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  • ChatGPT, AI, Google Bard & the Coming Future for Content Creators - Episode 45 - Ask the Nerd Podcast

    12 MAG 2023 · In this episode, we talk about what will happen to contact creator, royalties, and Google placement searches, and all things that bring revenue in the ad space that will be circumvented by future AI and ChatGPT style systems. I just have to stir the pot before we live out the future of the Terminator movie franchise.
    5 min. 58 sec.
  • Episode 44 - Zack Snyder Needs to Teach Marvel a Thing About Reboots

    3 DIC 2022 · Maybe Zack Snyder should teach Marvel and Disney a thing or two about reboots and get us some awesome new Marvel content instead of this weird phase 4 junk. (Minus Wakanda Forever. That one is good).
    5 min. 37 sec.
  • What in the world is Solana? And should I even care? | Episode 43 ATN Podcast

    8 SET 2021 · Today I talk about this epic revolution of the Blockchain that’s becoming a phenomenon named Solana. Even on vacation, people are asking me what this thing is about. And in this episode I share from the nerd perspective all about Solana and why I love it. For more:
    7 min.
  • Help! Can You Take the Mystery Out of Crypto Wallets

    25 AGO 2021 · In this episode, we take a quick overview of Crypto wallets. No mysteries here! For more, see:
    8 min. 38 sec.
  • Help! I Want to Start Investing in Crypto & I Dont Know How to Start or Where to...

    18 AGO 2021 · You knew we had to cover it at some point. We share some things we have learned that can help you when you begin to invest in Crypto. For more, see:
    12 min. 57 sec.
  • Help! Whats the Difference Between Coins & Tokens in Crypto Currency

    11 AGO 2021 · In this episode, we discuss what the real difference is between actual Crypto "Coins" and "Tokens." It is super important to understand the form and the function when investing and/or developing with these. For more, see:
    10 min. 40 sec.
  • Meme Coins & Tokens... Whats all the Fuss About Why Should I Even Care

    4 AGO 2021 · We dig into the meaning of Meme Coins and Tokens. So many are investing based on their following popular culture. We simply want to make sure you know what the fuss is all about: For more see:
    7 min. 23 sec.
  • Lets Talk Crypto Currency Mining for Total Newbies

    28 LUG 2021 · Want to know more about what Crypto mining is all about? This is an intro to it for newbies. For more, see:
    7 min. 56 sec.
  • Digging Into the Value of Crypto Currencies by Looking at the Projects

    21 LUG 2021 · When we approach Crypto as an investment, we like to look at it from what projects are attached to it rather than simply the "Meme value." Meme crypto can increase in value, but is it valued in a way where it can hold that value? For more:
    11 min. 58 sec.
  • Are Crypto Currencies Here to Stay?

    26 APR 2021 · The question I get asked most is whether these things are here to stay. Everyone has a viewpoint on it and I simply want to dig into the nerdiness. So, join me. And check out our website at:
    5 min. 12 sec.

Got questions and need a Nerd? Or maybe you are a Nerd and you love being on top of what is hot in tech. Well, this podcast is for you!...

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Got questions and need a Nerd? Or maybe you are a Nerd and you love being on top of what is hot in tech. Well, this podcast is for you! It's a new era where tech is hot and nerds are chic. Nerdsta's are the new Nerd Gangsta, lol. In our world, the one with the most life-hacks, rules! On this show, we will dig into tech talk, tips and tricks and the thoughts on the latest trends in tech that will make your life better, your work more effective and automated or at least more entertaining. You will want to join our Tribe. Because we're livin' in a Nerdsta's paradise!
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