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Best of Foo: A Foo Fighters Odyssey

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    Episode 38: But Here We Are

    24 GIU 2023 · Paul Carlin and Lorenzo Pacitti return for a special episode of the world's only podcast to take a deep dive into the latest Foo Fighters release, But Here We Are. After a couple of challenging years for the band, they're back with a brually honest collection of songs, tinged with sadness, grief and loss... but what do Paul and Lorenzo make of the album? It's a bumper episode for what may become one of the most significant Foo Fighters albums in the band's discography. Pour yourself a drink of something cold, hot or room temperatute and enjoy. @lorenzo__lp @thepaulcarlin Thanks for listening!
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    Episode 37: Medicine at Midnight

    13 MAR 2021 · Paul and Lorenzo reconvene to discuss Foo Fighters' latest album, Medicine at Midnight. While it's great to be talking about Dave Grohl and the Foos again, this album is really pressing some painful bruises. What will they make of Dave's journey to Funkytown? Follow us and send us abuse on social media if you like: @thepaulcarlin and @lorenzo__lp Thanks for listening!
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    Episode 36: Best of Foo

    24 NOV 2020 · It's the final! We finally made it! Who thought we'd ever manage to see this through? In this bumper episode, Paul and Lorenzo are joined by the majority of past guests to vote on the final rankings - Eurovision-style - and decide which Foo Fighters song truly is Best of Foo. There's a lot to cover so pour yourself a number of hot or cold drinks, get comfortable and prepare for the last ride as we fall down a Foo Fighters-shaped rabbit hole. Huge thanks to this episode's guests: Ally McCrae, Duncan Robertson, Eddy Walsh, Martin Johnston, Philip Ivers, Ross Stewart and Tom Fraser. Plus our pals who couldn't make it: Amandah Wilkinson, Chris Gallagher, Marcus MacLeod and Stuart Dougan. Best of Foo will return for some one-off episodes down the line. Thanks for listening!
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    Episode 35: The Semi Final

    31 OTT 2020 · Suspend your disbelief; this is the semi final of Best of Foo. One more episode stands between you and the actual Best of Foo. In this dramatic semi final, Paul and Lorenzo shake down the final 16 tracks to leave eight. These eight will make up the final of this odyssey. Prepare to throw your smartphone or speaker out of the window in disgust because there are some HEFTY decisions getting made here. Follow us on Twitter: @thepaulcarlin @lorenzo__lp
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    Episode 34: Lorenzo's Lumbar Support

    17 OTT 2020 · It's the last of the quarter final episodes and we're within touching distance of the Best of Foo Final. Paul and Lorenzo are joined once again by multi-talented musician Martin Johnston to shake down the final eight Foo tunes in this round. There's plenty of time signature and guitar tuning chat; a first for Best of Foo... Plus, even more terrible decisions and opinions about your favourite band! This episodes matchups are: Enough Space vs Shape of You (by Ed Sheeran) // Live-In Skin vs Good Grief // White Limo vs Oh, George // Wind Up vs Times Like These. Thanks to @jartinmohnston from @americanclayhi for joining us and you can find Paul and Lorenzo on Twitter: @thepaulcarlin @lorenzo__lp
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    Episode 33: When The Wheels Fall Off

    13 SET 2020 · Best of Foo is now basically a drumming podcast. Hope you like flams. In this episode, Paul and Lorenzo are joined by talented guitarist and drummer-for-hire Martin Johnston (of the great Glasgow band American Clay) to deal with eight more songs in this third quarter final. Like the previous two episodes, there are some hefty decisions and nobody is pulling their punches when it comes to deciding which tunes deserve to make it through to the next round. Plus, most importantly, loads of chat about drumming and more football references than you're probably used to; deal with it. This episode's matchups are: A Matter of Time vs Hell // Hey, Johnny Park! vs Exhausted // DOA vs Everlong // Winnebago vs My Poor Brain. Love and thanks to @jartinmohnston of @americanclayhi for taking part in this episode. You can also hear Martin's talents on recent recordings by @vukoviband and @the_quilter.
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    Episode 32: Drama At The Traffic Lights

    5 SET 2020 · In this episode, Paul and Lorenzo are once again joined by their buddy Ally McCrae to go through then next batch of songs in this second Quarter Final. For the second ep running, Ally provides some smoking hot opinions that leave Paul and Lorenzo speechless. It's exactly what our hosts need to shake up this podcast a bit... Plus, Ally tells the story of the time he ACTUALLY MET DAVE GROHL. This episode's matchups are: Rope vs The Colour And The Shape // Alone + Easy Target vs This Is A Call // The Line vs February Stars // My Hero vs Bridge Burning. Love and thanks to @allymccrae - you can download his podcast @managethatpod in all the usual places. Send hate mail to @thepaulcarlin and @lorenzo__lp
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    Episode 31: Lorenzo's Chickens Come Home To Roost

    30 AGO 2020 · After a short break, Paul and Lorenzo reconvene to continue their Foo Fighters odyssey and, for the first quarter final episode, are joined by friend, podcaster and all round excellent dude, Ally McCrae. We're into the thick of it now so pretty much every song remaining is huuuuuuge so please enjoy this extremely controversial episode with some HEFTY hot takes, jaw-dropping decisions and some much deserved comeuppance for Lorenzo (depending on whether or not you think he deserves it.) This episode's matchups are: I'll Stick Around vs Resolve // Ain't It The Life vs No Way Back // Best of You vs Generator // Savior Breath vs Monkey Wrench. Love and thanks to @allymccrae whose podcast How Did You Manage That is well worth your time.
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    Episode 30: One More Time For The Last Time

    8 AGO 2020 · Here's a little stop gap episode that'll either make you breathe a sigh of relief or make your blood boil. Either way, this could be a key moment in the legacy of Best of Foo as Paul and Lorenzo open up the Second Chance Saloon. Each presenter is allowed to make two overrides, bringing back overlooked or unlucky songs from previous episodes to replace a track from the last 32... It's all done randomly and the stakes are high... listen to find out if any fallen heroes get a reprieve. After all, this is Best of Foo; not Meh of Foo. Follow us on Twitter: @lorenzo__lp and @thepaulcarlin
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    Episode 29: The Tie Rack Returns (Part 3)

    1 AGO 2020 · It's taken some time but the final Tie Rack of the podcast comes to its conclusion in this episode as Paul and Lorenzo discuss two more Foo matchups with guests Eddy Walsh, Ross Stewart and Duncan Robertson. The language is industrial at times and there are detours-a-plenty but, in amongst all that, decisions are made on the final two matchups in The Tie Rack: A Matter of Time vs Word Forward + New Way Home vs Hey, Johnny Park! Thanks for sticking with us - more episodes on the way!
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This is Best of Foo, a podcast dedicated to finding the best Foo Fighters song. Superfans Paul Carlin and Lorenzo Pacitti make their way through 128 of the band's songs,...

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This is Best of Foo, a podcast dedicated to finding the best Foo Fighters song. Superfans Paul Carlin and Lorenzo Pacitti make their way through 128 of the band's songs, debating the finer points of each one in a bid to deduce which track truly is Best of Foo. 128 enter, only one can remain.
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