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Born to be Barefoot | From Science to Life

  • Embracing Discomfort | Lessons from Endurance Athlete Jonathan Levitt

    22 MAG 2024 · This week we are delighted to welcome our guest, Jonathan Levitt, who is currently in Boulder Colorado and a fantastic endurance athlete and cyclist. Jonathan didn’t always love running, but back in 2013, he did his first half marathon and steadily started to develop a love for it. He has a podcast focused on discovering why people run and delving into the deep reasons that motivate people and push them to continue this healthy practice. People get not only physical benefits from running, but benefits from doing something hard and pushing that limit so that you have a greater capacity to do hard things in other areas of life.  - Developing the love for running 1:00 - Minimal shoes 5:55 - Why do people run? Jonathan’s podcast 19:45 - People’s attitude toward running shifted with COVID 31:00 - Running improves long term health 41:00 “We grow via stress. Physical stress, mental stress, and we adapt to hard things. My reason, and I’ve noticed this with a lot of people, is that running is this sandbox that we get to experiment in and the stakes are pretty low. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t PR, get injured, or don’t win a race…it’s the muscle memory of getting uncomfortable that allows us to be better at getting uncomfortable in other aspects of life.” 34:38 @jwlevitt
    48 min. 6 sec.
  • Empowering Endurance | Taren Gesell's Training Revolution

    15 MAG 2024 · Taren Gesell started out as a complete non-athlete who was 215lbs and couldn't run to the end of the block. He later became a top 1% in the world amateur triathlete and in the process shared everything he learned on the Triathlon Taren YouTube channel, which became the second largest triathlon YouTube channel in the world. He published four books and created the MOTTIV training app which are all designed specifically for everyday amateur endurance athletes who want to reach their goals but don't know where to start. Join Stuart and Katie in this exciting interview with such an amazing individual.  - Taren’s transformation 1:00 - Training differences between elite athletes and your average person 9:00 - Overtraining vs casual training 14:15 - The MOTTIV training app 17:15 - Injuries 24:20 - Testing the insoles 33:00 “About a year ago I had a pretty severe rolled ankle that exasperated a lot of the dorsiflexion issues I had and really struggled with that and had basically only gone on 6 runs since that time go figure I’m 40 and injuries don’t heal like they used to 25 years ago, but I went on a hike last saturday with the insoles and normally after a hike, that ankle I have trouble with gets achy, and I didn’t feel it at all this weekend.” 33:10 @triathlontaren
    39 min. 22 sec.
  • Stories from a River Excursion | The Adventure of Bruce and Maggie Tate

    25 APR 2024 · This week we are delighted to welcome a couple of intrepid travelers from Chattanooga, Maggie and Bruce Tate, who took 9 months off work to travel up the East Coast on something called The Great Loop. They followed this route, circling the eastern North American landmass by boat. Their decision to embark on this adventure was sparked by a book titled "From What Is to What If?" which encouraged them to embrace imagination and possibilities. Throughout their travels, they encountered challenges, forged deep connections with fellow boaters, and discovered the importance of curiosity and forbearance in fostering meaningful relationships. - A bit about their East Coast journey 1:00 - Leaving during Winter 10:00 - The Covid pandemic 27:00 - What they did for fitness 42:00 - What is next 50:45 - Get the book: Currently Away 60:15 “One of the things that really struck me is that if I want a better neighborhood, I need to be a better neighbor, and to carry some of that stuff that we got from all the community that we had daily on the loop, and to try to bring that back home in the regular life.” 18:35 Discount Code for 10% off: BTBBPODCAST @currently_the_boat Scho and Jo youtube channel 
    1 h 2 min. 44 sec.
  • Journey to Wellness | Insights from Shockwave Therapist Rae Reynolds

