• "Going Bye,Bye"

    5 FEB 2024 · MGTOW and men opting out of the dating scene is growing. On this episode we discuss some reasons why, who is behind it, and if traditional marriages and families will go back to the way they were.
    2 h 14 min. 47 sec.
  • "Choose This Day"

    23 OTT 2023 · We discuss the ways that God will use us, even if it is a bad example. Also, we talk about the differences for those who are children of God and those who are children of the devil.
    2 h 4 min. 45 sec.
  • "A.I. Is No Lie"

    9 OTT 2023 · We discuss A.I. and it's applications in our everyday lives.
    1 h 31 min. 46 sec.
  • "Raise Them Up Right"

    11 SET 2023 · Children are being exposed to more mature situations and content than ever before. We talk about the differences in raising children from yesteryear until now and also the not-so-secret agenda that is behind the scenes to get children to participate in deviant behavior!
    1 h 49 min. 25 sec.
  • "Passport Bros."

    28 AGO 2023 · Talk about the term "Passport Bros." and look at what it means and how it isn't a new practice.
    1 h 44 min. 13 sec.
  • "Why Are Men Leaving The Church?"

    24 LUG 2023 · In this premiere episode; Apostle Calvin Mays, Dr. Maurice Bell, and myself discuss many reasons why men are leaving the church.
    1 h 37 min. 18 sec.
Join J.K. Moore, Calvin Mays, and Dr. Maurice Bell as they discuss current world events and offer truthful views and insight all while having some fun!

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