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  • What to Know About Horses

    19 GIU 2024 · 6/19/24 - Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to horse handler Helena Peterson started off in her youth as an equestrian, when she realized how many horses need rescued and started her own equine sanctuary. Doug and Helena take us on an educational journey on horse nutrition, who are herbivores, and the additives and fillers in store-bought horse feed. Plus, the average longevity of horses in captivity, the maintenance included in having horses, why you should never own just one horse, and how to get youngsters involved with horse safety and handling. Website:  Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
    Played 17 min. 19 sec.
  • Strawberries For Students

    12 GIU 2024 · 6/12/24 - Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Stephanie Shepard Barnett and Steve Barnett of The Strawberry Patch at Shepard Farms, a family farm known for their delicious strawberries. Recently, partnered with Robertson County Schools (near Nashville) to provide local produce to students. The Robertson County Schools Nutrition Department and the local family farm began a partnership with Shepard Farms supplying strawberries to area schools as part of a new produce partnership between local farms and the district’s nutrition department. While the program, which began on April 29, has come to an end for this school year, they look forward to begin again with a new school year. Strawberries are still available to the general public at the Shepard's Strawberry patch. For hours of operation, pre-picked and you-pick availability and pricing, visit their Facebook Page - just search “The Strawberry Patch at Shepard Farms. Find them on Facebook @ The Strawberry Patch at Shepard Farms, or visit the farm in Cedar Hill, TN - 1336 Walter Head Road, Cedar Hill, TN, United States, Tennessee. Website:  Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
    Played 18 min. 36 sec.
  • Farmsteading for Sustainability

    5 GIU 2024 · 6/5/24 - Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan ( introduces us to Stephanie Shepler-Harren of Chosen Weeds Farm, maker of 100% Goat Milk Soaps ( Chosen Weeds farm was born out of a desire to create a place of sustainability and service to the community. Stephanie wanted to fashion a place where people were free to see how animals and plants can be raised with love, where they could be assured that the products they buy are authentic, and they were free to ask questions to learn and grow into their authentic self. Stephanie Shepler-Harren is a certified fitness nutritionist, an avid outdoors woman, and has a driving desire for Truth. Her passion of knowledge and understanding lead her down a path that she would have never imagined a few years ago. A journey where her beliefs have repeatedly been put to the test through many hardships. Right now they are raising Nubian dairy goats, chickens, and have started what she hopes to be a sustainable food forest on her property. The goal is to be as self-sustainable as possible, greatly increase the quality of food that we consume and serve, and help like-minded individuals. From Stephanie: “Authentic people are hard to come by, and people that actually live out their beliefs seem to be an endangered species. I believe that my life story is becoming a testament to what can be accomplished when people know what they believe and refuse to compromise on their core values regardless of what they may endure. I hope my actions will inspire my children and many others to turn away from lives of compromise and live out the life they were created to live.” Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
    Played 18 min. 6 sec.
  • Mental Health Month: Farm Aid Support and Resource Hotline: 1-800-327-6243

    22 MAG 2024 · 5/22/24 - Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Alexandria Ward, Farm Aid’s Farmer Services Network Manager, for a focus on Farm Aid’s Mental Health Hotline, aiming to provide aid to Farmers nationwide. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and mental health issues are a major concern for all types of workers in the farming and agriculture industry. Farm Aid’s hotline operators are familiar with agriculture and with resources for farmers around  the country; they work with hotline callers to find the best resources for their individual  situation, whether they are looking for assistance with farm stress, financial issues, legal  questions or business-related questions.  All farmers  can call the hotline at 1-800-FARM-AID (1-800-327-6243). The Hotline hours are M-F,  9am-9pm ET and 6am-6pm PT. The suicide rate has been higher for farmers than for the general  population for decades, and a 2017 front-page story in The Guardian brought it to America’s attention. It’s a harsh reality about farmers: people working in agriculture in the U.S.  — including farmers, farm laborers, ranchers, fishers and lumber harvesters — take their lives  at a rate higher than any other occupation.   Alexandria comes to the Farm Aid  team from a varied background in food systems. Most recently Alexandria worked in the  farmers market world where she supported a large network of farmers and producers in the  Mid-Atlantic. Her work has also included academic research, policy, and advocacy. Alexandria  is constantly inspired by the farmers in this country, and the individuals and organizations that  have worked tirelessly to support small scale agriculture, and sustainable and equitable food  systems. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
    Played 16 min. 34 sec.
  • 4/25/24 - 200 Years Of Family Farming Success

