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Building Brand Gravity: Attracting People Into Your Orbit

  • Exploring Modern Journalism, AI, and Media Relations with Greg Galant

    6 GIU 2024 · The media landscape is undergoing rapid and unprecedented transformations, driven significantly by the powerful influence of artificial intelligence, social media, and remote work.   In an effort to understand modern journalism and predict its future trajectory,, CEO and Co-Founder of, joins host Steve Halsey to discuss Muck Rack’s latest research, They delve into emerging trends shaping the media industry and examine how these developments propel the sector forward amidst challenging times for professionals.  We dive deeper into:  - Balancing the use of generative AI and human intelligence to curate superior content - The essential elements of the perfect media pitch and why each pitch should always be tailored - How providing immediacy and accuracy has propelled X to dominate the journalism space - The inseparable link between journalists and PR professionals
    49 min. 44 sec.
  • From The Archive: How AI Shook the Foundations of Ethics and Industry in 2023

    23 MAG 2024 · No one can escape a conversation about AI today (and this statement will likely remain relevant whenever if read in the near future). As AI continues to dominate discussions in 2024, we revisit a previous dialogue with, host of the Building Brand Gravity podcast and CEO of, and, Digital Growth Director at the same firm. This conversation explores the transformative impact of AI across the tech and comms industries and anticipates the exciting future landscape for businesses in an AI-driven world.
    46 min. 52 sec.
  • The Specifics Matter: Reinforcing Credibility in a Multi-Stakeholder Environment

    25 APR 2024 · This year, half of the world is heading to the polls, making it the most significant election year ever witnessed. However, amidst geopolitical unrest, polarization, and divisiveness, these circumstances bring forth substantial challenges in managing data and information. But how can you determine if your organization is adequately prepared to tackle them? In this episode, we are joined by, Managing Director at, and, Vice President, Strategy and Content at Together, they offer insights into the current landscape of the communications function and its projected expansion. Central to this expansion are Chief Communication Officers (CCOs), who are playing a vital role in bridging divides with stakeholders to propel organizations forward.  Join us as we also discuss: - The risks and opportunities perceived by CCOs amidst economic and societal turbulence - Why companies should prioritize investment in skill development programs over AI initiatives - The significance of dismantling politicized acronyms like DEI and ESG to re-evaluate their relevance and value - Page’s
    44 min. 10 sec.
  • Yes, We’re All Creative. Creativity as a Catalyst for Growth and Innovation

    9 APR 2024 · “I’m not creative.” “We don’t have time to be creative.” “This is not a creative profession.”   These are all too common refrains. Yet they are also false. We are socialized to view “creativity” as the domain of artists or individuals in specific fields. In organizations, we tend to fixate on an outcome or solution at the expense of falling in love with the process itself – which includes intentionally cultivating a culture of creativity within our teams. We speak about “innovation” without understanding what it is or approaches to unlocking it.   This week, host Anne Green speaks with, Creativity Strategist & CEO at Rather than shying away from tensions around how creativity is perceived and practiced, Natalie both embraces and has made her life’s work trying to better understand and cultivate it in others. There’s an important balance to be struck between Wonder and Rigor (as she puts it) in both artistic endeavors and corporate environments, and this week’s conversation showcases how embracing both curiosity and discipline can unlock transformative breakthroughs.   Join us as we discuss:  - How everyone is and can be creative across all types of work – and how to intentionally build your own creative capacity   - Why hybrid and flexible thinking is essential to today’s workplace and world  - Fresh ways to think about the concept and application of “innovation”  - Embracing both wonder and rigor to unlock the creative process  - Knowing the right questions to ask in the creative and innovation process 
    44 min. 2 sec.
  • Cultivating Inclusion: The Business Case & Beyond.

    12 FEB 2024 · In 2020, the term DE&I, or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, became part of corporate culture. Diversity executives were being hired across industries and companies large and small pledged to diversify workforces and take inclusion seriously. Fast forward four years, and in an uncertain economy and a downturn for the media and tech industries, DE&I leaders and initiatives were often the first to be cut. Host Anne Green sits down with two G&S Communications leaders to discuss the “I” in DE&I and why it’s not only important to employee performance and company culture, but why it’s also just good business. Hear our conversation with Marjani Williams, VP of DE&I and Client Service at G&S Communications and Kate Threewitts, Chief People Officer at G&S Communications as they discuss: - Implementing real vs. performative DE&I - Why inclusion is a winning business strategy - G&S Communications Inclusive Leadership Campaign
    37 min. 42 sec.
  • How AI Shook the Foundations of Ethics and Industry in 2023

    20 DIC 2023 · Perhaps the only topic more discussed in 2023 than Taylor Swift, is AI. From the rise of ChatGPT to conversations around job security across Hollywood and beyond, the technology has been everywhere. Building Brand Gravity hosts Anne Green and Kyle Turner discuss the year in generative AI - breaking down where the tech is today, how MarComms professionals can capitalize on its growth, and the focus businesses must place inside and outside of their organization as it continues to proliferate. Topics include: - Why curiosity is key in approaching AI - How leaders can encourage AI exploration and implementation organizationally - AI’s potential for good across industries, including healthcare - The importance of policy and regulation More information about Anne Green and Kyle Turner and today’s topics: - LinkedIn Profile: - Company Website:
    44 min. 28 sec.
  • Lessons in Leadership: Culture, Values and Client Service

