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Archer and The Devil

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    Episode 0045

    19 MAG 2021 · This week is Archer's 38th birthday, so we celebrated with cake, how he spent his day at the zoo hanging out with Elephants and Rhino's, why his Dad delivered his birthday card 2 days early when nobody was home, the Devil's inability to cook and food choices when going out to eat, which somehow leads into the Salem Witch Trials and trying to comprehend that witches aren't real. From there we discuss the history of Juneteenth before delving into a review of the weekends UFO and Alien Expert Investigator episode with David Whitehouse. We discuss some of the fact checking involved, the information presented and our feelings on Aliens and UFO's having had the 2 hours conversation. This moves to alien movies like War Of The Worlds, Signs and 10 Cloverfield Lane before finally finishing up with a brief history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Thank you for your time and support.
    Played 1 h 8 min. 36 sec.
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    UFO & Alien Expert Investigator - David Whitehouse

    16 MAG 2021 · This episode of Archer and The Devil features former Mutual UFO Network Investigator, David Whitehouse. David has a National Diploma in Computer Science and runs his own business in Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing Specialists at inLIFE Design. He encountered his first crop circle at the age of 8, then went on to experience four different UFO sightings, which has pushed him into extensive research and investigation into the subject. During his time at MUFON, a Nonprofit organization with the purpose of the Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity, he was one of only 9 key UK members. During the 2 hours podcast, he covers his own personal experiences, an extensive look at the history of UFO and Alien documentation on this planet, going back 6,000 years to ancient Sumeria and the Anunnaki, to ancient Egypt, China and Mexico, discussing the creation and purpose of the great Pyramids, the Younger Dryas, to the 1940's and Roswell, Project Blue Book, the creation of the CIA and the Department of Defence, President Eisenhower's involvement with Aliens and his secret meetings with Churchill, the experiences of WWII pilots and the foo fighters, astronauts that claim to have encountered other worldly vessels, the far side of the Moon, Element 115, the Battle of Los Angeles, the significance of time in relation to UFO travel, ancient cave paintings, USO's, the Antarctic, the Nazca Lines, Rendlesham Forest, Nikola Tesla, the Majestic 12, Rudloe Manor, the Goldilocks Zone, underground bunkers, the significance of Nuclear Weapons and how they may have attracted the attention of Aliens, Zeta Reticuli, the importance of 8th July 2021, the death of Marilyn Monroe and much, much more. It's an extensive look into the history of UFO's on Earth, all the way up to present day and what it could mean going forward. David has done an extensive amount of research and gives varied references if you wish to further explore the topics, and is challenged on his information throughout. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as we did!
    Played 2 h 3 min. 9 sec.
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    Episode 0044

    12 MAG 2021 · In this weeks episode we talk about our investment into Cryptocurrency and discuss our immediate losses on DogeCoin, Elon Musk's appearance on Saturday Night Live and trying to learn about stocks in real time. From there we talk about a possible expedition to summit Mount Everest and The Devil's previous mountain climbing experiences in Peru, Patagonia and Iceland, mountain climbing attire and trying not to lose limbs and/or die in the process. From there we went into the recent Local Election, why voting is important, the NDL vs Laurence Fox in London, The Rock running for President and a potential run as local councillors as an Archer and The Devil Political Party in 2025. Story Time With Archer talks about Sosumi and the fascinating battle between The Beatles and Steve Jobs' Apple, how record companies own music in this and all undiscovered universes, a review of Elton John's Rocketman movie, Red Hot Chili Peppers selling their entire back catalogue of music for $140M and finally a very heated debate on whether Madonna is considered to be an iconic music artist. This one is classic Archer and The Devil content from start to finish!
    Played 1 h 11 min. 27 sec.
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    Episode 0043

    5 MAG 2021 · In this weeks episode we start with congratulating and discussing the incredible feat accomplished by friends of the podcast and former guests, Matt Pritchard and Johnny Ward, who along with 2 others, spent 50 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from Lanzarote to Antigua in the Caribbean. We talk about what they had to endure and experience on their journey and consider the difficulty and whether it is something that we could do. Archer compares the effort to that time he didn't masturbate for 12 days (context is there if you watch), and The Devil remembers times he has rowed in the past. From there we recall stories from South Africa, Brazil, Barbados and Cambodia, discussing the proximity of wealthy parts of cities to impoverished areas, before finally discussing the details and future of Cryptocurrency, BitCoin, DOGE and Block Chains. Thanks for tuning in! Remember to drop a peach!
    Played 1 h 4 min. 43 sec.
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    Episode 0042