    10 APR 2024 · In this week’s episode Katie welcomes guest Rae Reynolds, a shockwave therapist and massage practitioner, who shares insights on her profession. Rae discusses her experiences with shockwave therapy and her journey to becoming a healer, emphasizing self-healing and empowerment. Through anecdotes and discussions on topics like cellular inflammation and childhood trauma, Rae underscores the importance of balance and self-awareness in achieving overall well-being, challenging societal norms and advocating for personal responsibility in health and healing. They discuss her book and its themes of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. The book touches on personal experiences, childhood trauma, and the journey towards self-love. It encourages readers to start a conversation with themselves, prioritize their health, and embrace their authentic selves.  - Rae’s experience with Barefoot Science 2:00 - Ondamed (Wave) Therapy 3:30 - Parasites 5:30 - Healing yourself 12:50 - Rae’s book “Let Us Start the Conversation” 20:30 - Just be you 30:45 - Figuring it out in a less costly way 35:20 “I literally have [Barefoot Science products] in everything. I don’t put anything on my feet that doesn’t have Barefoot Science. I paddleboard in them, I ski in them, I do everything in them and every person that pretty much walks into my clinic, regardless of why they’re there, they’re gonna walk out with a pair of Barefoots.” 2:13
    41 min. 13 sec.
  • From Diagnosis to Determination | Dani Bryant's Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    6 MAR 2024 · We have an interesting guest on the podcast this week by the name of Danielle “Dani” Bryant and many may know her as the founder of MAKE IT COUNT 4 Dani Foundation. Dani was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 16, which is when life as she knew it came crashing down around her. Despite a devastating diagnosis of this disease, which dashed her dreams of continuing her athletic career, she refused to be defined by her illness. Instead, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, confronting her disease head-on. She now dedicates herself to helping countless women around the world to deal with the same issues, and continues to live a happy and fulfilling life. - About Dani 0:55 - Rheumatoid arthritis 2:30 - Treating this disease 5:45 - Dani’s platform to help others 10:30 - What helped Dani the most 16:20 - How Barefoot Science is helping 23:55 - People of all ages 33:40 “I do try to not react back to people who do a lot of things to be unkind because I know what they’re feeling and going through, but I also don’t want people to live in that space. I want to motivate them to move out of it. Our minds and what we tell ourselves can be so powerful on how we move forward.” 32:00
    43 min.
  • Insights from Dr. Courtney Johnson, the Female Athlete Doctor | Pelvic Health and Pregnancy

    28 FEB 2024 · This week Katie had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Courtney Johnson, also known as the Female Athlete Doctor. She is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in pelvic health, women’s health, particularly in general active women in all walks of life, such as women in pregnancy, postpartum, or women who are diagnosed with some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction. Courtney helps women be active again and get back on their feet, which is often where these issues usually occur or originate from. - What Dr. Courtney is all about 0:50 - Pregnant women 4:50 - The benefits of doing this while pregnant 7:20 - Helping athletes to relax for birth 12:00 - Working with C-section women 16:00 “When you think of a sports team, a sports team has everything and a coach for everything. For every position in a football team. They have a recovery squad, an athletic trainer, they have a doctor on staff, they have a physical therapist, so we should approach pregnancy and postpartum with the same mindset. Who is on your team? I know when that time comes for me, I’m gonna have X-Y-Z all lined up and I’ll be ready to go.” 11:10 @thefemaleathletedoc
    26 min. 11 sec.
  • Pioneering Pain-Free Performance | Insights from Dr. Britni

    21 FEB 2024 · Today we are proud to present our guest Britni, of Denver, CO. She is a doctor of physical therapy and a pain free performance strength coach. After about 3.5 years of working in the traditional outpatient clinic model Britni started to feel burnt out and began to shift outside of the traditional clinic setting. Britni started online coaching in 2022 working with active adults who are struggling to manage pain/injury. In 2023 after moving to Denver, CO, Britni also started a cash based practice which she now operates inside of two different gyms in the greater Denver area. When she's not working Britni loves being outdoors hiking, snowboarding, exploring Denver or reading a good book. Tune in this week to hear this interesting conversation. - How it works 2:30 - Live vs online 12:30 - Warm ups 15:45 - Workout recommendations from Britni 23:15 - Stretches and exercises for desk workers 32:30 - Insoles and feet 39:40 - Connect with Britni 48:40 “Would you say having a designed warmup might be more important than a designed workout?” “I think both are important, but I think if you have a poorly designed warmup, that’s essentially not setting you up for the best success that you could have in your workout, which kind of has a bigger impact, I guess you could say, than a poorly designed workout.” 17:20 @britnib.dpt
    51 min. 59 sec.
  • Building a Fitness Community | Insights from Highland Fitness and Wellness

