Sign o' The Times - April 16, 2024

Sign o' The Times - April 16, 2024
16 apr 2024 · 1 h 42 min. 14 sec.

Eli Zaret zooms in to talk about a major league wife swap, Caitlin Clark, the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and whatever the hell else he wants. (Hey, he's Eli!) STRAIGHT...

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Eli Zaret zooms in to talk about a major league wife swap, Caitlin Clark, the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and whatever the hell else he wants. (Hey, he's Eli!)

Marc creates another outstanding intro with matching video starring ML and Shawn in a trailer originally featuring Roger Moore and Stacey Keach, which you can only see if you’re a Patreon supporter donating $5 a month. ML wonders whether he is Moore or Keach. Shawn offers his answer.
Eli barely says hello before Shawn takes over the show, turning it into a Caitlin Clark and women’s NCAA basketball love fest. ML tries to reassert control, but Eli and Marc tell him to stand down.
The Detroit Pistons season ended, mercifully. Eli opines on his experience with the team and ML says Tom Gores is one of the worst owners in professional sports for keeping a GM who couldn’t win and a coach who didn’t want to coach.
Did Tarik Skubal blow his chance at the Cy Young on Opening Day?  Who even suggested such a preposterous thing? The crew discusses.Eli weighs in on the Tigers broadcast teams and ML tells a Craig Monroe story that turned him into a fan. Get Eli’s take. (Spoiler alert: If you're not Ernie Harwell, Eli isn't impressed)
ML asks Eli why so many Michigan Wolverine coaches are getting busted for drunken driving. Marc says there’s nothing to see here. 
Fritz Peterson, a New York Yankees pitcher who traded families with a fellow Yankees hurler in 1973, died. ML asks Eli to reflect on the public outcry at the time but, in another act of defiance, Eli prefers to talk about Dennis Eckersley and Rick Manning’s complicated relations with Eck’s wife.
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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is a known micro-manager, so why is he clowning a top appointee for building a new city landmark that Hizzoner claims he still hasn’t seen? The landmark may not win any awards, but Duggan takes home this week’s geek honors.

ROOM 7609:
The Suburbs check into the New Wave suite to perform “Waiting,” then ML asks Marc and Shawn if they know what the lead singer and Bill Clinton may have had in common. Send us your favorite deep cut or obscure band – and a story about them or why they mean something to you – by writing to

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