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  • 17. Tom Maxwell

    14 FEB 2021 · Welcome back to Between The Eyes podcast. In this week's episode I speak to Tom Maxwell from Twisted Automotive. Probably the most self assured 25 yr old I’ve ever spoke to. Very smart, immensely confident, Twisted’s exclusive Land Rover Defender 4x4s are taking the world by storm with an unrivalled combination of proprietary engineering, fashion-worthy custom design, performance prowess and an unmistakably striking presence on and off the road. I'm really interested to see where the product and the business goes in next 5 years. Tom will go far. Listen to how Tom views the product - it’s not just a few tweaks and a new colour it’s a complete engine upgrade and more. Some of the Twisted Land Rovers retail at over £200k. The potential launch of an electric Twisted product and his views on next generation services. I guarantee it will be a name you will hear a lot more of in the next 20 years. ~ ~ For more info on Tim Mercer ~ Podcast Production by
    Ascoltato 58 min. 45 sec.
  • 16. Charlotte Sweeney

    7 FEB 2021 · Welcome back. This week we welcome Charlotte Sweeney OBE Charlotte is a 'TED' Speaker, OBE and renowned author on Equality, diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. A topic that I believe 99% of business owners and senior managers get wrong or are scared of opening the box. Here we discuss Charlotte’s early life from a northern mining town to working in Canary wharf during the yuppie era. Big bonuses and red pinstripes, and how did the rest of the work place feel about those “bankers” getting those massive salaries. Charlotte has the most amazing infectious voice, and we decided the topic is too big for one pod, so we agreed more are needed. Loved chatting to Charlotte, super bright and super funny. ~ Tim Mercer can be contacted at ~ Podcast Production by ~
    Ascoltato 1 h 2 min. 31 sec.
  • 15. Jon Pickering

    31 GEN 2021 · Welcome back to Between the Eyes podcast. Founder, investor, NED, and the only man I know who has the ability to run a power station. Turning his back on engineering and making a career in networks and IT, Jon built and exited a very successful company Bloc Solutions turning over Circa £25m. We discuss the help we all need running a business and how with time those decisions become easier and quicker to make. Jon became my NED at Vapour and taught me a lot about strategy and internal goal setting. He helped me understand the detail that not only I needed but the team expect from a fairly inexperienced business owner Jon is now CEO of Tiger a business that captures patterns and changes in their telephony and Unified Communications systems. We also quickly gloss over the fact he is a scratch golfer. ~
    Ascoltato 44 min.
  • 14. Lesley Gulliver

    24 GEN 2021 · Welcome back. Lesley and her team at The Engine Room, a strategic brand consultancy making positive impact by design, and Vapour Cloud have been working with each other for about 8 months on a project. I wanted to discuss with Lesley her thoughts around companies brands, design, what do they do well - and not so well. I find understanding brand intriguing and wanted to know more. While researching I find out that Lesley has a degree in Psychotherapy and I start analysing our meetings in my mind ! Not great. We discuss what is a brand, what should we think about, is it just visual or does a brand touch other parts of our brain and how do we react with brands and why. A thought provoking podcast, I loved listening to Lesley’s thoughts and interpretations of how she tries to understand what a company is wanting from a brand and why. Enjoy. ~
    Ascoltato 49 min. 28 sec.
  • 13. David Thomas

    17 GEN 2021 · Welcome back to 'Between the Eyes'. In this episode I talk to David Thomas... I loved talking to this man, FULL of energy and advice. An amazing story from a council estate in Halifax to being on Oprah as world memory champion. How did that happen !! I met David many years ago in a coffee shop in West Yorkshire with a mate of mine Dom. Dom Waterson was in series one, and was intrigued by his story and how chilled and respectful he was. We talk about how he came onto the world memory stage while being a fireman. Global speaker, executive speaking coach, coaching entrepreneurs and senior execs on speaking in public. To top it off, as if that’s not enough, he last 42 kilo’s and entered Mr Great Britain for bodybuilding at the age of 51. Just listen and enjoy. You can find David on all social media channels and at ~ For more info on Tim Mercer : ~ Podcast Production by
    Ascoltato 51 min. 28 sec.
  • 12. Vincent Disneur