    14 FEB 2024 · We have 2 lovely guests on the podcast today named Kristi Harrison and Matthew McKeown, who are co-owners of Highland Fitness and Wellness, a personal training studio and fitness community in Scarborough, Ontario. They fill us in on some great tactics of how they’ve been able to build their gym culture in the best way possible, and then we get into what to focus on when helping your clients in improving their physical health. Movement is very necessary for each day, especially for those who are working a sedentary job 8 hours a day and they give some good examples of how to do that. - About Kristi, Matt, and their gym 0:45 - Creating a community 7:30 - Focusing on the scapula and lumbar spine 16:30 - The worst thing about sitting 19:50 - Clients want professionalism 28:45 - Targeting specific people and groups 41:50 - Looking at feet and gait 49:00 “I think the hardest thing is teaching people there’s more of a mental side that this is the rest of your life. Not meaning that you have to use the rest of your life, but the goals you want to accomplish, they need to be the rest of your life, and you can’t convince them on that. You can maybe show someone that, but you have to get someone who’s pretty much there already, that they know ‘I need to make significant changes and I know this is gonna take long term.’” 17:18
    59 min. 35 sec.
  • Return of Bronco Billy | I Can Go the Distance

    31 GEN 2024 · We have a returning guest on the podcast this week, Jeff Browning, who is a master long distance runner. Many know Jeff as “Bronco Billy” and royalty of the ultra marathon category. He has finished around 200 ultra marathons, which includes 52 one-hundred-mile-plus ultras. He has come in first place in 30 of those races, so we are so honored to be speaking with a world champion today. Jeff and Katie talk about everything from getting in the right mindset to foot care and the importance of heart rate variability. - This last race and how he won 1:30 - Training that mindset to do this difficult thing 6:30 - Foot care 20:45 - Heart rate variability (HRV) 29:40 - Staying away from seed oils 38:45 “I think everything in life prepares you, I think working on your mindset all the time, and that’s being willing to embrace hard things in your life, whether that’s learning something new or figuring something out. Always having a positive attitude is important, and positive mental speak as much as possible. It’s easy to say, hard to put into practice, to really be positive daily.” 6:51 @gobroncobilly
    56 min. 57 sec.
  • Veteran Advice from TOPGUN Pilot Mike Whetstone | Physical Health in the Military

    1 NOV 2023 · In this week’s episode Katie and Stuart interview Mike Whetstone, who has over 25 years of military leadership and training experience and is a former FRS and TOPGUN instructor, and owner and president of BMK Ventures, a Vetfirst certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. A big part of his business is helping prepare the medics in the field by putting together these kits that they can acquire, which contain all the resources they may need when faced with tough or intense physical situations on the battlefield. - History, fitness, and prep for flying in the Air Force 3:00 - BMK Ventures 9:00 - Military is a massive amount of footwork 16:00 - Testing balance in military 25:00 - Seeing the curvature of the Earth 31:00 - Being disabled in service 33:00 - Seeing the difference of the Barefoot Insoles 38:00 “It’s a young man’s game and I’ll tell you what, I creak and crack, and I pretty much blame pulling Gs on that.” 8:45 “Believe it or not, I told myself I was gonna run a marathon before I turned 40 and on my 40th birthday I hadn’t run one, so between 40 and 41 I ran 5, and then I kept running them until I messed my knee up. Now I stick mostly to the halves.” 34:27
    54 min. 23 sec.

Welcome to the Born to be Barefoot podcast, where we thrive on adventure, and strive to spread knowledge in the ways of optimal movement, balance, and longevity in activity. Your...

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Welcome to the Born to be Barefoot podcast, where we thrive on adventure, and strive to spread knowledge in the ways of optimal movement, balance, and longevity in activity. Your guides, Stuart Gordon and Katie Tsuyuki are dedicated to taking you on a journey of wild stories, and informative tips and knowledge from other forward-thinking trail-blazers. Tune in each week as we meet with courageous guests like Olympic snowboarders, extreme runners, cross-country backpackers & people who enjoy an active lifestyle! You will hear stories of their most intense experiences from the wild. Learn industry secrets from field experts like medical pros and coaches to keep both you and your tribe safe and healthy; avoiding foot, body and gait-related pathologies along your journey. In today’s world, almost every step we take is with some kind of footwear. We start wearing shoes before we can even walk! Yet, our feet are designed to be bare. In our podcasts, we discuss this conundrum with our guests and show you how you can create the benefits of barefoot function from within almost any shoe! On this podcast, we are dedicated to helping you enhance your natural moving abilities for lifelong activity. Our goal is to keep you on your journey without inhibitions, well down your own path! In a “shoes required” world, let this podcast be your permission to live Barefoot.
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