    28 APR 2021 · This weeks episode opens with a breakdown of the short lived European Super League and the protests that followed it's announcement, discussing why some protests are apparently more "police friendly" than others, how Conservative Government in Britain continues to be openly corrupt yet face no repercussions. This leads to a debate about why some people opt out of any interest in politics on the belief that they are all corrupt and as bad as each other, which has further enabled them to be openly exploitive and waste billions of public tax to make themselves wealthier. From there, a helicopter being flown on Mars by NASA, what that could mean for the future of the planet, what would you want to be known for being the first person to have done on Mars if you arrived on the planet. A brief summery of the terrible second wave of Covid-19 currently spreading across India which has lead to an awful number of deaths, and finally the Derek Chauvin case in the murder of George Floyd. Thanks for your support!
    Played 1 h 1 min. 7 sec.
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    Episode 0041

    21 APR 2021 · In this weeks episode we talk about the reopening of outdoor bars and pubs in England and the "difficulty" of going back to work after having had a year off, the best and worst rollercoaster experiences, swimming, the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy and the effect it is having on the industry of fishing and shark fins globally. We then move onto the Funeral of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and discuss the conspiracy theory of whether he secretly passed away a decade ago and he has been used as an reanimated corpse. Then about driving with our Dad's, online shopping vs going in store and finally the controversy around the lobbying scandal involving former Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Greensill company, and immoral use of power or Members of Parliament. Thank for sticking around!
    Played 1 h 5 min. 13 sec.
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    Episode 0040

    14 APR 2021 · This week is a packed episode, opening with the passing of DMX, Prince Philip and former Big Brother contestant Nicki Graham. From there we discuss how Hong Kong citizens are to be given £43m package to help settle in UK and go into the history of why this is, starting in 1655. From how Britain first started trading silver for tea, to how they used their power in India to export mass quantities of Opium into China, leading to two wars and the eventual control of Hong Kong. Moving to present day, we break down how China used the capitalist model created by the British Empire in Hong Kong to rise to become a global super power, how the passing over of Hong Kong back to China has lead to an uprising and the £43m resettlement package by the United Kingdom, and going forward, how China's BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is being created for economic Global domination. Things get a little lighter from there as we "review" Godzilla vs Kong and how it can be used to further support each argument in our ongoing Bear vs Gorilla debate. We end with some throwbacks to 90's girl bands. It's definitely a content packed episode with a good balance between information and silliness. Thanks for checking it out!
    Played 1 h 11 min. 42 sec.
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    Episode 0039

    7 APR 2021 · This weeks Easter episode comes from a brand new studio. For some reason there is a comparison between Jesus and Craig David, How Christianity stole Pagan Holidays (featuring All Saints), a week in Britain: from MP David Lammy not being English because he is black, to England checking and announcing that England isn't racist, to a 22 year old Met Police Officer being discovered to be a member of a Neo-Nazi party. The fascinating history of the Suez Canal, including the desire for the United States to drop 520 nuclear weapons on Egypt. (Seriously.) A quick step over Pop Idol contestants, Mr T-like catchphrases, Psyche and the $10,000,000,000,000,000,000 asteroid, we finish with the scientific principal of being able to see Dinosaurs from a location in space that was 65 million light years away. Includes a visual representation of "expanding your mind". Thanks for joining us!
    Played 1 h 4 min.
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    Episode 0038

    31 MAR 2021 · In this weeks episode we talk about embarrassing injuries, the Ever Green Suez Canal fiasco, Chet Hanks and his White Boy Summer, Sir Lewis Hamilton's first win of the new F1 season, a local Councillor's chances of winning an upcoming election with some advice on how to improve his campaign, Priti Patel and the immorality of the way MP's abuse their expenses at the cost of the tax payer money, how governments and leaders could better use taxes to increase health care and improve equality rather than on border walls and pipelines. This leads to a conversation about gun control, about the 49th parallel between USA and Canada, the LA Riots, Rodney King and a mention for the shark that is older than the United States Of America. It's a jam packed episode with that will make you laugh and balance out the heavy content. Remember to drop a comment of "PSYCHE!"
    Played 1 h 7 min. 28 sec.
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    Episode 0037

    24 MAR 2021 · This week on Archer and The Devil, it is officially Spring! We discuss the equinox, the passing of Sabine Schmitz (motor racing driver, also known for her appearances on Top Gear), the time Archer came first at the Nürburgring, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his many artistic outlets, from drinks companies to TV shows, the technicality of colonising and becoming the official king of Mars (Spoiler alerts, we've worked out an absolutely flawless plan to accomplish this feat) with some help from the movie The Martian, and finally the UK government's plan to increase the amount of nuclear weapons by 40%, the most since the Cold War, the Protest Bill which has lead ironically to protests and the ethical necessity of being able to speak out against your leaders. It's 85% silly with a little bit of serious for balance. Thank you for checking out the podcast! You are all very much appreciated.
    Played 1 h 5 min. 38 sec.

Archer and The Devil is a podcast hosted by 2 friends of 20+ years, brought together by a love of travelling and an attempt to get a grasp and better...

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Archer and The Devil is a podcast hosted by 2 friends of 20+ years, brought together by a love of travelling and an attempt to get a grasp and better understanding of the ridiculousness of life.
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