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Athletes to Entrepreneurs

  • From Pro Baseball Player to Entrepreneur

    19 MAR 2022 · On this episode of Alumni Direct's show "ATHLETES TO ENTREPRENEURS: The Alumni Journey," we chat with Shea Hillenbrand: Former professional baseball third baseman and first baseman, who played in Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays and more before he became an entrepreneur. Shea’s drive to win his parents' love and respect led to a drive and competitive spirit to become the best in sports. He says his work ethic got him on the team in junior college and eventually drafted by the Boston Red Sox at twenty years old to Player of the Year! “Keep going when everyone else quits.” - Shea Hillenbrand Listen to his 5 Non-Negotiables and gems of wisdom in this very animated and engaging conversation with Rob Finklestein, Founder and CEO of Alumni Direct and apply them to your life!
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  • From Track Athlete to Entrepreneur

    11 MAR 2022 · In this episode of Athletes to Entrepreneur: The Alumni Journey podcast we speak with Michael White, former elite runner and entrepreneur. How should athletes transition from the world of sports to the working world? Michael White shares, “You put your disciplined self in front of people (future employers) and they see your determination and personality and they see that and they say Go get them! So you shift from the sports you just played in, to the business you want to get in and with that mindset.” He goes on to say “What you learn (in sport) is, repetition is reputation. What you learn from doing drills, the weights, running laps is the same thing (in business). It’s about your mentality." If you want to transition from sports into the working world or are considering a career change, listen to this dynamic conversation between Michael White and Alumni Direct’s CEO and founder, Rob Finklestein.
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  • From Ski Slopes to Entrepreneur

    3 MAR 2022 · Join this fascinating conversation with Dominik Senn whose love for skiing began in Switzerland at 3 years old in a city (Zurich) not known for skiing. Hear how he went on to become a national champion and then to win the European cup but due to knee injuries later in his sport career began his sports management company to represent skiers like himself and his colleagues. Passionate about golf, Dominik is changing the face of Golf country clubs in America in building the most exclusive gated golf community, Panther National, to cater to a wider generation of golfers and other athletes. Listen to this inspiring and fascinating conversation with Rob Finklestein founder and CEO of Alumni Direct.
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  • From Dirt Bikes to Pro Baseball to Serial Entrepreneur

    23 FEB 2022 · In the latest episode of “Athletes to Entrepreneurs: The Alumni Journey” hosted by Alumni Direct, we speak with Chris Salem, former baseball player, coach, speaker and Award winning author/radio show host. Chris shares how sportspeople can benefit from guidance and mentorship to utilize their on-field leadership and communication skills in roles and careers outside the sports arena successfully.
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  • From College Athlete to Successful Entrepreneur

    16 FEB 2022 · In this episode of “Athletes to Entrepreneurs,” an inspiring series by Alumni Direct, we speak with Adrian Archie, former football player and entrepreneur. Adrian is the founder of petNmind Naturals. He shares about how being an athlete changed his life and why athletes have a natural entrepreneurial spirit.
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'Athletes to Entrepreneurs' is a podcast where we speak with former college and professional athletes from all over the world as they share the joys, successes, failures and lessons on...

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'Athletes to Entrepreneurs' is a podcast where we speak with former college and professional athletes from all over the world as they share the joys, successes, failures and lessons on their entrepreneurial journey. Hosted by Rob Finkelstein of Alumni Direct, the number one network for alumni worldwide.
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