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    Swift Response

    25 GIU 2024 · Bill and Kevin are joined by Mark the Soldier and Matt Reis for an action-packed conversation. Bill kicks things off by sharing a wild story with Matt about Eagles player Terrell Lewis being chased down a hotel hallway by a stark naked woman! Allegedly, Terrell participated in a threesome with two OnlyFans models and instead of paying the $200 fee, he bolted from the room. Bill wonders why an NFL player would put himself in such a situation, pointing out that usually, you pay for discretion and questioning where the "pimp" was in all this mess. Next, the discussion turns to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith and his comments about Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford's wife. She recently shared on a podcast that she dated the backup quarterback in college to win Matthew over. Stephen A. claimed she humiliated her husband, but Bill found the podcast and plays her comments in full context. Bill argues that young people are just figuring things out, noting that guys do similar things too, and that Stafford's wife was only 19 at the time. Mark also reveals that Stephen A. Smith has a recurring role on General Hospital, adding another layer to the conversation. The topic shifts to workplace dynamics when a fast food restaurant worker claims his boss took his phone, promising to return it at the end of his shift. Bill thinks people are too distracted by phones but finds this situation unimaginable. Matt shares that his restaurant has a policy about phones, but employees often ignore it. The crew then explores what "rawdogging" means in the context of travel, leading to a hilarious exchange. The podcast wraps up with a debate about whether Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters took a shot at Taylor Swift during a London Stadium show, where he implied that Taylor's backing band doesn't play live. Bill plays the audio and contrasts it with a two-year-old clip where Dave thanked Taylor for saving his ass at a party. Finally, a round of Themed Name That Tune. Can you beat Bill, Kevin, Mark, and Matt? Tune in and play along! Enjoy this episode filled with laughter, debates, and unexpected stories!
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    The Hawk, The Keys and the Comedy

    24 GIU 2024 · Bill and Kevin kick things off by sharing hilarious anecdotes from the comedy show at Finger Lakes Gaming and Race Track last Thursday. Bill recounts his unforgettable moment on stage where he froze, losing his spot and going down in comedic flames! Both Bill and Kevin were blown away by the performances of Doug and headliner Greg Owens. Bill then dives into a personal story about facing things he's been avoiding, shedding light on a conversation that might require him to make some big changes. Next up, the guys discuss the viral sensation, Hawk Tua girl, and the catchy songs that have emerged from this online phenomenon. Bill poses a thought-provoking question: What if this were your sister or daughter? They also reminisce about how lucky they are that social media wasn’t around during their youth. A bizarre mishap at an amusement park is also on the agenda. A 38-year-old man ventured into a restricted area of a roller coaster to find his lost keys and was tragically clipped in the head by the coaster traveling at 70 mph. Bill has a theory about what drove him to take such a risk – find out if you agree. Racin' Randy joins the show to promote the upcoming no-prep drag racing event at South Butler next week and gives a shout-out with a "Hawk Tua!" The conversation shifts to recent legislation affecting PornHub, with several states imposing age restrictions. The guys debate whether the required proof of age is an overreach by the government. This sparks a discussion about social media and whether our phones are listening to us. Finally, they explore the other side of OnlyFans fame. While many stories highlight financial success, one 25-year-old woman shares a starkly different experience. Tune in for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs, and thought-provoking discussions!
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    The Remedy