    29 APR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Alexis Burnham, of Burnham Orchards. The Burnham Family Farm dates back to the early 1800s when William and Eleanor Tillinghast received 160 acres of land in the Firelands of Ohio. From juicy apples to succulent peaches, they grow fruits that delight your taste buds directly to the public at their 200 year old farm. You can pick your own in season, visit Grandma Bea's Bakery, The Market, and The Tap Room.
    Played 19 min. 9 sec.
  • 4/18/24 - It's Strawberry Season!!!

    22 APR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Jake Carter, Owner & CEO, Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. Southern Belle Farm is an 8-generation family owned 330-acre working farm, open seasonally for fresh produce, berry picking, peach picking, fall fun, Christmas trees, and much more! It's Strawberry Season on The Farm, and they have lots of fun planned for guests this Spring! U-pick strawberries will be available to be picked right from the vines of their 15-acre strawberry patch or pick-up a bucket of their freshly picked strawberries from the Country Market. As good stewards, they strive to honor their God given family heritage to create a wholesome atmosphere, which strengthens family bonds within local communities and staff, while educating the public about agriculture.
    Played 16 min. 56 sec.
  • 4/11/24 - Agricultural Ethic for the Future

    11 APR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Jerry Apps, author of "On Farms and Rural Communities: An Agricultural Ethic for the Future." Jerry Apps is a former county extension agent and is now professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he taught for thirty years. Today he works as a rural historian and full-time writer and is the author of many books on rural history, country life, and the environment. As agriculture, land utilization, demographic shifts, and socioeconomic and cultural factors. Apps highlights the urgent need to restore and better appreciate our rural communities. He urges the creation of an agricultural ethic that looks at the land and the people, celebrating all that has made American farming an essential part of our history while positioning it for a brighter future. 
    Played 17 min. 49 sec.
  • 4/4/24 - Meet Two Real American Cowboys

    3 APR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Steve and Jesse McBee of McBee Farms. Their new series on Peacock The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys, is a new reality series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the high-stakes world of farming and ranching in rural Missouri. McBee Farm and Cattle is on the brink of becoming a billion-dollar business... or a financial disaster. They own and operate 2100 acres of fescue pasture and have been in some form of the beef production business since 1974. 
    Played 13 min. 58 sec.
  • 3/28/24 - Boosting Your Farm Through Membership

    1 APR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Warren Shaw, President of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF ), a non-profit farming advocacy organization representing almost 3,000 family members across the Commonwealth. In this capacity, he assesses the overall direction and strategy of MFBF. Warren is also the owner/operator of Shaw Farm in Dracut, MA. The 113-year-old family dairy has a herd of 100 and produces and sells conventional and organic milk as well as ice cream. MFBF is the Commonwealth’s largest general farming organization with more than 3,000 member families in 12 counties.
    Played 18 min. 55 sec.
  • 3/21/24 - Getting Healthy With Microgreens

    25 MAR 2024 · Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan introduces us to Tami Purdue, from Sweet Peas Urban Gardens, LLC. & Tami is a trained as an accountant, but her own “foodie” journey led her from rapt engagement with entertainment cooking, to organic gardening, to a profound fascination with all the ways food culture underlies manifold concerns of health, justice, identity and personal expression. They grow local, organic produce because they want their community to enjoy health, resilience, and the simple pleasure of a well grown and prepared meal.
    Played 18 min. 2 sec.
A weekly look at trends in Family Farming and Healthy Eating.

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