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  • Ep. 203: The 2024 Draft Does Not Suck, Pt. 2: Power Wings with Brian Schroeder (@BrianJNBA)

    24 MAG 2024 · Premier draft analyst Brian Schroeder ( stops by to discuss the deep well of power wing prospects in the 2024 draft. The playoffs have reinforced the perpetual truth that role wings with power-based athleticism have a valuable role on advancing teams (PJ Washington, Aaron Gordon, Josh Hart, Jaden McDaniels, Kyle Anderson, Aaron Nesmith, etc). The 2024 draft has several darts who can aspire to similarly crucial roles. 2:15 Isaiah Crawford 23:45 Tyon Grant-Foster 43:35 Jamir Watkins 54:30 Keshad Johnson 1:13:00 Nique Clifford with some extra observations on others on the back half. Enjoy!
    1 h 27 min. 28 sec.
  • Ep. 202: The 2024 Draft Does Not Suck, Pt. 1: 14 "Role Stars" with Nate Grubel

    22 MAG 2024 · Nate Grubel (@DraftDeeper, 2024 Draft Consultant and Analyst) returns to kick off a mini-series exploring the optimism within the 2024 Draft. Here, we each select 7 players who we think could thrive in a valuable NBA role, and how several have a unique productivity or athleticism that may hint at something more. Great conversation and episode for those with draft curiosity. Enjoy! Stephon Castle 7:15 Devin Carter 40:30 Reed Sheppard 53:00 Hunter Sallis 1:04:00 Dalton Knecht 1:15:00 Johnny Furphy + Isaiah Collier 1:27:00 Jared McCain + Tyler Kolek 1:42:40 Alex Karaban + Nique Clifford + Tyon Grant-Foster 1:55:50 Tyler Smith + Jalen Bridges 2:10:05
    2 h 23 min. 6 sec.
  • Ep. 202: 2024 NBA Mock Draft (Post-Draft Lottery) with Prez from Draft Strickland (_prezidente)

    15 MAG 2024 · The Draft Lottery has come and gone, the Hawks have the number 1 pick, and the Great Prez from Draft Strickland stopped by to do a full lottery mock (no trades). This is what we would do, not predicting what the teams will do. So, we debut a lot of our deep scouting feelings in a very uncertain year. Enjoy! 8:40 Atlanta Hawks 24:15 Washington Wizards 45:00 Houston Rockets 56:15 San Antonio Spurs 1:08:35 Detroit Pistons 1:21:20 Charlotte Hornets 1:30:30 Portland Trailblazers 1:42:00 San Antonio Spurs 1:48:15 Memphis Grizzlies 1:51:05 Utah Jazz 1:54:00 Chicago Bulls 1:59:25 Oklahoma City Thunder 2:06:25 Sacramento Kings 2:13:10 Portland Trailblazers + Knicks talk to wrap
    2 h 25 min. 34 sec.
  • Ep. 201: NBA Playoff Lessons and the Shifting Role Player Landscape with Esfandiar Baraheni

    9 MAG 2024 · Esfandiar Baraheni (@Forbes, @RaptorsRepublic, @ProHoopsWriters, @CEBLeague) returns to discuss permanent lessons we've learned thus far in this year's playoffs. Plus, a discussion on how the rosters of the Wolves, Thunder, and Knicks inform us on what "role players" will be most desirable in the NBA moving forward, including some 2024 draft talk. Enjoy!
    57 min. 8 sec.
  • Ep. 200: Dream Big: Zach Edey As 2024's No. 1 w @DraftPow (plus Donovan Clingan + Jonathan Mogbo)

    5 APR 2024 · For Chucking Darts' special 200th episode, Swish Theory editor-in-chief Matt Powers states his case on Zach Edey as the best player in the 2024 draft. In-depth scouting, philosophy, and projection talk on Edey, Uconn's Donovan Clingan, and one of the draft's most underrated players, San Francisco's Jonathan Mogbo. 3:30 Zach Edey's as Draft Outlier 13:10 Building NBA Offense Around Edey 18:45 Edey's Offense vs NBA Bigs 24:35 Edey's NBA Defense 34:30 Edey vs 5-out Offenses 45:00 Edey's NBA Comps 49:45 Final Edey Pitches 1:01:35 Donovan Clingan 1:33:20 Jonathon Mogbo Enjoy!
    1 h 57 min. 34 sec.
  • Ep. 199: The Final Four Xs and Os + Scouting UConn Darts with Brian Geisinger

