• 06/10/2024: Michal Schnaider Beeri, PhD, Director of the Herbert and Jacqueline Krieger Klein Alzheimer’s Research Center

    11 GIU 2024 · For some middle-aged people, the amount of fat in the pancreas, liver, and belly is related to the brain’s volume and cognitive function, one Rutgers Health study published in the journal, Obesity, finds. The impact of abdominal fat on brain health and cognition is generally more pronounced in middle-aged men with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, who have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease as opposed to women, according to researchers at Rutgers Health.  “In middle-aged males at high Alzheimer's disease risk—but not females—higher pancreatic fat was associated with lower cognition and brain volumes, suggesting a potential sex-specific link between distinct abdominal fat with brain health.” Dr. Michal Schnaider Beeri shares about how this research highlights the importance of investigating the interrelationships of fat deposits, brain aging, and cognition in the context of sex differences.
    58 min. 31 sec.
  • 06/03/2024: Patricia Crisafulli, Communications Consultant and Mystery Novelist at FaithHopeandFiction.com | Unearthing Your Buried Treasure

    3 GIU 2024 · This week on the Aging Today Podcast, I interviewed Patricia Crisafulli, Communications Consultant and Mystery Novelist at FaithHopeandFiction.com. We discussed Unearthing Your Buried Treasure - It’s Time to Start Digging In.Author Patricia Crisafulli joins us on the Aging Today Podcast eager to guide us down a path of taking a look into ourselves. Patricia’s writings are all about unlocking the fascination and mystery of human nature, which she calls, “buried treasure.” During our time together today, Patricia talks with us about some of life’s biggest questions - good vs. evil, life and death, and what do we value the most? We’ll also get a glimpse into exploring what you’d be prepared to die for. In times of uncertainty, we need mysteries all the more.
    1 h 8 min. 48 sec.
  • 5/27/24: Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri, Founding Physician of Bone and Body Women’s Health | The Understated Topic in Menopause: Postmenopausal O

    27 MAG 2024 · Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri joins us on Aging Today to discuss, understand, prevent, and treat the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, osteoporosis, low bone density, and fractures. Every woman will reach menopause and every woman will have their own unique menopause journey. Every 3 seconds, an osteoporosis-related fracture occurs, and 1 in 5 women will experience a re-fracture within 5 years. Click http://agingtoday.us/ & listen today!
    1 h 8 min. 36 sec.
  • 05/20/2024: Caroline Brecker and Campbell Gerrish, Founders of Third Half Advisors | Life 3.0 - The Best Chapter | Aging Today Podcast

    20 MAG 2024 · It's time to envision a different future! As Founders of Third Half Advisors, Caroline Brecker and Campbell Gerrish lead a unique initiative focused on guiding individuals through life transitions beyond their primary careers. Unlike traditional financial advisors, Third Half specializes in supporting individuals as they transition from their "warrior" careers and helps them navigate toward the next fulfilling chapter at their desired pace. Are you charting the "Third Half" you want?
    1 h 6 min. 59 sec.
  • 05/13/2024: Annie Teer, Volunteer Coordinator and Ashley Loyning, Assistive Technology Services Coordinator from ALS Northwest | ALS Awarene

    15 MAG 2024 · The month of May is ALS Awareness Month, and Aging Today is celebrating all the volunteers who make a difference in the lives of people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Annie Teer, Volunteer Coordinator from ALS Northwest leads the volunteer program. Along with all the many people who provide personal assistance, many types of assistive technologies help people live their best lives. Ashley Loyning, Assistive Technology Coordinator makes it happen.
    1 h 9 min. 31 sec.
  • 05/06/2024: ALS Northwest Care Services Coordinators, Mary Rebar (Willamette Valley), Christina Riddock (Cent. OR), and Laura Geilenfeldt

    6 MAG 2024 · May is ALS Awareness Month, and joining us on the Aging Today Podcast are three incredible people who coordinate the care for anyone diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis here in Oregon. Mary Rebar, Christina Riddock, and Laura Geilenfeldt are all Care Services Coordinators who provide expert advice and assistance for anyone diagnosed and living with ALS. Tune in to hear their stories about how they are making a difference.
    1 h 2 min. 3 sec.
  • 04/29/2024: Chef Steve Toll, a Man of Many Talents | Care Kitchen: Cooking with Kindness | Aging Today Podcast with Mark Turnbull

    3 MAG 2024 · Chef Steve Toll joins us on Aging Today to discuss Cooking with Kindness. As Americans, we certainly consume more than our fair share of sugar every day. In fact, we ingest 17 teaspoons of added sugar to our diet every single day. This adds up to around 60 pounds of additional sugar consumed annually. Tune in to the Aging Today Podcast to see what Steve is cooking up in his kitchen to give all of us nutritious foods for better health.
    55 min. 2 sec.
  • 04/22/2024: Nikki Jardin, Publisher and Co-Founder of Mirador Magazine | Making Reading Accessible and Fun! | Aging Today Podcast with Mark

    23 APR 2024 · Nikki Jardin joins the Aging Today Podcast and shares her personal story of how her aunt's dementia led to the creation of Mirador Magazine. Nikki says, “‘Mirador’ is a Spanish word that means a vantage point, a balcony, or a lookout, which is what we would like to provide. I would like our pages to be places where readers can take in a vast landscape and zero in on various points of interest at their leisure and pace.”
    1 h 2 min. 43 sec.
  • 04/15/24: Dr. Deborah Maragopoulos, FNP |Stop Suffering - Heal Your Hypothalamus! | Aging Today Podcast with Mark Turnbull

    16 APR 2024 · Dr. Deborah Maragopoulos, FNP joins us on the Aging Today Podcast to discuss how the hypothalamus is our command and control center. Known as the 'Hormone Queen," Deborah has made it her mission to help people balance their hormones and live optimally, regardless of their age.
    1 h 12 min. 57 sec.
  • 04/08/2024: Lizette Cloette, Skills2Care Certified OTR/L CADDCT, CDP, & CMDCP from “Think Different” Dementia, LLC |Dementia Care with Grace

    8 APR 2024 · Our guest, Liz Cloete, understands that helping someone living with dementia is hard enough, but doing so without constant stress or feeling overwhelmed can be even harder. It requires a whole new way of thinking about your dementia caregiving journey. This doesn’t come naturally to people because it goes against our natural inclinations. Like any life-altering diagnosis - including dementia - caregiving is about doing the right things in the right ways at the right times.
    1 h 4 min. 49 sec.

A Podcast where together we discuss proactive aging in the right place, with a choice, connecting to the professional advice of our special guests, while creating better days throughout the...

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A Podcast where together we discuss proactive aging in the right place, with a choice, connecting to the professional advice of our special guests, while creating better days throughout the aging process. Sponsored by ComForCare In Home Case of West Linn & Portland-South.
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