripple effects of Jack Dorsey's departure from Bluesky and what it signifies for social media's future. We'll touch on Reddit's impressive user growth and revenue surge in the first quarter. Find out why Instagram is now edging out TikTok when it comes to video-based user acquisition. Learn about the new feature from Threads that lets creators see how many people are viewing their posts. And we'll delve into the startling report indicating that publisher referrals from Facebook have halved. Stay tuned for all this and more on Creator Daily. === Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, now known as X, has confirmed his departure from Bluesky, a decentralized social media project. Dorsey, who still owns shares in Twitter, will no longer play an operative role in social media but remains committed to his other ventures. Notably, he will focus on Block, formerly Square, which includes a point-of-sale business and crypto-related bets, with a particular interest in Bitcoin's potential impact in Africa. Dorsey's management style has been criticized by former employees of Block and Twitter as detached, and some suggest that his leadership lacked strength and foresight. His departure symbolizes the end of an era; social media has evolved to take on more serious economic and social responsibilities requiring mature leadership—a contrast to Dorsey's unconventional style. Social media CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel have evolved, reflecting the industry's growth into a legitimate business sector. While Dorsey has supported Elon Musk's involvement with Twitter and seems to align with Musk's critical view of the company's past management, his exit from Bluesky points to the significant changes in what social media once represented. It also emphasizes a point where idealism must meet the demands of capitalism, a junction where Dorsey has lingered for quite some time. With his latest move, he chooses a path that leans away from direct involvement in the industry he once helped shape, taking a backseat to focus on other interests. === It's been a significant quarter for Reddit as the company has just delivered its first quarterly performance update since becoming a publicly listed company. The platform is experiencing a surge in user engagement, hitting an all-time high with 82.7 million daily active users, marking a 37% increase from the previous year. Revenue-wise, things are looking up with a substantial 48% year-over-year increase, translating to $243 million for the quarter. However, it's worth noting that while daily active users have hit a peak, this doesn't necessarily represent the highest user activity Reddit has ever seen. In the past, around 2019, the monthly active users were reported at 430 million, which could suggest that daily active numbers had potentially been much higher at some point. But since Reddit has shifted its reporting standards to focus on daily metrics, this is the highest they've reported within that context. Despite these gains, not everything in the report is rosy. The bottom line shows Reddit operating at a $575 million loss, mainly attributed to increased costs from stock-based compensation and related taxes following its IPO. As Reddit continues to evolve, attracting more users and refining its revenue streams remains vital. The platform's international growth efforts and developments in ad options are proving to be key strategies in this effort. Reddit may also be benefitting from a user migration from X, as the platform becomes increasingly important for brand insights and genuine product discussions. Looking ahead, it's clear Reddit is on an upward trajectory, even considering the short-term financial setbacks. As they work towards restructuring their business for better revenue potential, the focus will be on how they can continue to draw in users and establish themselves more firmly in the competitive social media landscape. === Hey there! In a recent survey, Instagram has come out on top over TikTok as the platform of choice for video-based user acquisition among marketers. A whopping 79% of survey participants said they'd allocate at least three-quarters of their budget to Instagram when divvying up their user acquisition spend. TikTok landed the remaining quarter, despite 53% of those surveyed using both platforms in 2023. This preference may be due in part to Instagram's advertising ecosystem, which may be seen as more mature and accommodating to marketers. The survey, conducted by Zoomd prior to the U.S. Congress pushing TikTok to drop its Chinese ownership or face a ban, also brought some other interesting insights to light. For instance, half of the mobile marketers have leveraged artificial intelligence to boost their user acquisition campaigns. What's more, influencers and creators continue to be essential, with 56% employing them in 2023 for user acquisition – and swings towards greater investment in such content creators this year. The survey did highlight some challenges as well, particularly the struggle mobile marketers face with new privacy-driven tracking changes on iOS and Android. Only a small proportion are primarily using first-party data, but budgets for retargeting and retention campaigns are on the rise. It also painted an optimistic picture for user acquisition budgets, with over half the respondents looking to crank up their spending this year. Lastly, when it comes to making money from their apps, in-app purchases remain the most popular method among 81% of respondents. Close behind, half of the marketers utilize in-app advertising, and 38% depend on payments for downloads or subscriptions. So it seems, when it comes to user acquisition, Instagram still has that captivating pull for marketers. === Social media platform Threads has introduced view counts on individual posts, a feature similar to what Elon Musk's X rolled out back in 2022. Now, users on Threads can see how many times their posts have been viewed, which appears at the top when you tap on a thread. Adam Mosseri, the chief of Instagram and Threads, believes this provides crucial context for users trying to gauge their reach, beyond just likes and comments. However, while these stats could reassure users that their content isn't being hidden or restricted, it also poses a risk. There's a chance that you could see thousands have viewed your post, but none engaged with it, which may not be the motivational push some are hoping for. It's possible this could