    10 GEN 2021 · Welcome back everyone to series 3 of the Between the Eyes podcast. After 2 series I’m feeling a little more confident, and this series I hope you agree has some fantastic guests. True, everyday people who we can all learn from, and stories that engage and get you thinking. I’m a big fan of The High Performance podcast with Jake Humphrey and psychologist Damien Hughes, and a number of guests on Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. If you haven’t listened I strongly advise you do so, and while I don’t want to imitate, the guests they have are mainstream and well known. I want to try and have the same impact on the podcasts with people who have come from nothing, built and sold businesses, been awarded OBE’s, been on the apprentice, running worldwide franchises @ 25 years old. People we can all relate to. Enjoy, and if you do like, please share and subscribe. Thanks to VapourCloud for sponsoring series 3, please check them out for all services technical within the business workplace. Tim Mercer . . Episode 1 - Vincent Disneur . Handsome, charming and a bit of an enigma within the technology channel. However, do we, the technology channel, actually know Vincent, I think most people don’t, but he is the face and MD of Union Street billing. Everyone has seen him all over the industry press but we do we KNOW him. We discuss his appearance on The Apprentice in 2008 and what his 15 minutes of fame felt like, his love for tennis. His loyalty and love for Union Street, the changes in the industry, what’s next for him and Unions Street merging with Aurora. Best advice he’s been given: To improve is to change - to be perfect is to change often. I feel I know him a little better. I’ve also challenged him to a game of tennis, might be a bit of an uphill task, I might have a better chance with golf. I will post the video’s once we can play. . . Podcast Production by .
    Ascoltato 1 h 8 sec.
  • 11. Jacob Hill

    25 OTT 2020 · Welcome back to the Between the Eyes podcast series. In this week's episode Tim Mercer talks to Jacob Hill. While at university Jacob set up a company The Lazy Camper in 2011 with over £300,000 invested and personally backed by Richard Branson, how could it all go wrong? Well, massively, unbelievably to be honest. It has all the hallmarks of a great film - University student wins awards, becomes the poster boy, then it all starts to go wrong, fast, and the "can do no wrong" student ends up receiving a 28 month prison sentence for drug dealing at the festival he was booked to work with. "Prison was the best thing that ever happened to me", really, honestly, we'll let you decide. Since leaving prison Jacob founded The Offploy foundation, a national social recruitment partner helping non other than the inmates he was incarcerated with. "We are on a mission to reduce reoffending and make society safer by placing people with criminal convictions into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment". Jacob is so honest and open it was a true pleasure to interview him. ~ For more info on Jacob: ~ For more info on Tim Mercer: ~ Podcast Production by:
    Ascoltato 48 min. 13 sec.
  • 10. Rick Cotgreave

    18 OTT 2020 · Welcome to the Between the Eyes podcast. In this week's episode Tim Mercer talks to Rick Cotgreave. An England captain and coach for Lacrosse, Rick has over 20 years of coaching and leadership. An ex school teacher of Alec Stephens, Sales Manager, Vapour - who advised that we chat. Teachers get a bad rap at times and so for Alec to feel strongly about the support and help from Rick was good enough for me. He has also worked across a wide range of sectors with clients from international and Olympic athletes to senior corporate executives. Rick shares a passion for transformation that coaching brings. His current research project is exploring how to assist elite athletes to find success and fulfilment beyond sport. We discuss sport within schools, the challenges of elite sports, the focus determination, routines, and ultimately the demise of some and try to work out why these metrics can be applied to business and sales For more info: ~ Podcast Production by
    Ascoltato 48 min. 46 sec.
  • 9. Nicola Millard

    11 OTT 2020 · Welcome to this weeks Between the Eyes podcast ! Today Tim Mercer talks all things techy and future tech with Nicola Millard. This episode is best described by Tim himself - so over to Tim... "I listened to a presentation given by Nicola a few years ago now and was instantly blown away. Therefore, when I decided to record a podcast series Nicola was one of the first on the list. Previous job title – Futurologist, what a great title, now the Principal Innovations partner for BT. A degree in Psychology and computing, and award winning presenter, two TED talks and hundreds of panel debates we discuss the future of the workplace, AI, robotics and what is her view on the next big thing. Once described as human caffeine on twitter, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her thoughts and ideas, I could listen to her all day". ~ For more info : ~ Podcast Production by
    Ascoltato 49 min. 1 sec.
  • 8. Jamie Coan & Richard Peck

    4 OTT 2020 · Welcome back to Between the Eyes podcast. In this episode Tim Mercer talks to Jamie Coan and Richard Peck. Two fantastic “normal” young guys, no silver spoon upbringing, who built a successful IT and networking company and sold it to the fabulous ANS in Manchester. We discuss building the company, however, we concentrate on the process of selling the company, why, how did it feel, what were the reasons. How did their individual relationship with the sale differ and what’s next for the pair of them They would be the first to say, if they can do it, so can you. Enjoy. ~ For more info: ~ Podcast Production:
    Ascoltato 1 h 8 min. 58 sec.
Tim Mercer in conversation with entrepreneurs about the trials and tribulations of starting, running and selling businesses.

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