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  • Episode 24 Madagascar for Kids

    13 AGO 2023 · Come join Elijah, Sawyer, Phoenix and their mom as they explore the GIANT island off the coast of Africa. There are so many crazy things about this country like very unique plants and animals, a culture that is more southeast asian than African and Robin Hood like PIRATES! ****quietly retreats to Libertatia****
    15 min. 52 sec.
  • Episode 22: Book Banning for Kids

    20 MAG 2023 · We live in Florida where rights are being stolen from us at an alarming rate. We wanted to take a look at book banning throughout history because unsurprisingly politicians and religious leaders throughout history have banned access to knowledge since knowledge was able to be written down. It is so sad and so hilarious at the same time. Please listen before you aren't allowed to listen anymore.
    18 min. 16 sec.
  • Episode 22 Iran for Kids

    10 MAR 2023 · Come explore Iran with us! We talk about the amazing history of Persia, delicious food, endangered animals, and insane current events. And we end the episode in an unusal (for us) way. I think it's the best we have done yet and I am really proud of the boys for tackling this topic.
    16 min. 28 sec.
  • Episode 21 Costa Rica for Kids

    6 FEB 2023 · Come join Elijah, Sawyer and their mom as they learn about the amazing Central American country of Costa Rica!
    10 min. 37 sec.
  • 19 min. 33 sec.
  • Episode 19 Iceland for Kids

    19 LUG 2022 · Come join Elijah, Sawyer and special guests and Viking descendants Jackson, Clay and Coleman as they explore their personal cultural traditions as well as the geography and history of this cold but lush island filled with glaciers, volcanoes, grassy meadows and seas rich with sea life.
    13 min. 10 sec.
  • 11 min. 10 sec.
  • Episode 17 The Philippines for Kids

    18 GIU 2022 · Come join Elijah, Sawyer and special guest Liam as they talk about this amazing island nation formed by volcanoes and tectonic action. We learn about ancient hominids and wayfaring as well as modern civilization and yummy food. This mega diverse country has a ton of unique species both on land and underwater. Of course we have to mention the impact of colonialism on the country and the country's positive impact on the world through its work renowned nursing programs. If you would like to support the show for just $1 a month please consider becoming a Patreon member at
    12 min. 20 sec.
  • Episode 16 Lebanon for Kids

    18 MAG 2022 · Come join Elijah and Sawyer on an adventure to the Middle East, to this culturally diverse and historically rich place where Western Civilization was born as the Silk Road was developed! A land of many foods, religions and cultures formed as Lebanon, the crossroads of the trade routes between Asia, Africa and Europe, became the first melting pot. Liked this episode? Support the show for just $1 a month and get early and ad free episodes and get to suggest countries by becoming a Patreon member at For transcripts and other info check out our website Email us at
    12 min. 26 sec.
  • Episode 15 Kiribati for Kids

    11 APR 2022 · Come join Elijah, Sawyer and special guest Madaline as they talk about the amazing island nation 99% of people have never heard of, Kiribati! It's a beautiful island chain of coral atolls with spectacular sea life and extremely delicate land life that is disappearing because of global warming caused by people around the world who don't even know they exist. They have a tragic colonial past that includes atomic testing on their islands because the life of the people there didn't matter to the British and American governments at the time. But their isolation has allowed them to maintain their beautiful traditions including amazing music and dances of chanting and body percussion. Want to support the show? For just $1 per month you can get early and ad free episodes! Kiribati Traditional Dance International Date Line Explained for Kids
    13 min. 52 sec.
In each episode we will be learning about the history, culture and geography of a new country or region from around the world!

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