even dissuade users from posting if they observe high viewership but low engagement. The new feature is part of an ongoing trend in social media to provide more detailed analytics to users, especially those looking to enhance their visibility and content strategy. Even so, the impact of view counts on user behavior and content creation remains to be seen, as social media platforms continue to experiment with ways to increase user engagement and content sharing. === A new report released by Chartbeat and Similarweb indicates a significant drop in Facebook's referral traffic to publisher websites. The data, covering 792 news and media sites, shows a 50% decline in Facebook referrals over the past year, an ongoing trend that points to Meta's strategic shift away from news content. Since 2018, traffic from Facebook to news sites has plummeted by 58%, from 1.3 billion to just 561 million in the last month. This trend has particularly affected smaller media players, who have seen a substantial decrease in traffic from Facebook. Meta has been actively reducing news content in its apps, ending its Facebook News project in December last year and announcing a reduced reach for political content. The company is focusing on AI-recommended videos in user feeds instead, moving away from prioritizing user engagement metrics like comments and likes, and leaning more on time spent as a measure. This change is part of a broader strategy shift following public feedback suggesting a desire for less political content, a sentiment further reinforced after Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional hearings post-Capitol riots. By steering clear of news and political content, Meta aims to present a more positive user experience and decrease its regulatory scrutiny. For news publishers, the decline in Facebook referrals could be challenging financially, yet the shift might be beneficial overall for the state of social media. Meta's pivot reflects a broader industry movement to reduce the spread of misinformation and avoid politically charged content. The company's approach, mirrored in its new app Threads, focuses on upbeat and entertainment-based content, which seems to be resonating with users. Despite the challenges for publishers, Meta's transition might lead to a more positive and engaging experience for social media users overall. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and it's been an absolute pleasure sharing the latest news, strategies, and trends from the creator landscape with you. Remember, if you want to dive deeper into any of the stories we talked about today, you can find all the juicy details waiting for you in the show notes. Links, resources, articles – it's all there to help you stay ahead of the curve. And hey, we're not just a voice in your headphones; we're a community. So if you've got thoughts, questions, or that lightbulb moment you're itching to share, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com. We'd love to hear what's on your mind. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on our next episode. Until then, keep creating, keep innovating, and keep being awesome. Catch you next time!
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  • TikTok Trends, Meta's New AI Tools, Reddit Growth, & More...

    9 MAG 2024 · Today, we're diving into the crystal ball with 'TikTok Trends 2024: The Most Important Trends To Watch'. We'll look at how Meta is easing marketers into generative AI with innovative tools. Plus, we'll discuss Reddit's latest user and revenue surge in Q1. Don't miss our coverage on TikTok's upcoming webinar on campaign and creative optimization. And finally, we'll talk about TikTok's move to add an 'AI-generated' label to watermarked third-party content. Stay tuned! === If you're curious about what's happening on TikTok, you're not alone. TikTok has become a hotbed for trends and memes, influencing content across various platforms. Lately, there have been a few key trends that are catching users' attention. Firstly, there's the "Sad Hamster" meme, pairing an adorable hamster with a violin soundtrack that's perfect for expressing those overwhelming moments in life. Then there's the "All That Work And What Did It Get Me?" trend, where users lip-sync to a "Glee" song to share their frustrations over efforts that didn't pan out. We've also seen the "Gonna Be Okay" trend, where users give a sitcom-style chuckle to situations that turned out better than expected. And let's not forget about silent reviews and beginner-friendly tutorials that are becoming increasingly popular as informational content on the app. A big shift in TikTok is its evolution into an ecommerce platform. Many users now turn to TikTok for product reviews, with a survey showing that 65% look to content creators for recommendations. Additionally, with the launch of TikTok Shop in the U.S., direct purchasing within the app has become a reality. Niche communities also thrive on TikTok, using hashtags to connect over shared interests. And trends like "deinfluencing" are gaining traction, advising users on avoiding unnecessary spending – an interesting counter to the ecommerce push. If you're looking for relatable content, "staying delulu" could be your go-to, where users embrace their ambitious aspirations. For a dash of creativity, thrift-flipping showcases personal style through upcycled fashion. And the “Of Course” trend is perfect for a laugh, with users playing on group stereotypes. Yet, amidst the frenzy of fast-paced content, there’s a call for simpler, immersive visual content that provides a break from overstimulation. Lastly, TikTok’s Creative Center might just be the tool you need for inspiration, offering data on trending hashtags, songs, and videos. TikTok is reshaping the landscape of trending content, with new formats emerging at lightning speed. As a brand or creator, staying authentic and reacting quickly to trends is key to staying relevant and captivating your audience on TikTok. === Meta has rolled out new generative AI tools aimed at advertisers, addressing the need for more control and adherence to brand guidelines in the creative process. These tools, which include image and text generators, are designed to expedite the production of creative content while ensuring that the final outputs align with a brand's specific preferences. The image generator, which is initiated with assets provided by advertisers, allows for the creation of image variations to fit