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Auction Brief with Drew Davenport

  • Everything You Need to Know Before Your Auction In One Episode

    24 AGO 2023 · It's the moment the Auction Brief has been building towards all summer long. The Auction Manifesto: Everything you Need to Know about Auctions before your draft. Drew goes back over all the lessons from Season 3 of the show this summer and walks you step-by-step through an auction from the moment you start preparing to the moment you break it down after it's over. Your host leaves no stone unturned as he tells you how to prepare, how to start the draft, how to follow the flow, tips and tricks on bidding and nominations, how to grind in the room, how to read people and situations, how to spot inflection points, and how to finish your draft like a killer. It's all here in one episode. If you only have 90 minutes to prepare for your auction draft then this is the episode for you! Happy Draft Season! @DrewDavenportFF
    1 h 41 min. 40 sec.
  • 4 Lessons from an Expert Auction; Guest John Daigle from 4for4

    17 AGO 2023 · The Auction Brief continues to go hard at prepping you for your auction drafts coming soon. Your host Drew Davenport is fresh off the King's Classic Expert Auction and he's got 4 Lessons you need to remember from his experience at the draft. But he doesn't stop there as he tells you his pre-draft strategy, whether he executed his plan, and then winds his way through the draft to give you the flow of the draft while pointing out when the inflection points hit along the way. You don't want to miss this recap of the King's Classic auction draft! Then on Discussions with Drew 4for4's John Daigle joins the show to hit all the hot topics of the moment. Can you trust Breece Hall? What do we do with Rhamondre Stevenson? Is Jonathan Taylor a buy low? And then, before signing off, Daigle runs through his flag plant guys, his fades, and his late round gems. It's all here on another information packed episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewDavenportFF @notJDaigle
    1 h 45 min. 46 sec.
  • How To Choose Your Keepers; Superflex Auction Strategy; Guest Howard Bender

    10 AGO 2023 · The Auction Brief continues to try to get your ready for your auction drafts coming up fast! Your host Drew Davenport takes the Top 3 questions he's getting in his Inbox this time of the year and tackles each one in turn. First up it's a conversation about how he approaches Superflex Auctions, what percentage of his budge he uses, who he's targeting, and how many he's going to draft. Then your host talks about how you should think about choosing your keepers in your auction leagues. Drew takes you through the thought process that lets you decide who you should be keeping based on 4 different factors. Then finally, Drew builds off the idea of "Dropping the Hammer" from last week by talking about how you know you should be dropping the hammer, or not. After Drew finishes up, he then welcomes Howard Bender to the show for Discussions with Drew and the two of them hit big camp news and hype before playing a game of "Who would you rather?" with similarly priced players in ADP. It's another jam-packed episode of the Auction Brief to get you ready for your fantasy drafts. @DrewDavenportFF @rotobuzzguy
    1 h 46 min. 42 sec.
  • How to Become a Killer in an Auction Room; Guest Matt Schauf from Draftsharks

    5 AGO 2023 · The Auction Brief can't be derailed for long. Your host Drew Davenport returns from illness to drop this week's episode a few days late.You don't want to miss this special 50th Episode of the Auction Brief that tells you how you can become a KILLER in the auction draft room. Drew first takes you through 4 ways you can focus on becoming a killer when you enter your draft room, including his breakdown on what to do with Market Price Enforcing and bidding people up. After that, Discussions with Drew welcomes Matt Schauf to the show and he delivers as he always does. The duo discusses the Chiefs WRs, the 49ers QB situation, Najee Harris, Jameson Williams, Sam LaPorta, and many more situations you're grappling with as you go to your drafts. Enjoy this very special episode of the Auction Brief and get ready to emerge as a killer! @DrewDavenportFF @SchaufDS
    1 h 45 min. 42 sec.
  • 9 Auction Concepts from a Mock Auction; Special Guests from the Listener League

    27 LUG 2023 · The last episode for the month of July hammers away at auction strategy with over 100 minutes on theory, concrete examples, and tips for success. Your host starts the show with his 9 Illustrations of Auction Concepts from a real auction draft room. This topic manages to blend the theories you've heard about for 3 years with actual circumstances from a mock draft room and how to use that information to make your auction game grow stronger. Then Drew welcomes 3 Listener League team mangers from last year to discuss their success in a tough auction draft room and what they're thinking about doing in 2023 to have another big year. Enjoy another fantastic episode of the Auction Brief as we roll into August! @DrewDavenportFF
    1 h 42 min. 55 sec.
  • 9 Training Camp Eve Draft Targets; Guest John Bosch for a Deep Auction Discussion

