• The Harsh Realities of Long Term Care Facilities

    10 GIU 2024 · Susie also talked about her new documentary, "No Country For Old People," which explores the conditions in nursing homes and the treatment of the elderly. The inspiration for this eye-opening documentary came from Susie's and her mom's experiences during the last six months of her mom's life in a five-star long-term care facility. I am honored to be part of this remarkable documentary. We delved into issues such as short staffing, high employee turnover rates, and the urgent need for the healthcare system to change its approach to treating the elderly, especially those with dementia and cognitive disabilities. Susie mentioned that 200,000 people in care facilities died during the first six months of the pandemic. She detailed how her mom developed a stage 4 bedsore and the terrible conditions and treatment her mom endured. Susie's mother had Alzheimer's for 16 years. https://passionateworldtalkradio.com/the-harsh-realities-of-long-term-care-facilities/
    50 min. 3 sec.
  • Strategies for Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

    6 GIU 2024 · The conversation between Ginny and Betsy extends to the vital role of Health and Wellness coaches in providing support, encouragement, and guidance while ensuring clients remain accountable throughout their weight loss endeavors. They also address the health risks associated with obesity, emphasizing its status as an epidemic and its correlation with long-term ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and joint complications.  Furthermore, the dialogue touches upon the intricate relationship between obesity and its impact on joint health, as well as the complexities of diabetes, including its potential link to Alzheimer's disease dubbed "Type 3 Diabetes." Ginny Howery invites listeners to reach out for coaching by contacting her via text or phone, mentioning their affiliation with Chatting with Betsy.
    50 min. 38 sec.
  • Beyond Labels Dani's Exploration of Identity

    3 GIU 2024 · She elaborates on her identity as pansexual and explains the concept of gender fluidity. Additionally, Dani sheds light on the discrimination faced by transgender individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. Dani reflects on her personal experience, noting that while her mother accepted her relatively quickly, it took longer for her father to come to terms with her identity. The interview offers a valuable perspective from within the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting the universal desire for respect, dignity, and peaceful coexistence within our communities.
    46 min. 47 sec.
  • Embracing Life After Cancer - Story of Resilience

    30 MAG 2024 · Tonya shares her journey of discovering she had Uterine Carso-Sarcoma, her determination to survive, and the long-term effects of chemo and radiation treatments. We delve into topics such as how women grieve the loss of body parts, their concerns about attractiveness to partners/spouses, and the sexual difficulties resulting from cancer treatments and hysterectomy. Throughout, Tonya emphasizes the mindset needed to survive and thrive during cancer. We also explore the importance of trusting one's instincts about one's body's health and advocating for oneself in healthcare. Tonya discusses the inception of her podcast, Power Pantaloons, aimed at supporting others facing cancer, and underscores the significance of education and advocacy in healthcare. Tonya shares a poignant anecdote about how she chose the name of her podcast. For those interested in connecting further, I recommend visiting Tonya's https://linktr.ee/tonyabaillargeon?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=e9130142-5c6c-45cc-816f-95bda09e54e1 for access to all her social media platforms. Additionally, Tonya offers one-on-one coaching and alternative wellness blueprints.
    43 min. 23 sec.
  • Supporting Veterans Inside Veteran's Last Patrol

    27 MAG 2024 · In this informative interview, Claude discusses why he created Veteran's Last Patrol, with its mission of "bringing friendship to veterans in hospice care." He highlights various ways people can get involved, such as participating in the https://www.veteranlastpatrol.org/cards-of-gratitude and https://www.veteranlastpatrol.org/operation-holiday-salute. Interested individuals can contact Veteran's Last Patrol to learn about becoming hospice volunteers for veterans in their local area. Claude explains how Veteran's Last Patrol provides companionship and support to veterans and their families in hospice care. Currently active in 27 states, the organization seeking supporters and volunteers nationwide. We also discussed how volunteering benefits everyone involved.  https://www.veteranlastpatrol.org/
    50 min. 8 sec.
  • Enhancing Well-being Through Therapeutic Cruises