    21 GIU 2024 · In this lively episode of Billified, Bill, Kevin, and Doug set up shop at The Remedy inside Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack, capturing the vibrant atmosphere before the Comedy Caravan show. The trio kicks things off with a heartfelt discussion on the passing of legendary actor Donald Sutherland, reflecting on his iconic roles and debating his place in the hierarchy of great actors. Bill adds a humorous twist by wondering what it was like to grow up as a Sutherland kid and see your dad's infamous scene in Animal House. The episode takes an unexpected turn when Linda, a former stand-up comedian, wanders onto the podcast from the gambling floor. Her refusal to wear headphones or speak directly into the mic drives Doug up the wall, much to Bill's amusement. Doug is convinced that Bill set up this prank, but Bill insists it’s all genuine fun. The conversation shifts to the dynamics of modern families where divorced couples remarry or find new partners and remain in each other's lives. Bill poses a thought-provoking question: what if your ex’s new partner asks you for advice on handling them? The responses are varied and intriguing, with Kevin offering a surprisingly insightful take.Bill shares a personal anecdote about his father still reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend who managed to sour a family trip to England, explaining the reasons behind it. The episode continues with Bill's antics making Doug increasingly uncomfortable, culminating in a surprise appearance by Doug’s dad, David, an Elvis impersonator. Bill plays an Elvis tune, encouraging David to join in for an impromptu performance. The discussion takes a sports turn as Bill highlights Olivier Rioux, a 7'9" basketball prodigy from Montreal set to play for Florida next season. Bill praises Olivier’s coordination and predicts a bright future for the young athlete. David shares his experiences as a school bus driver, including the challenges of dealing with kids, like one incident involving a student jumping out of the back of the bus. The group discusses the difficulties of this time of year for bus drivers. The episode wraps up with a debate on whether every car should be equipped with an interlock or breathalyzer following Justin Timberlake's DWI arrest, pondering if people truly know their limits with drinking. Special guest Greg Owens, headliner of the Comedy Caravan, joins in to share insights on the life of a comic on the road. Enjoy!
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    20 GIU 2024 · In this intriguing episode, Bill dives into a concerning message he received from a listener about handwritten letters seeking a relationship, sent to his home and studio by another listener. The concerned fan reminds Bill that men can be stalked too and suggests filing a police report. Initially dismissing the idea, Bill looks online for stories of men who have been stalked, and the results are eye-opening. To get expert advice, Bill, Dan, and Kevin call Deputy Hurley of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Hurley shares valuable tips on handling stalking, including online harassment, and advises that calling 911 for an officer visit is a prudent step. Switching gears, Bill discusses a study revealing that the average American over 45 feels 12 years older than their actual age, sparking a conversation about what makes people feel younger. Dan shares how playing in a band rejuvenates him, leading to a lively discussion about former Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick dating a 24-year-old woman. The conversation then shifts to a viral TikTok video where a woman recounts her interaction with a 4-year-old on a flight. Dan criticizes the narcissistic nature of filming the encounter, and the team debates the role of parents in such situations. Bill plays audio of the woman's story, questioning if it's ever appropriate to parent someone else’s child and shares a personal story of a disruptive kid at his house that ruined his weekend. Finally, join in the fun with a round of "Closest to the Pin" themed Name That Tune. Test your music knowledge and guess the theme! Enjoy this engaging and multifaceted episode of Billified: The Bill Moran Podcast!
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    The Hang Up

    19 GIU 2024 · Bill welcomes comedian Doug Phelps, who will be performing at Bill's Comedy Caravan at The Remedy inside Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack on Thursday night, June 20th. Doug asks Bill about his experience at the recent Rolling Stones concert. Bill shares a snippet of a video he sent to his mom from the show, suggesting that perhaps a bit too much fun was had. Will Bill attend more Stones shows on this tour? The answer is in this episode. Bill laments the lost art of the hang-up with modern phones but argues that hanging up is a weak move. He recounts a conversation with one of his sons, offering tips on how to end a conversation gracefully without resorting to frustration. Bill plays a song by Captain and Tennille and says he thinks none of his sons have ever heard of Captail and Tennille.  Bill explains that the Captain played keys for the Beach Boys and Tennille sanf back up on Pink Floyd's The Wall!  Bill then calls his 22 year-old son Jordan to see if he has ever heard of Captain and Tennille. The discussion shifts to social media as Bill and Doug talk about the Surgeon General's proposal to put warnings on social media, similar to cigarette warnings. Bill acknowledges the rationale but doubts that warnings will curb the addiction. He emphasizes the importance of building self-esteem to navigate the social media landscape and highlights the role of sports and activities in fostering confidence in kids. The conversation takes an interesting turn when Doug's 26-year-old nephew walks by the studio. The guys invite him in, and he explains that most people his age prefer ending a night out with a gummy or weed pen rather than alcohol. This trend, they conclude, could spell trouble for the liquor industry. Enjoy the episode!
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    18 GIU 2024 · In this episode of Billified: The Bill Moran Podcast, Bill and Kevin are joined by Matt Reis from BTB and Mark the Soldier for a lively discussion on resilience and the surprising decline of service standards which Bill expereinced while in Cleveland. Bill shares his frustration over the slow service at a rooftop bar before a sold-out Rolling Stones concert and explores the reasons behind this trend with Matt. Bill recaps the Rolling Stones' Cleveland show, marveling at their enduring energy and performance, and wonders if moderation played a role in their longevity. The conversation shifts to Miami Dolphin star receiver Tyreek Hill's youth football camp that was in town Saturday, with Bill discussing Hill's concerns about the future of football and the decline in high school participation; coud it be due to head trauma fear? Greg Connors joins the discussion to talk about Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher University and shares his thoughts on the competition at wide receiver. Greg and Mark also rave about the Lionel Richie show in Buffalo, but things get a little tense while discussing Tyreek Hill's camp and Greg expressing his dislike for him, Matt is curious as to why their is dislike! The episode wraps up with a fun "Name That Tune" segment. Play along and see if you can guess the theme! Enjoy!
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    Fairport Brewing's Tim Garman