    20 LUG 2023 · The Auction Brief marks the eve of training camp with a deep dive into some players that have Asymmetrical Risk right now in drafts. These players are being drafted at or below their floors and have situations that have either remained the same or been improved and yet still aren't being drafted high enough. Your host walks you through 9+ targets he's looking at as we sit here at the official start of the 2023 NFL season with players reporting to camp. After Drew hits his favorite price inequities he then invites John Bosch, auction guru, into Discussions with Drew and the two of them have a deep, long, winding discussion through auction tips, tricks, and strategies they employ in auction rooms pulled from their hundreds of auction drafts. You don't want to miss this week's Auction Brief as we head into the height of draft season! @DrewDavenportFF
    1 h 36 min. 24 sec.
  • 7 Fantasy Draft Season Resolutions; Guest Brian Drake from Fantasy Points

    13 LUG 2023 · Just 2 weeks away from training camp has the Auction Brief in high gear. Drew starts the show by talking about how we tend to make the same mistakes every summer and we don't learn from the poor results. So, he resolves to change that this year by pointing out his 7 Fantasy Draft Season Resolutions and how they can make us better drafters this year. After that your host has Brian Drake on for Discussions with Drew to talk about specific fantasy players and who he is drafting and fading this year. Plus, the two play a game of "Would you rather" with players at similar ADP to tell you who has the edge on some tough calls in your drafts. It's another stellar episode of the Auction Brief hitting fantasy theory, specific players, and so much more to help you win at fantasy football and dominate your drafts. @DrewDavenportFF @DrakeFantasy
    1 h 41 min. 40 sec.
  • Guest Josh Larky talks Best Ball, Plus What 2 AFC teams Can't he Draft Enough of?

    6 LUG 2023 · Episode 6 of the Auction Brief begins with your host Drew Davenport opining on the fact that life, and fantasy football, don't always have to be as hard as it seems. He wanders through the idea that often the meta-concepts will take us most of the way in fantasy football and that losing ourselves in the weeds can end up negatively impacting our results. He then plays an auction game where he envisions 3 hypothetical scenarios that come up during an auction draft and what your move should be in each one. Once he's finished, the Auction Brief brings on guest Josh Larky from the 33rd Team and the two have a spirited conversation about Best Ball strategies including common mistakes, should we stack, and how big of a deal is Week 17 correlation? Then the two dive into players Josh likes, doesn't like and he plants his flag on some of his favorite players from a couple AFC teams that should be a fantasy goldmine. Drew and Josh then end by talking about what we should do with the Chiefs WRs, the Jaguars WRs, Greg Dulcich, and so much more! The great episodes roll on here at the Auction Brief as we hit July! Stay tuned and enjoy! @DrewDavenportFF @jlarkytweets
    1 h 42 min. 55 sec.
  • Guest Marcas Grant - Which Players Will Repeat their Good, or Bad, 2022 Performances?; Drew on the 4 Circles of Auction Success

    29 GIU 2023 · Guest Marcas Grant joins the Auction Brief in this week's Discussions with Drew to talk some auction strategy in tough rooms, how to approach it, and how to fight through the brutal nature of an experienced auction room. Then Drew and Marcas talk about players who had great, or poor, seasons in 2022 and whether they will repeat those performances. But before Marcas and Drew chop it up, your host gives you a legal update on Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, and Tyreek HIll and then launches into the topic of the day: The 4 Circles of Auction Success. Drew gives you the 30,000-foot view on how to put all the auction ideas together in 4 easy to remember concepts that encompass all the little skills you learn along the way. It's another information packed epsiode of the Auction Brief to help you dominate your fantasy drafts in 2023! @DrewDavenportFF @MarcasG
    1 h 41 min. 7 sec.
  • Guest Ian Hartitz from Fantasy Life on Difficult Fantasy Situations; Plus Drew on 7 Essential Nomination Strategies

    22 GIU 2023 · The Auction Brief has come back with another dynamite episode in it's fourth offering of the summer. Guest Ian Hartitz from Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life joins the show for Discussions with Drew and the two hit on dozens of players and situations that you're wondering about. What should you do with the Cowboys wide receivers behind CeeDee Lamb? How should you handle the Commanders backfield? Why is the Packers backfield so low in ADP? Has the fade gone too far on Dak Prescott and Mike Williams? Drew and Ian wind their way through all of these topics and many more on a truly memorable Discussions with Drew. Before they got started, your host tells his first poker story of the summer and teaches a lesson about how we get better at fantasy football and auction drafting. Then he unveils his 7 Essential Nomination Skills that every auction drafter must have. Don't miss this loaded episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewDavenportFF @IHartitz
    2 h 1 min. 4 sec.

The Auction Brief, with host Drew Davenport, is a fantasy football show that will give you a unique perspective found nowhere in the fantasy community. He is not only a...

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The Auction Brief, with host Drew Davenport, is a fantasy football show that will give you a unique perspective found nowhere in the fantasy community. He is not only a fantasy football analyst as a writer for Footballguys, but is a legal expert, and an auction draft expert. Enjoy this journey through all aspects of fantasy football with hard hitting analysis, in-depth conversations on how to be a better auction drafter, and discussions with some of the top minds in the fantasy industry. Along the way you might even learn a little about the intersection of life and fantasy football. Powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports. Weekly episodes during fantasy draft season. Find Drew on Twitter: @DrewDavenportFF
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