different scenarios. For example, advertisers can request an existing image of a cup of coffee set against a background of sunny farmland to be altered to depict the cup surrounded by coffee beans and lush leaves. Meta plans to introduce text prompt capabilities for the image generator in the future but there's no confirmed timeline for this yet. In addition to image generation, Meta is enhancing its AI-powered text generation by extending it to ad headlines. The update comes with feedback from advertisers aiming for more varied suggestions that better reflect their brand values and key selling points. Meta's AI advancements are part of its broader strategy to simplify and automate the ad creation process, freeing up time for strategic work and driving better ad performance. By the end of the year, these new AI features are expected to be available globally. Taking into account the complexities and ethical questions surrounding generative AI, such as the potential for bizarre outcomes and copyright issues, Meta is also planning to label AI-generated images. However, rules specific to advertisers are still under development. Political and social issues advertisers will not initially be allowed to use these AI tools, and while embracing AI advancements, Meta has no intention to prioritize AI-generated ads over human-created ones. The aim is to focus on performance metrics and the strength of ad auctions. Meta's introduction of these tools reflects an interest in making advanced AI accessible to all businesses, large and small, democratizing the advertising process through storytelling and creative expression. === In a notable first since going public, Reddit has announced some pretty positive numbers in its quarterly performance update. The platform hit a new milestone, soaring to 82.7 million daily active users – that's a hefty 37% jump from last year. But here's a bit of context: this might be a record based on the period they've been tracking and reporting daily active user stats, not necessarily an all-time platform high. A few years back, Reddit had claimed around 430 million monthly actives, which would suggest their daily user counts were much higher at some point. The company's revenue is looking up too, with a 48% year-over-year increase, clocking in at $243 million for the quarter. Advertisement revenue specifically rose by 39%. Despite these gains, Reddit's report isn't without its concerns. The costs spiraled, largely due to stock-based compensation and taxes linked to its IPO, resulting in a loss of $575 million. Yet, it's not all gloom. Reddit stressed on its record traffic in Q1 and boasted growth in both U.S. and international markets, where they've been making the platform more accessible with translation tools. Reddit is also doubling down on its appeal to advertisers, adding more ad options and leveraging its communities for genuine product insights – this could spell good news in driving brand value. But whether Reddit can keep this momentum going and become a more significant player in the social media landscape remains to be seen. For instance, it may benefit from users shifting from X. However, the key for Reddit now is to continue growing its user base and refining its business strategy. Despite the one-time cost increase, it appears Reddit is moving in the right direction. If you're looking to dive into the details, Reddit's Q1 2024 shareholder overview is readily available for a thorough read. === Are you ready to level up your TikTok marketing game? Well, TikTok has just the thing for you—a free marketing webinar diving into the nitty-gritty of content creation, production techniques, and campaign optimization. The session, aimed at small to medium-sized brands, promises actionable advice whether you're fresh on the TikTok scene or a seasoned pro at creator-led content. Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 16th, because that's when TikTok’s Creative Made Simple webinar is happening, offering insights from a team of TikTok experts. However, there's a little cloud of uncertainty hanging over as there's talk of a potential U.S. ban with the looming sell-off bill. Brands might be wary about investing heavily in their TikTok presence due to this uncertainty. But my take is, there's a chance that TikTok might stay put, either by challenging the bill or through some form of sell-off resolution, so don't write off TikTok from your marketing mix just yet. If your strategy allows for embracing TikTok's platform, this webinar could be your golden ticket. Ready to jump in? You can register for the webinar and bag a spot for learning some valuable TikTok tricks. === TikTok is raising the bar for transparency around AI-generated content by adding a special label to such posts. When images or videos created by artificial intelligence tools are uploaded to TikTok, they'll now sport an "AI-generated" tag. This makes TikTok the first social media platform to embrace the new Content Credentials metadata tags. Partnering with Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, TikTok's move is aimed at giving users more insight into the origin of the content they're viewing. The platform is gradually rolling out this feature, starting with automatically tagging uploads that come with Content Credentials. They're also working on ensuring that content made with TikTok's AI effects will keep these tags, even if they're downloaded and shared elsewhere. This step toward transparency is part of a broader effort to provide clarity about the origins and makeup of content online. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and it's been a pleasure bringing you the top news stories, latest strategies, and all the emerging trends in the creator space. Don't forget to check the show notes for links to everything we discussed today, as well as other resources that can help you stay on top of your creative game. If you've got questions, comments, or just want to share your creator journey, we're all ears. Shoot us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com – we love hearing from you, and who knows, your story might even be featured on a future episode!  Remember to follow or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss out on valuable insights. And if you enjoyed today's episode, consider leaving us a review. It helps more creators like you find the show. Thanks for spending part of your day with us. Keep creating, stay inspired, and until next time, take care!