    23 MAG 2024 · During the conversation, Kathryn emphasizes the importance of self-care and the profound impact of creating lasting memories on vacation. She highlights the workshops available onboard, tailored to assist caregivers, as well as the therapeutic benefits of music and art for both caregivers and their loved ones. Recognizing the need for caregivers to have time for themselves, Kathryn assures that trained staff are on hand to provide dedicated care for their charges. With an experienced and professional team accompanying her on each cruise, Kathryn discusses upcoming voyages to Alaska, Norway, and the Caribbean aboard Holland America Line Cruise Ships. She commends the exceptional service provided by the staff on these cruises, underscoring the value of their support
    36 min. 11 sec.
  • Together for Sharon A journey of Hope and Advocacy

    20 MAG 2024 · Dr. Ackerman is the writer and author of his first published book, "A SON'S JOURNEY from PARKINSON'S CAREGIVER TO ADVOCATE", IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER SHARON. This informative and inspiring interview delves into George's motivation to start the Together For Sharon support group and advocacy work in honor of his mother, Sharon, aiming to raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease, advocate for a cure, and support individuals and families affected by the condition. George shares the reasons behind writing this book, aiming to assist caregivers, share his experiences, and reassure people that they are not alone
    49 min. 13 sec.
  • Exploring the Climate Crisis with Dr. John J. Berger

    16 MAG 2024 · Dr. Berger's impactful initiatives include co-founding the Nuclear Information and Resource Service and establishing Restoring the Earth, aimed at bringing national attention to environmental restoration efforts. During our conversation, Dr. John J. Berger delves into the motivations behind his latest work, "Solving The Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports From the Race to Save the Earth." This book, born out of years of dedicated research, reflects his deep-seated passion and concerns regarding the environment. We explore topics such as the imperative shift towards clean energy, the promising realm of electric vehicles, and the intriguing concept of regenerative agriculture.
    43 min. 55 sec.
  • Charting the Intersection of Science and Fiction

    13 MAG 2024 · Our discussion encompasses the genesis of the book's title and Ann's decision to craft a narrative rooted in historical truths. We delve into the correspondence exchanged between Catherine Pickering and her cousin, Charles Pickering, illuminating pivotal scientific developments of the era. From the inception of the Audubon Society to encounters with luminaries visiting Boston, the conversation traverses the creation of the city's first public aquarium and the intricacies of Catharine's romantic entanglements, particularly with James Cutting. Through her debut fiction work, Ann endeavors to offer readers a deeper understanding of the evolution of science and technology, prompting reflection on the profound impact of technological advancements on our world
    41 min. 34 sec.
  • Chaos Unveiled George Arnolds Journey

    9 MAG 2024 · From his experiences as a bouncer to capturing moments on film, George shares insights into his journey, shaped by his upbringing in Queens, New York. Facing early independence andome due to unemployment and health challenges, including seizures, he persevered. The conversation touches on the importance of mental health awareness, reflecting on the closure of mental health facilities in New Jersey during the Nineties and the ensuing repercussions. Despite life's adversities, George finds solace in solitude and reconnects with nature.
    48 min. 38 sec.

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This is an update on news for Betsy Wurzel. In September 2019, Betsy started her career as a Talk Show Host at Passionate World Talk Radio and the name of...

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This is an update on news for Betsy Wurzel. In September 2019, Betsy started her career as a Talk Show Host at Passionate World Talk Radio and the name of her show was Chatting with Betsy. At that time she wanted to bring more awareness to the many issues with Dementia Diagnosis and what all Caregivers were dealing with. She was at that time a caregiver for her husband Matt who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then Betsy has taken on a bigger role and a range of the types of subjects that need to be discussed. Betsy will always have interviews with Caregivers as that is still near and dear to her heart. She will always bring awareness concerning caregivers but also will seek out the subjects and topics that one does not hear a lot on Internet Radio. She interviews, Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Advocates, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and more. We could have added more but, wanted to provide some examples of the interviews Betsy has handled. Betsy also works with a list of Publicists that contact Betsy on a daily basis to set up appointments for their clients to be interviewed by Betsy. We have left the older information on how and why Betsy became a Talk Show Host.

Chatting with Betsy Wurzel and Advocating for all Caregivers. Betsy talks about her journey as a caregiver for her husband Matt. By telling her story she is able to help others on their journey or just starting the journey. It is all about helping other caregivers that sometimes are on this journey alone. To help all Caregivers with spouses with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Parkinson's?
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