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    CTB wishing all of you a happy holidays!

    30 DIC 2022 路 Now that we are getting closer to the ending of 2022 we want to wish you a happy holidays and a happy new year. From CTB!
    2 min. 43 sec.
  • Esplicito

    This is The End 馃憖

    9 DIC 2022 路 This is how everything is going to end. in this episode we explained how this is going to end and how everything is playing out to finish things up. Its going to be crazy how things are gonna go down. listen and at the 40 minute mark and on because is when we going in depth but you need to listen to the whole episode to get it. Thank you all for listening to the Crazy boys TalkShow we love you and thank you for the suppor.
    56 min. 15 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Lets talk AIRSOFT With Supernova!

    28 OTT 2022 路 Lets go!!! Wheres my AirSoft players out there? we have super exciting episode with our friend Supernova.airsoft were she explain the game and invite all the females out there to join this wonderful community.
    54 min. 37 sec.
  • Esplicito

    How many lives you think you have lived?

    14 OTT 2022 路 Cray Talk Boys family we have a special guest with us today with a very interesting topic please hit play, enjoy and let us know what you think.
    1 h 6 min. 19 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Creating the word"Religification" And Exploring Its Effects.

    30 SET 2022 路 Season 2 out now... on this season premier we start by talking about an island, indigenous people, Outsider and The-Nice creating a word to describe what took place. Press, tap or click on that play Botton and enjoy The show. We release a new episode every two weeks, don't you worry subscribe to our podcast and you will see us popping up on your feed when a new episode drops.
    53 min. 50 sec.
  • Esplicito

    CTB Season 2 Teaser.

    26 SET 2022 路 The boys are back! This is just a trailer a little teaser of what we have prepare for you on our wonderful podcast. Last year was a year in which we learn a lot and we still continue to learn but this is the year where we apply what we learned. Lets do this and don't forget to tune in!
    3 min. 37 sec.
  • Esplicito

    CTB Present: Lou Arreaga...Will Music lose Its Soul?

    2 APR 2022 路 What's up Crazy Talk boys Family. We are back to bring you special episode with our firmed signer song writer and cohost of "The Rambling Alcoholic podcast" Lou Arreaga, And in this episode we talk about his new album "In Key Of J" out now and you can find it on your favorite music platform. We also talk about how the creating music has change over the year and even ask ourselves if music has lost its soul due to advances in technology since musician don't need to book studio time to create music since they can do it from home with the favorite software. Hit play and enjoy this great show. Link for our friend Lou Arreaga Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/003VYlYDNcU8WbgRrVdbaO?si=a7Kz92TsT5qdH8u0moABSA&utm_source=copy-link&nd=1&utm_medium=organic&_branch_referrer=H4sIAAAAAAAAA8WO2U6DQBSGn2Z6J1CwFk2I6QKp1rTWQivekMOwTRmYcRYNPr2DifERTM7Fn385%2BRqluLyzbcmZItVgAecWJX1r33PBCo1VwHjZT5B7XWlKMy1o0IwT5C2QG5kbY%2Bt3jVlnLBCKSGWE43inlKbrHU78c16%2FiFORwx55kSTIW8N8%2B3XrxjKevRcbXzsdWyyP5uuNVl0mmRa4NC3M%2BHA1Ev0wAKU54PY%2FOUzQF8aYTtA8xA30fUmDP8qqBKVFGTBRQ0%2FwJCMBXCiIy%2Bb5oTvPjk%2BrNg67FUXucmfQ9uRtWtAa8LAnB9yeh8h%2FjJrw4zWRh7GzTXP4rBIXwm8uKcEAqgEAAA%3D%3D&product=open&%24full_url=https%3A%2F%2Fopen.spotify.com%2Fartist%2F003VYlYDNcU8WbgRrVdbaO%3Fsi%3Da7Kz92TsT5qdH8u0moABSA%26utm_source%3Dcopy-link&~channel=copy-link&feature=organic&_i=ajlarjHPImW5SLCkTEmCl%2BN%2FOiZ1dlgacyOiQckWyF8JFhEvXUsQl%2BKYbawfU2aE&_branch_match_id=1038898512385208934
    1 h 5 min. 9 sec.
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    Crazy talk Boys Holloween special (Bonus EP)

    2 NOV 2021 路 Happy Halloween CTB family. Even thou we are taking a break our halloween special are now tradition and because we love our listeners the CTB presets our Halloween Special. D-Nice, Ivan, Saul And Rob Share some of theirs stories. Listen and enjoy this crazy and fun episode we have put together and don't forget to follow us on our IG and subscribe, like and share wherever you listen to podcast.
    1 h 3 min. 29 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Crazy talk Boys Season Finale. (stay till the end)

    11 SET 2021 路 We already have our first season!!!! Thank you all for the support and thank you for your loyalty we are very grateful of all of you. Crazy Talk Boys share one last topic on the finale of season 1 and please stay till the end because have something to say to all of you. Thank you once more!!!! please follow us on IG and don't forget to subscribe, rate and share it with friends and family.
    1 h 54 min. 47 sec.
  • Esplicito

    CTB's Take On Todays Music

    31 LUG 2021 路 Welcome back CTB Family. On this episode the boys talk about music. Do you believe we have more influencers than musicians and entertainer? We discus this and more. Hit play, rate, Share and follow Crazy talk boys on Instagram.
    1 h 35 sec.
Crazy Talk Boys, is an spanglish entertainment talk shows in which three grown man talk about eveythin.
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