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  • YouTube's AI Idea Generator, Studio for Tubi Newbies, TikTok's Impact on Shopping, & More...

    7 MAG 2024 · Today we'll dive into YouTube's latest test of an AI Ideas Generator designed to amplify your clip creativity. We'll look at Tubi's innovative approach, launching a 'fan-fueled' studio aiming to empower up-and-coming filmmakers. Wondering about TikTok's influence on shopping habits? We'll explore new insights on its impact in product discovery. And lastly, we'll discuss YouTube's expanded testing of the AI-driven 'Jump Ahead' feature, changing how viewers interact with video content. Stick around for these exciting updates! === YouTube is stepping up its game for content creators with the live test of a new AI-driven tool that provides ideas for new videos. If you've ever been stumped about what your next YouTube clip should be about, this tool could be a game-changer. You see, by using data on viewer trends, the AI suggests not only topics but offers full content outlines to help creators come up with their next viral hit. While the tool aims to tap into what viewers are looking for, there's a bit of concern it could lead to repetitive content, based on what's already popular rather than innovative ideas. Despite that, the potential for creators to engage with their audience by following trends is an exciting aspect of this feature. As of now, YouTube has rolled out this new feature to a select number of English-language channels, with plans for wider access in the future. So, keep an eye out creators, because it sounds like YouTube's new tool might just be the creative spark you've been looking for to craft your next sensational video. === Tubi is shaking things up in the world of streaming with the introduction of Stubios, a brand new 'fan-fueled' studio. This initiative isn't just for kicks; it's a real game-changer aimed at cultivating fresh talent in the filmmaking scene. Tubi has teamed up with Issa Rae's Color Creative to kickstart an incubation platform that's going to offer a ladder up to budding filmmakers trying to make a name for themselves. The heart of Stubios is all about collaboration. Filmmakers step into the ring with their visionary ideas and pitch them to an audience who gets to chip in with their level of interest. If their ideas hit the mark and fan support pours in, Tubi steps up and provides those creatives with the resources to move their ideas from mere concepts to actual production. Issa Rae is throwing her support behind this initiative, drawing on her experience mentoring participants on HBO's "Project Greenlight." Meanwhile, Tubi's CEO Anjali Sud is touting Stubios as a way to create culturally resonant films that speak directly to a diverse and youthful audience. By flipping the script on the traditional studio system where execs call all the shots, Stubios hands some of the reins over to online fan engagement to determine a project's fate. With Stubios, creators pitch directly to fans via the platform, and if the crowd is wild about it, Tubi provides the greenbacks for preproduction. It's a bit like crowdfunding, with a twist – creators can use polls to engage their supporters on key creative decisions along the way. Should a creator strike gold with their first project meeting specific engagement and viewing targets, they're guaranteed an automatic go-ahead for their next venture. Beyond just getting their work out there, creators under Stubios earn a flat fee for their original intellectual property, rake in an executive producer credit and fee, and nab additional fees if they take on deeper roles in their projects, like acting or producing music. Already, Tubi has shortlisted three creatives for the inaugural run of Stubios, with rapper Lady London set to produce a docuseries about the launch of her debut album. But Tubi's catching on to something more – the behind-the-scenes action is just as much of a draw. Tubi's Nicole Parlapiano has highlighted how videos detailing the making of a film can sometimes pull in more eyeballs than the finished film or its trailer. Thus, Stubios is also cleverly providing a behind-the-scenes look at the creative journey. Despite the potential pitfalls of public feedback in an often volatile online world, Tubi is confident in its community management and the design of Stubios to navigate these waters. The focus is on young creatives who have yet to have their shot and are building their communities on social