    4 APR 2024 · The country's finest ACC analyst, 247 contributor, and NC State Wolfpack alum Brian Geisinger returns to provide in depth scouting reports on NC State-Purdue and UConn-Alabama. Can State pull the upset? (I think they can.) How the aesthetic difference between DJ Burns and Zach Edey may give them a puncher's chance. Plus, some draft thoughts regarding Zach Edey, Donovan Clingan, Stephon Castle, and Alex Karaban. 0:00 Intro + NC State-Purdue 54:10 Uconn-Alabama 1:06:05 Stephon Castle Scouting 1:16:50 Alex Karaban Scouting 1:22:45 Tristen Newton Scouting + Wrap  Enjoy!
    1 h 36 min. 21 sec.
  • Ep. 198: Duke-Houston, UNC-Alabama, and the Sweet 16 ACC Party Crashers with Brian Geisinger (@bgeis_bird)

    28 MAR 2024 · Acclaimed and accomplished ACC expert Brian Geisinger returns to analyze, in more depth than you will find anywhere, the 4 Sweet 16 matchups featuring ACC teams - Duke-Houston, UNC-Alabama, Clemson-Arizona, and NC State Marquette. Plus, draft talk on the darts therein. Enjoy! 6:00 Duke-Houston 47:00 UNC-Alabama 1:09:00 NC State-Marquette 1:30:00 Clemson-Arizona
    1 h 50 min. 47 sec.
  • Bonus: NCAA Bracket Sprint + Cody Williams, KJ SImpson, TDS Scout Updates

    21 MAR 2024 · Merry Marchness! I do a quick sprint through my bracket after giving an update on the three NBA-relevant Colorado Buffs at the start of the ep (Cody Williams, KJ SImpson, Tristan Da Silva). Enjoy!
    45 min. 54 sec.
  • Ep. 197: All Most-Improved Teams with Esfandiar Baraheni (The NBA's 20+ MIPs)

    15 MAR 2024 · Esfandiar Baraheni returns to discuss his article in Forbes calling for the NBA to debut five man teams for the Most Improved Player award. Then, he runs down his MIP winner, honorable mentions, and three five man units for 2024. We dive into the philosophy and importance of improvement, how the draft can predict it, which improvements matter the most, and what they say about where the league is going. Enjoy! 0:00 Intro + MIP Race and Maxey 14:40 First Team with Coby, Jalen Johnson, Sengun, Kuminga, JDub 40:00 Second Team with Herb Jones, Derrick White, Suggs, Deni, Sexton 53:40 Third Team with RJ Barrett, Vince Williams Jr., Nesmith, Strus, Watson
    1 h 21 min. 17 sec.
  • Ep. 196: A Dalton Knecht Debate with Maxwell Baumbach (@BaumBoards)

    4 MAR 2024 · Maxwell Baumbach, host of the Draft Sickos podcast and prolific writer for No Ceilings (Prospect Overview, No Stone Unturned) stops by to discuss SEC player of the year and likely lottery pick Dalton Knecht. Dalton is a clear NBA wing, but how will his game scale to winning? Which sorts of NBA wings and contexts are instructive to his skillset? What is trickier about finding a role on a contender, and how big would his role be? What other wings in the class might be better bets to eventually help great teams? Maxwell covers it all, and sells me on why Dalton is sniffing the top 10 on his board. 0:00 Intro + Knecht scouting report 22:20 Knecht's NBA role 26:00 Knecht + "tools wings" on D 41:10 Knecht's NBA shot diet 47:15 Knecht vs Great shooters 52:00 Bad (and Good) Team Fits 1:02:00 Knecht on Contenders 1:12:00 Other 2024 wings + Wrap Enjoy!
    1 h 36 min. 38 sec.

A basketball podcast of debatable accuracy. Rigorously, joyfully discussing the NBA. 100% correct until the ball is tipped. Darts are meant to be chucked forward. It's ok to be wrong...

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A basketball podcast of debatable accuracy. Rigorously, joyfully discussing the NBA. 100% correct until the ball is tipped. Darts are meant to be chucked forward. It's ok to be wrong about sports.
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