    17 GIU 2024 · In this episode of Billified, Bill welcomes Tim Garman, the founder and creative force behind Fairport Brewing Company, for an insightful one-on-one conversation. Tim shares the inspiring journey of Fairport Brewing, detailing its humble beginnings and impressive growth over the years. He discusses the challenges they faced, including a denied expansion plan and the struggle to survive during COVID-19. Listeners will get an inside look at Timbucha, Fairport Brewing Company's Kombucha and the exciting expansion plans for it. Tim also reveals the innovative beer-making strategies that keep Fairport Brewing ahead of the curve with new and exciting flavors. Plus, find out what Tim is looking for in new team members—it could be you! Enjoy,
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    Whale of a Tale

    14 GIU 2024 · In this lively episode of "Billified: The Bill Moran Podcast," titled "Whale of a Tale!," Bill, Dan, and Kevin are in for a treat when Pat Bud from Empire Drag-way and his wife Kristen make a surprise visit. They were eagerly waiting for their order from the Cousin's Main Lobster food truck pop-up event. Amid the excitement, Bill shares that he's received another mysterious letter from an admirer. Skeptical about it being a prank, he asks Kristen to read it and give her thoughts on the matter. Adding to the fun, Bill's mom has sent Rolling Stones shirts for Bill and his brother to wear to an upcoming concert in Cleveland. Bill seeks the listeners' help in deciding which shirt to choose for the show. The conversation takes a curious turn as Bill delves into a bizarre news story about an 8-ton whale carcass that washed up on an Oregon beach, emanating a stench as it rots. He recounts the peculiar history of whale carcass disposal, including a failed attempt to blow one up 45 years ago, complete with hilarious news coverage from that time. The episode also features a special guest appearance by Dan Mason, the General Manager of the Rochester Red Wings. Dan discusses Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole's potential rehab assignment against the Red Wings on June 14th, even though it's not officially confirmed yet. To wrap things up, the crew engages in a fun round of "Closest to the Pin," themed around the O.J. Tune in for a mix of intriguing stories, special guests, and entertaining games! Enjoy!
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    Fighting and Fired

    13 GIU 2024 · Join Bill and Dan as they welcome two-time National Golden Glove Welterweight Champion and Team U.S.A. Boxing Olympic hopeful Algeria Johnson. Algeria shares her inspiring journey from street fights to the boxing ring, revealing how the sport has transformed her life and her ambitions beyond the ring. In a gripping story of integrity and consequence, Pat Guider, former Big Lots manager, recounts how he was fired for keeping an eye on a shoplifter who nearly assaulted his assistant manager. Pat discusses the incident, the fallout, and his next steps. Dan has a classic Dan moment reacting to Pat’s situation, while Bill and Laura dive into Rory McIlroy’s decision to dismiss his divorce proceedings. Bill ponders the long-term outcomes of such decisions, and Laura offers insights. Bill shares a dating dilemma involving a woman caught in a tricky situation, with Dan providing polite exit strategies. The trio also reflects on the "Openly Committed" conversation with Danielle from the last episode, as Laura opens up about her own marriage and its failure. Finally, the episode pays tribute to the late NBA legend Jerry West, who passed away at 86. Enjoy an episode packed with compelling stories, personal reflections, and heartfelt tributes. 
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    Openly Committed

    12 GIU 2024 · In this episode of Billified, Bill welcomes comedian Greg Owens, who will be headlining Bill's Comedy Caravan at Remedy inside the Finger Lakes Gaming and Race Track on Thursday, June 20th. After a day of technological hell, Bill and Greg dive into a heartfelt discussion about being fathers, sharing memorable Father's Day stories, and the joys and challenges of fatherhood. The conversation then shifts to the evolving landscape of marijuana legalization and Bill's fondness for edibles. The episode takes a surprising turn as Bill discusses Joey Chestnut's headline-making absence from the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest due to his new deal with Impossible Foods. To get more insights, Bill calls Sam from Project Lean Nation in Canandaigua to discuss meat alternatives, nutrition, and more. In a fascinating one-on-one segment, Bill chats with Danielle from Openly Committed about her open marriage, handling jealousy, and societal reactions. The episode wraps up with a lively discussion on workplace romances and BP's new policy requiring managers to disclose past relationships. Tune in for a rollercoaster of emotions, humor, and insightful conversations! Enjoy!
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Billified is a free daily podcast hosted by 30 year radio personality Bill Moran. Bill shares his thoughts on current events, politics, relationships and welcomes a wide range of guests,...

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Billified is a free daily podcast hosted by 30 year radio personality Bill Moran. Bill shares his thoughts on current events, politics, relationships and welcomes a wide range of guests, all uncensored!
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