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Black Woman Be Well

  • EP. 21 [In] Fertility w/ Danielle Joseph

    15 MAG 2021 · Meet Danielle Joseph, author, public speaker, master mentor, minister and host of the [In] Fertility podcast. As Danielle shares her fertility journey, she also drops some interesting insight for us. Listen if you have kids, want kids, don’t want kids, in the process, haven’t thought about it, or whatever part of the reproductive process you are in. There’s a lot to learn from this important conversation. Visit Danielle Joseph’s website to purchase a copy of the journal mentioned in this episode:
    Ascoltato 45 min. 45 sec.
  • EP 20. Black Women Should Talk About Breast Cancer

    16 MAR 2021 · The episode title explains it all--Black women do not talk about breast cancer enough. In this episode, I interview lawyer and advocate Erika Stallings, esq. In this episode, Erika shares her story of when and how she found out she carried the BRCA2 gene mutation and ultimately deciding to undergo a double mastectomy. You’ll learn what BRCA2 is, the impact it has among Black women, and helpful things to think about if you are interested in discussing this topic with your physician. You can learn more about Erika Stallings and her awareness advocacy at her website, Erika Stallings articles referenced in the episode: Learn more about the Basser Center:
    Ascoltato 55 min. 4 sec.
  • EP 19. I am a poor Black Woman

    22 DIC 2020 · In this episode, I share my journey of how I learned and embraced my socio-economic status as a major component of my identity through the lens of intersectionality.
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  • EP 18. Just One of The Guys Part 3

    10 DIC 2020 · In this episode, we are focused on the topic of love and we talk about everything under the sun. The quote of the day from this episode is #dontcryforanuglyman. Lots of serious insights and funny jokes too. Tune in and enjoy. Editor Notes: Please excuse the long interlude at 28:45. We had some issues with ad placements. This will be corrected shortly. We also had some audio issues around 42:00 so you will hear a jump cut around 42:51. Thank you for your grace and understanding :)
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  • EP 17. Black Women Post-election

    26 NOV 2020 · In this episode we are joined by Kristin Fulwylie Thomas, managing director of Equal Ground. Equal Ground is a community-centered organization engaging the rising American electorate through equal access to education about voting and empowerment. We talk about the impact of Kamala Harris’ election and we share ways to be more politically and civically involved. Follow Equal Ground on IG: @equal.ground Follow The Black History Project on IG: @theblackhistoryprojectinc
    Ascoltato 48 min. 45 sec.
  • EP. 16 #ScholarStrike Day 2

    10 SET 2020 · Day 2 of #ScholarStrike has concluded and I have thoughts. Listen to hear the emotional exhaustion I had to go through to access new levels of revelation. Did you participate in the strike? Please share with me your experiences on a personal or campus level. Leave a comment below or email us To learn more about the strike check out this CNN article. Music by @e.c.l.i.p.s.e3 of @allmyhomies
    Ascoltato 36 min. 55 sec.
  • EP. 15 #ScholarStrike Day 1

    9 SET 2020 · Surprise! This is our season 3 premiere! In this episode, I am rolling solo and discussing the first day of the #ScholarStrike protest happening nationwide. To learn more about the strike listen to the episode and check out this CNN article. Music by @e.c.l.i.p.s.e3 of @allmyhomies
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  • EP 14. S.I.S: Sister In Solidarity (Being a Racial Ally)

    21 APR 2020 · Dr. Heather Bryson joins the Black Woman Be Well family and we have a real and open conversation about race & gender, and the complex relationship between black and white women. Dr. Bryson attended Loyola University in New Orleans and majored in U.S. History. She graduated in 2000. She then received her masters in 2007 and doctorate from UF in 2011. Her masters thesis looked at the rare instances when southern white men were prosecuted for raping black women in the 1940s-1960s. Her dissertation was on white men and ideas of white manhood in Birmingham during the civil rights movement. She has spent extensive time and research examining the intersection between gender and race in the south.
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  • EP 13. Sis, you need a gender ally!

    18 FEB 2020 · Professor and advocate Rudy Darden joins us and helps explains what it means to be an ally. We have a deep conversation on how men can uniquely support black women, and what it means to be an ally and advocate. Men & women should both tune in on this very important topic.
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  • EP 12. “Stuff I Wish My Mom Told Me”: Learning From Failure w/ Vanessa Echols

    3 FEB 2020 · Vanessa Echols is a television journalist for WFTV in Orlando and host of the podcast, “Colorblind: Race Across Generations”. In this episode, Vanessa gets personal and shares her greatest lessons that came from her failures. She also offers some great advice on overcoming fear. “Stuff I Wish My Mom Told Me” is a hindsight 20/20 segment where we interview interesting people who are doing amazing things, learn about their journey and listen to their advice.
    Ascoltato 41 min. 16 sec.

Hosted by Jennifer Tomlinson, Black Woman Be Well is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of health & wellness through the unique perspective of black women. Every episode features guest...

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Hosted by Jennifer Tomlinson, Black Woman Be Well is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of health & wellness through the unique perspective of black women.

Every episode features guest speakers and experts in their field. Some episodes include friends and family for "girl chat", as we share and learn from each other. It is all geared towards starting the conversation that "we are not alone" when it comes to how we feel, and learning how to advocate for our unique health experiences.
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