media. Prepare to see some Stubios projects hitting screens later this year as Tubi tests the waters of this fan-driven incubator model that's all about pushing the boundaries of storytelling while amplifying the voices of the next generation of filmmakers. === In the face of questions about its future, TikTok has released some compelling data highlighting the platform's influence on product discovery. A study by Material, in partnership with TikTok, demonstrates that a whopping 61% of the app's users find new brands and products while scrolling through their feeds — that's 1.5 times more product discovery happening on TikTok compared to other social media platforms. But TikTok isn't just where people find new products; it has also become a habitual search destination. The platform claims users don't just passively watch content; they actively seek out more related content, turning to TikTok as their go-to for not just entertainment but also for search needs. Moreover, when compared to other platforms, users find TikTok searches to be more entertaining, authentic, and concise. And if you're wondering about conversion rates, listen to this: 91% of users who were inspired by something they searched for on TikTok followed through with the related action. This information is particularly relevant as prospective American buyers eye TikTok, which is currently under pressure likely to sell off its operations due to its Chinese ownership. The value of TikTok’s intuitive algorithm is becoming more apparent as it plays a pivotal role in keeping users engaged — by curating content, including products that align with users’ preferences. Any potential buyer of the app is likely to insist that this algorithm be part of the package deal. So, what's the bottom line here? As TikTok’s younger audience matures, there's a clear opportunity for brands to align their strategies with where consumers are increasingly turning their attention. Companies keen to stay ahead of the curve will need to consider how they can leverage TikTok, not just for ads, but as a tool for product discovery and search. === YouTube is taking a bigger leap into AI with the expansion of its Jump Ahead feature. The AI-powered option is designed to let viewers skip right to the most engaging parts of a video. It uses machine learning to analyze which parts of a video are the most watched and then highlights these sections so viewers can jump straight to them. Originally tested with a small group of YouTube Premium subscribers, this feature is now rolling out to all Premium users in the United States. The way it works is quite user-friendly: if you're watching a video and start double-tapping to skip ahead, YouTube will present you with a 'Jump Ahead' button. This is meant to help you reach the parts of the video that have gathered more interest, without having to watch the entire thing from start to finish. While it's a relatively simple application of AI, it could be particularly useful for educational content or long-form videos, allowing users to efficiently access the most relevant sections. Content creators can also gain insights from it by observing which parts of their videos are being jumped to the most. As of now, YouTube hasn't specified if or when this feature will be available to all users beyond Premium subscribers, but it's clear that they are continuing to explore ways to enhance video viewing with the help of AI. === That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and I just want to say thank you for tuning in. We covered a lot today, and I hope you found it as enlightening as I did. Remember, you can check the show notes for links and more information on all the topics we discussed. And hey, if you have a minute, why not shoot us an email with your thoughts, or tell us what you'd like to hear about in future episodes? Just drop us a line at creatordaily@podcraftr.com. We really do love hearing from you – it's your insights and ideas that help make this community so special. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, leave a review if you enjoyed the show, and share it with your fellow creators who might benefit from our discussions. Until next time, keep creating, keep innovating, and remember – you're the heartbeat of this incredible creator landscape. Catch you on the next episode of Creator Daily. Take care! = = = =
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  • TikTok & UMG Make Up, Custom Apps for Creators, X and Threads Updates, & More...