    12 DIC 2023 · The role that business plays in society is vastly different than it was 10 to 20 years ago and integrated marketing communications agencies have had to adapt…fast. A 2022 survey found that 82% of consumers want brands to align with their values. Younger demographics, including Millennials and Gen-Z, are at the forefront of this evolution. Luke Lambert is the outgoing President and CEO of G&S Communications. As he prepares to move on from this post, he recounts his career beginnings in PR and journalism and his natural pivot into management. Anne Green, co-host of Building Brand Gravity (and Luke’s successor as G&S CEO) invites him for a chat on agency leadership, cultivating culture, championing DE&I in the communications industry and leading with values. Hear our conversation with Luke Lambert, President & CEO at G&S Communications - Natural transitions into leadership roles and the importance of being grounded in the business - Cultivating trust in yourself and in your team - How to deliver on clients’ needs today while still investing in innovation for tomorrow - Creating and staying true to your brand’s voice in a more volatile social and political landscape - The importance to DE&I to organizations and how to authentically champion progress More information about Luke Lambert and today’s topics: - LinkedIn Profile: - Company Website:
    36 min. 2 sec.
  • Balancing Tradition and Technology in Agriculture Marketing

    7 NOV 2023 · The advancements in digital marketing from just 5 or 6 years ago to now are staggering - even in industries that tend to be overlooked as purveyors of the space. Agriculture has had a complete makeover post-pandemic, and therefore so has the marketing around it. the Marketing Insights and Innovation Manager at a farming technology company on a mission to safely provide more food to more people across the globe. Rosalyn’s unconventional career journey - with beginnings in electrical engineering - saw her transition to psychology in undergrad, ultimately leading her to digital marketing. Having worked together over the years, host invited Rosalyn for a conversation on the podcast. Listen in as Kyle and Rosalyn discuss: - Misnomers and misunderstandings about technological advancement in agriculture today - The ubiquity of digital marketing and what it looks like in agriculture - The importance of identifying your audience, and meeting them where they are across digital platforms - How recent evolutions in the ag industry are driving changes to the marketing around it - The power and potential of AI tools on the digital marketing landscape
    58 min.
  • Inclusive Innovation: Can AI Narrow the Digital Divide?

    6 OTT 2023 · There is no “average user” of digital experiences in our world today. If we can grasp that there is significant nuance beyond current understandings of “ability” and “disability,” can generative AI help us narrow a digital divide that is far greater than most individuals and organizations perceive? is a leading voice in the mission to advance inclusivity in digital experiences as the founder of After an enlightening encounter with Howard at the, host and G&S Principal, asked him to join her on the podcast. Listen in as Howard and Anne discuss: - Today’s limited conceptions of "ability" versus "disability" and why our approach to accessibility in digital spaces needs a significant paradigm shift - The importance of human guidance and ethical considerations in employing AI as a tool to advance inclusivity and accessibility - Sorting through the hype and potential of AI in bridging the digital divide and transforming accessibility
    37 min. 50 sec.
  • Branding 117 Years of “Home”: Coldwell Banker CMO David Marine

    21 SET 2023 · Branding is a long game requiring continuous attention and reinvention, all pointed back to the core values of the business. With strategic intention, marketers can help to build something as valuable as Marvel or Nike— cultivating meaning and relevance that spans audience demographics and decades. Yet marketing executed without an understanding of a brand’s true “north star” can just as easily result in indifference, erosion of market share, or memeable attention of the wrong kind. After spending 22-years contributing to the marketing of a brand that is 117-years old,, Chief Marketing Officer at, knows a little something about playing the long game. He joins G&S Principal to share insights on two decades of experience at Coldwell Banker, thoughts on the concept and evolution of branding, and smart advice for those looking to build a career in marketing. David underscores the significance of staying grounded in the essence of your message, despite shifting priorities, technologies and tactics. This is especially critical when guiding a well-known brand that is over a century old while continuing to innovate. Listen in as David and Anne discuss: - How to continuously advance and innovate while remaining true to core brand values - The roles of compelling storytelling and cultural relevance in brand longevity - Lessons from the evolution of iconic brands like Nike and Marvel - and how David translates these learnings for into selling the American Dream of home
    47 min.

Building Brand Gravity: Attracting People Into Your Orbit, is a podcast for communicators across industries looking to gain an inside view into business influence. Each episode will feature a down-to-earth...

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Building Brand Gravity: Attracting People Into Your Orbit, is a podcast for communicators across industries looking to gain an inside view into business influence. Each episode will feature a down-to-earth conversation with leading communications professionals, to share what they’re hearing and what they’re saying, in real time.

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