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  • Episode 435: Baptizing America - How Mainline Protestants Helped Build Christian Nationalism

    12 MAG 2024 · and join the pod to discuss their new book, From the publisher: In the face of a rising threat to both church and democracy, Baptizing America provides an urgent examination and an enlightening critique exposing the dangerous undercurrents of Christian Nationalism. How can Mainline Protestants spot such practices in their own activities? A crucial call to reckon with influences before it's too late.   Christian Nationalism presents an existential threat to both Christ’s church and American democracy. Now is the time — before it is too late — to reckon with all the places its pernicious influence arises. On full display in recent elections, Christian Nationalism also exists in sanctuaries where an American flag has been displayed for decades, when we pledge allegiance to one nation “Under God,” or when the U.S. is called a Christian nation. Baptizing America critiques the concept of civil religion, arguing that such expressions are far more dangerous than we realize. Mainline Protestant congregations will likely recognize themselves in the overlooked expressions of Christian Nationalism that pop up in the activities of both church and state. Coauthor of, Word&Way Editor & President since 2016, Brian Kaylor is an award-winning writer and sought-after expert on issues of religion, politics, and communication. He also hosts the award-winning podcast “” Beau T. Underwood has served as Senior Pastor of Allisonville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis, Indiana since January of 2023. Besides pastoring congregations, he has led the advocacy efforts of faith-based organizations in Washington, DC, helped steer an award-winning journalistic ministry, staffed congressional campaigns, served as a community organizer, and worked as a hospital chaplain. Don't forget to head over to Click on “Support the Show.” For peanuts, you can help us out….we appreciate it more than you can imagine. Follow us on the three-majors of social media:
    1 h 1 min. 27 sec.
  • Episode 434: Church Problems - Live Theologizing w/ a Pint

    18 APR 2024 · Join the Homebrewed Christianity & Crackers and Grape Juice podcasts for a unique evening of candid theological discussions over a pint at Petty Thieves Brewing Co. ahead of the 2024 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. A dynamic trio of thought leaders will join us: Dr. Leah Robinson, Rev. Dr. Will Willimon, and Rev. Derrick Scott. This event is for anyone interested in theology and who wants to engage in open conversations in a relaxed setting. We will delve deep into the pressing issues confronting the modern church in America. From societal challenges to internal transformations, these voices offer unique perspectives, sparking conversations on faith, culture, and the evolving role of the church in our communities. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore theological topics in a casual and welcoming environment. The event will not be live-streamed, but rest assured that because this is a live podcast recording, the audio will be available shortly after the event. So, if you are heading to Charlotte for The United Methodist Church’s 2024 General Conference, I hope you’ll stop by Petty Thieves Brewing Co.
    21 min. 18 sec.
  • Episode 433: The Wood Between the Worlds with Brian Zahnd

    6 FEB 2024 · Teer caught up with the Godfather of the pod, to talk about his newest book The Wood Between the Worlds - A Poetic Theology of the Cross. Brian and Teer talk about why a theology of the cross is necessary to fully understand the Good News of the Gospel, along with what is lost when we become numb to the violence of Good Friday. The cross is the heart of Scripture Everything about the gospel message leads to the cross, and proceeds from the cross. In fact, within the narrative of Scripture, the crucifixion of Jesus is literally the crux of the story—the axis upon which the biblical story turns. But it would be a mistake to think we could sum up the significance of the crucifixion in a tidy sentence or two. That kind of thinking only insulates us from the magnificence of what God has done. In our ongoing quest to make meaning of the cross, we need to recognize that this conversation will never conclude—that there is always something more to be said. Brian Zahnd reminds us that the meaning of the cross is multifaceted and should touch every aspect of our lives. Just as gazing through the eyepiece of a kaleidoscope reveals a new geometric image with every turn, Zahnd helps us see that there are infinite ways to behold the cross of Christ as the beautiful form that saves the world. is an invitation to encounter the cross of Christ anew.
    1 h 1 min. 12 sec.
  • Episode 432: Chad Kim - The Way of Humility

    28 GEN 2024 · Here is a conversation Dr. Johanna Hartelius, and Jason shared with Dr. Chad Kim of St. Louis University on his wonderful book,
    56 min. 2 sec.
  • Episode 431: Seven Ways of Looking at the Transfiguration with Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

    12 GEN 2024 · The kickstarter for Sarah's new book is live! Sarah discusses the significance of the Transfiguration and its importance in the church calendar. She explores the distinction between the transfigured Jesus and the risen Jesus, highlighting the unique characteristics of each. Sarah also delves into the misunderstood offer to build booths and its connection to the Festival of Booths. She examines the representation of Moses and Elijah in the transfiguration and their role in the eschatological narrative. Sarah emphasizes the Jewish reticence to capture the glory of God and the modesty of biblical miracle stories. She concludes by emphasizing the importance of listening to Jesus. In this conversation, Sarah Henlicky Wilson discusses the transfiguration in the Gospel of John and its connections to Sukkot and other Jewish festivals. She highlights the allusions to Sukkot in John and the significance of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem for the final Passover. Sarah also explores the presence of Greeks in the Sukkot story and their connection to Jesus' hour of glorification. She emphasizes the similarities between the synoptic transfiguration and the transfiguration in John, suggesting that both narratives are mapping the same thing in their own distinctive ways. Sarah concludes by inviting listeners to support her Kickstarter campaign for her book on the transfiguration.
    54 min. 58 sec.
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Crackers and Grape Juice began in the spring of 2016 with a conversation between Jason Micheli and Teer Hardy. In the years since, two shows have been added to the...

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Crackers and Grape Juice began in the spring of 2016 with a conversation between Jason Micheli and Teer Hardy. In the years since, two shows have been added to the lineup, Strangely Warmed and (Her)Men*You*Tics, but the goal has remained the same: talking about faith without using stained-glass language.
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