    6 MAG 2024 · In today's episode, we'll dive into how TikTok and Universal Music Group have finally settled their differences with a fresh contract. Then, we'll explore how Kajabi is empowering creators by enabling them to create their own branded apps. Don't miss our coverage on Instagram's new interactive stickers designed to make Stories even more engaging. We’ll also discuss X's latest feature for premium subscribers - AI-generated news summaries to keep you informed at a glance. Lastly, we'll look into how Threads is boosting user control with the new option to manage who can quote their posts. Stick around for all this and more on Creator Daily. Universal Music Group and TikTok have just turned a new page in their relationship. After a bit of a tiff, which saw UMG pulling its music from TikTok when their contract ran out in early February, the two have reached a new "multi-dimensional" agreement. Music from UMG's powerhouse lineup, including stars like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Olivia Rodrigo, is set to make a comeback to the app and its massive user base. What stands out in this deal is the emphasis on safeguarding artists in the age of generative AI. Both TikTok and UMG are putting their heads together to protect the rights of artists and songwriters while ensuring that AI's evolution in the music industry doesn't trample human artistry. That means keeping AI-generated music that's unauthorized off the app and even rolling out improved attribution for artists and songwriters. In the words of TikTok's Global Head of Music Business Development, Ole Obermann, the collaboration aims to responsibly develop AI tools. This partnership is not just about protecting creativity, it's also about embracing it, with new ways to monetize content tied to TikTok's e-commerce scene. The platform is also committed to enhancing the artist toolkit with better analytics and seamless ticket integration. The teams are working hard and fast to make sure your favorite artists are back on TikTok. Given that the app has more than a billion users, this spells not just a truce, but potentially a whole new frontier for artist and fan engagement on TikTok. Kajabi, known for enabling content creators to sell online courses, is stepping up its game by launching a new no-code solution that allows users to create their own branded mobile apps. This new offering puts the power in the hands of creators, letting them customize their app's appearance and content, from the icon to the layout, and even the push notifications. It’s an extension of their current mobile app capabilities, but with this update, creators get to craft a more personalized user experience. With feedback that suggested a strong desire for branded apps among its user base, Kajabi took note—62% of creators felt a branded app was key to their business, and more than half were ready to spend up to $100 a month for one. After beta testing with over 800 users, it's now available to all Kajabi customers. What makes Kajabi's app service particularly enticing is its affordability and efficiency. Traditional app development can be a long, costly journey—often taking six months and running upwards of $60,000. Kajabi condenses this into a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost, sparing creators the risk of heavy investments that might not pay off, as was testified by nutritionist Raquel Britzke, who had a less-than-satisfactory experience developing her own app before switching to Kajabi. However, it's not all smooth sailing—building a branded app with Kajabi is still a commitment, available only to creators on the platform at an extra cost of $89 to $199 per month, depending on the plan. These costs come on top of Kajabi's existing subscription fees.—and there’s the additional cut that Apple and Google take from in-app purchases. As Kajabi competes in the no-code space with the likes of Wix and Thinkific, the platform plans to evolve by adding community and coaching products, along with other features like offline viewing and interactive quizzes. And for those nervous about coding, no worries—Kajabi doesn’t require any. It's all part of their mission to help creators turn their knowledge into commerce, all through a branded experience that looks and feels uniquely their own. Instagram's rolling out some new features for Stories, including a couple of pretty interactive stickers to mix things up. First up, there's this 'Reveal' sticker. Put that on your story and it blurs everything out. If your friends want to see what's behind the blur, they'll have to send you a direct message. This move plays right into Instagram boss Adam Mosseri's vision. He's been saying for a while now that private messages and Stories are where Instagram's seeing the most action. And it looks like this feature is expected to be a hit with creators to get more engagement on their posts. Then there's the 'Frames' sticker. It gives your images that good old Polaroid feel — starts off in a gray scale, shake your phone, and the photo pops up. Funny thing is, shaking's not really recommended for actual Polaroids, but hey, this is the digital world. They first showed off this feature at Coachella. They've also got a new thing called 'Add Yours Music'. It's a music-based template allowing you to attach songs to your stories with prompts like 'your favorite track from this album' or 'one song you'd listen to for the rest of your life'. Instagram’s really pushing for more original content lately. Just earlier this week, they announced they'd be downplaying reposted or aggregated content over fresh, original posts in their recommendations. And for creators, there's a bit of unease because, despite wanting original content, Instagram is putting more weight on recommended content from accounts even if you don't follow them. So, with these additions, Instagram's clearly aiming to keep its platform fresh and engaging for both everyday users and creators alike. The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has rolled out a new feature for its premium subscribers: AI-generated news summaries. These summaries are crafted by X's Grok AI engine, which scans posts on the platform to create real-time overviews of the current trending conversations. This means that subscribers can get a succinct digest of what people are talking about without needing to sift through a stream of posts or click through to a website for a deeper read.  While this could be convenient, there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of. For starters, the summaries rely solely on X posts, raising concerns about the accuracy of the information and the AI's capability to interpret nuances like sarcasm. There have already been instances where Grok AI has misinterpreted posts, leading to incorrect or misleading summaries. Furthermore, by keeping users engaged directly within X's ecosystem with in-stream articles and long-form posts, and altering the appearance of link previews to make them less prominent, there's a risk that news publishers could see a decline in traffic driven from X. Considering that news publishers are a significant source of the content on X, if they decide to pull away from the platform, it could impact the variety and vibrancy of the discussions on X.  This is especially concerning given that a majority of X users are passive consumers of content, with only 20% of the user base actively creating posts. The concern is if news outlets reduce their presence on X, these passive users might start looking elsewhere for content.  Elon Musk, the owner of X, is championing AI as a way to improve user experience on the platform. Still, the success of AI-generated story summaries remains to be seen as they now become available to all premium subscribers of X. Hey, have you heard about the latest update from Threads? They've just rolled out a new feature that lets you control who can quote your posts. Now, when you tap on the options menu of any Threads post, you'll see a "Who can reply and quote" option. You can pick from three options - "Anyone", "Profiles you follow", or "Mentioned only". This is a bit more advanced than what X offers. On X, users can limit who can reply to their posts, but there isn't a way to control who can quote them. Threads' chief, Adam Mosseri, announced this update hoping that it would contribute to a more positive space and give users more control over their experience. The feature rolls out after some users already had a sneak peek during the early access phase. But now, it's available for all. Besides this, Threads has introduced other tools to help you manage your in-app interactions. You can hide replies, mute specific words, phrases, numbers, and emojis, and mute notifications from interactions on your posts. All these updates align with a broader push to make Threads a go-to app for positive interactions, especially as social conversations increasingly move into private spaces to avoid negative public interactions. So, if you're someone who values control over your social media presence, this update from Threads might be right up your alley. It's all about making the digital space a little friendlier and giving you the reins when it comes to engagement. Keep your eyes open for these new options on your Threads app! That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and it's been a total blast bringing you the latest and greatest from the ever-evolving world of content creation. Remember, if you're itching to dive deeper into any of the stories we chatted about today, you can find all those juicy links and resources right in the show notes.  Got thoughts, quest
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  • IG Boosts Original Content, X Moderation Woes, TikTok Shops Report, & More...

    3 MAG 2024 · Welcome to another episode of Creator Daily - I'm your host Michael, covering the top news stories, latest strategies, and emerging trends in the overall creator landscape. Today, we'll dive into Instagram's latest update where the original content shines over copied material. We'll also discuss the staffing challenges X is facing with its moderation team compared to its peers. Plus, we're breaking down TikTok's new report on the expansion of TikTok Shops, and we'll explore how TikTok is cleverly bypassing those hefty App Store commissions. Stick around for all this and more, right here on Creator Daily! Instagram is rolling out a new algorithm tweak that will shake up the way content is recommended to users. The platform is cracking down on aggregator accounts—these are the accounts that repost content from other creators without creating or enhancing it significantly. The change means that if an aggregator account reposts content more than ten times in a thirty-day period without materially adding to it, they'll be removed from Instagram's recommendations. But here's the interesting bit: Instagram will be replacing these reposts with the original creator's post in recommendation spaces, giving credit to where it's due. However, this only happens if the original content is fairly new and the system is sure both posts are identical. Also, creators will even get notified when their post replaces a repost in recommendations. To support smaller creators, Instagram is changing up the recommendation system. It'll test content with a small audience first and if it performs well, it'll show it to more users, regardless of how big the original creator's following is. This gives every creator an equal shot at going viral, similar to TikTok's appeal. These updates are part of Instagram's broader shift towards prioritizing Reels and other recommended content, which has been a topic of discussion among creators who fear their content isn't reaching their followers. Instagram hopes these changes will level the playing field and give more attention to original content. The rollout is expected to happen over the next few months, so creators and users alike should keep their eyes peeled for these changes. Recent European Union transparency reports reveal that the social media platform X now has significantly fewer moderation staff compared to other social media networks. This is following a massive reduction in staff, where X cut about 80% of its employees in 2022. The reports provided by the E.U. under the Digital Services Act allow for comparisons in terms of the ratio between moderation staff and users for each major social app. X is at the bottom with one moderator for every 60,249 users. For context, LinkedIn has a ratio of 1 to 41,652, TikTok is at 1 to 22,586, and Meta, which includes both Instagram and Facebook, has a ratio of 1 to 17,600. However, these figures aren't entirely straightforward. For instance, Meta's number might effectively be doubled since the reported 15,000 content reviewers work across both Facebook and Instagram, each with 260 million E.U. users. Still, even with that adjustment, Meta's ratio would be more favorable than X's. Also, unlike other platforms, X's user count includes logged-out guests, but their ability to view content is less than logged-in users on other platforms, so this may not be a significant factor. Moreover, it's not entirely clear how many moderators are designated for E.U. concerns for each platform. Examining X's overall global user base, the moderation workforce to user ratio becomes one moderator for every 297,458 users, if all 1,849 moderators are taken into account. In comparison, even with all of Meta's reported 3 billion users, the ratio remains 1 to 200,000, without including the additional 25,000 people tasked with safety and security. This marked reduction in manual moderation at X has concerned various online safety experts, who often criticize the platform's "Community Notes" crowd-sourced fact-checking program as an inadequate safety measure. Moreover, despite X's intention to build a new moderation center in Texas, no significant updates have been made on the progress since the initial announcement. These data points highlight potential weaknesses in X's content moderation system, which may have implications for its capacity to detect and enforce rules against violative content, as also indicated by third-party reports of more rule-breaking content visible on the platform. X's latest E.U. report, along with those of other platforms, offer important insights into the current moderation landscape of social media. TikTok has released a report detailing the progress of its shopping marketplace and its safety measures. The report emphasizes TikTok Shop's aim to create a new shopping culture based on discovery and connection between sellers, creators, and the TikTok community. Starting in Southeast Asia and expanding to the UK and recently the US in 2023, TikTok Shop has grown to over 15 million sellers globally. A focus on safety and authenticity, TikTok requires sellers to provide documentation for identity, business type, and eligibility verification. Newly approved sellers undergo a probation period to learn platform rules. TikTok has also been stringent with policy enforcement, preventing the listing of 37 million products that breached policies, removing 133,000 individual products post-listing, deactivating accounts of over a million sellers, and stripping eCommerce features from half a million creators due to violations. Despite these efforts, TikTok's shopping expansion faces hesitancy from brands, primarily due to uncertainty surrounding the U.S. TikTok sell-off bill. The bill, which could potentially result in TikTok being sold to a U.S. company or being banned from the American market, has caused brands to reconsider their reliance on the app, taking into account the implications of U.S. restrictions and possible similar actions in other regions. While TikTok shows growth in its Asian markets, confidence in its commerce tools might be challenged by the unfolding political and regulatory landscape. However, for those interested, TikTok’s full report is available for further insight into its shopping platform's growth and future potential. TikTok is making some intriguing moves that skirt around App Store guidelines in a way that may remind you of the Epic Games versus Apple saga. Here’s the scoop: It appears that select TikTok users are being nudged within the app to purchase TikTok coins, but not just anywhere—they're being sent to TikTok's own website. This maneuver allows users to sidestep the hefty 30 percent commission Apple would normally take from such in-app purchases. David Tesler, the co-founder of the Sendit app, has highlighted instances where iOS users were encouraged to "recharge" their TikTok coins directly on TikTok.com. This comes with a price incentive, as users are informed they could save around 25 percent by avoiding in-app service fees. This isn't a subtle hint; it's pretty straightforward, but it seems to be targeted at users who spend more on the app as the screenshots came from an account that had bought a significant amount of TikTok coins in the past. This practice raises eyebrows because TikTok does list coins for sale in the App Store amongst other places, and offers in-app purchases—a scenario that does not align with Apple's ground rules for using such External Link Entitlements. Remember, back in 2022, Apple allowed select 'reader' apps to use such links for account management, but not apps that have in-app purchases like TikTok. Where does this leave TikTok in relation to Apple's policies? Well, TikTok hasn't made any official comment about this feature on its support page, and neither has Apple issued any statement in response as yet. Given Apple's history of prompt action when it comes to such breaches, this is somewhat surprising. The consequences for TikTok, with its massive user base, of being removed from the App Store could be significant for both parties, hinting at why no action has been taken. It's a bit of a high-stakes dance around the rules, showing that the tension between app developers and the financial models enforced by platform holders like Apple is still very much an ongoing issue. That's a wrap on today's episode of Creator Daily. I'm your host, Michael, and I hope you've enjoyed our dive into the latest strategies and trends shaking up the creator landscape. Don't forget to peek at the show notes for all the juicy links and detailed info we chatted about today. Got thoughts, questions, or a story you're itching to share? Shoot us an email at creatordaily@podcraftr.com. We love hearing from you and who knows? Your insights might just spark our next big discussion.  Until next time, keep creating, keep innovating, and stay connected. Remember, this community thrives on sharing and support, so spread the word about Creator Daily to fellow creators. Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already, drop us a review if you're feeling generous, and hey, give us a follow on our socials for all the behind-the-scenes fun.  Thanks for tuning in, and we'll catch you on the next episode. Keep crafting your dreams into reality!
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Creator Daily is the essential daily podcast for everyone navigating the dynamic world of content creation and social media. Each day, we dive deep into the top news, cutting-edge strategies,...

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Creator Daily is the essential daily podcast for everyone navigating the dynamic world of content creation and social media. Each day, we dive deep into the top news, cutting-edge strategies, and emerging trends shaping the creator landscape. Whether you're a seasoned influencer, an aspiring content creator, or a social media enthusiast, our episodes offer valuable insights and actionable tips to keep you ahead of the curve.

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