Season 7: Episode 356 - BATMAN: Two Out Of Joint/Catwalk/Bane/Baby Doll

19 mar 2024 · 2 h 26 min. 26 sec.
Season 7:  Episode 356 - BATMAN:  Two Out Of Joint/Catwalk/Bane/Baby Doll

For Batman enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados, join us in our retrospective journey into Batman- the animated series, other popular TV shows, and some cinematic favourites. Get to know our...

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For Batman enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados, join us in our retrospective journey into Batman- the animated series, other popular TV shows, and some cinematic favourites. Get to know our animated panel of experts – Sean Steffen, Joe Randazzo, Vicky Rae, and our host, Keith Chawgo, as they reveal their personal and professional experiences and their taste in movies. Delve into our extensive discussions on films, acting performances, and influential career positioning films. With lively debates, fascinating movie recommendations, and healthy doses of humour and sarcasm, this promising episode promises not just an interesting listen but a joyful ride through your favourite films and TV shows.  

As we shift gears, our conversation lightens as we discuss the timeless beauty of black women and then dives into a shared appreciation for the film, "Bullet." From films recently screened in the local theatre to others including "Ring of Fire 2," "Psycho Cop," and the intriguing series "Twin Peaks," we discuss everything that enkindles our interest with enthusiasm and thorough analysis. Join us as we examine everything from thrilling chase scenes to emotional dialogues, painting a vivid cinematic world.  

Analysing Popular TV Series: Twin Peaks, Dark Shadows, and Shogun.    

Engage with us in a free-flowing discussion on reactions and thoughts on some of the trending TV series. The conversation evolves as we delve into performances, visual aesthetics, storyline intricacies, and the creative decisions driving narratives in series such as Twin Peaks, Dark Shadows, and the recently released series of Shogun. Navigate through this enlightening episode as we analyse characters, critique story strengths and weaknesses across different seasons, and conjecture how real-world events such as the Gulf War influenced certain shows.  

Exploring Vintage Cinema Classics & Batman's Animated Series  

In this episode, we pay homage to vintage cinema classics and Batman's animated series. Our discussion enlightens the contributions of William Castle, the American film director, and his timeless productions, including "Macabre," "House on Haunted Hill," and "The Tingler." We meticulously discuss the cinematic world of Batman's animated series, shedding light on key characters, intriguing plots involving The Clock King and Catwoman, and brilliant presentation techniques.  

Universe of Superheroes: Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Spider-Man  

Dive into the thrilling universe of superheroes, exploring their influence on cinema and broader popular culture. Listen to our engaging debate on characters such as Batman, Catwoman, the Gotham-resident Nightwing, and Marvel's Spider-Man, dissecting their different portrayals and analysing their appeals. The episode offers an immersive experience into the captivating world of iconic superheroes and would appeal especially to DC and Marvel universe enthusiasts.  

Dissecting DC and Marvel: Comic Books, Films, TV Shows, and Influence  

In this captivating episode, get engrossed in our deliberation on DC and Marvel's comic books, films, television shows, and how they influence each other. Join the discussions about two of the largest comic book empires, their adaptations, their distinctive fan bases, and the future of comic-based cinematic experiences.  

Filmmaking & the Obsession with Trends: Industry Concerns and Critiques  

In this gripping and honest discussion, we delve into grave concerns within the film industry today. Discussing issues like the rise of trend-driven filmmaking, the overdose of sequels, the evolution of Marvel and Star Wars' universes along with critiques of popular TV series such as The Mandalorian and Andor, this episode discusses how an overdose of trends can harm the film and TV industry's creativity and quality.  

Exploring Batman's Animated Series: From Iconic Episodes to Recent Releases  

In this episode, we embark on a journey through Batman's animated series, reviewing memorable moments, assessing nostalgic classics like Clerks 3, and discussing less favorable moments from recent releases. Join us as we delve into the layers of these iconic episodes, sharing insightful reviews, critiques and unravel the intriguing stories within stories in the Batman universe.  

A Critique of 'Baby Doll' from Batman: The Problem of Fading Stardom  

In this episode, we discuss the surprisingly poignant episode 'Baby Doll' from Batman's classic series. Join our conversation as we explore the struggles of child stars when their limelight dims prematurely. A deep dive into 'Baby Doll' offers a remarkable blend of absurdity, poignancy, and the dark realities of child stardom.   

00:00:20 - Introduction to Batman Retrospective; 00:02:26 - Sean’s Preparations for Vacation; 00:05:23 - Discussion of ”The Dark Backward” Movie; 00:10:51 - Sean’s Plans for Hawaii Trip; 00:14:39 - Conversation on Aging and Society Norms; 00:21:34 - Michael Bay Movies and ”The Rock”; 00:22:31 - Joe’s Movie Watching Experiences; 00:26:51 - Review of ”Ring of Fire 2” and ”Psycho Cop”; 00:30:24 - Vicky’s Health and ”Twin Peaks” Watching Experience; 00:38:28 - William Castle’s Influence; 00:42:27 - Legal Battles and TV Shows; 00:59:09 - Catwoman’s Return; 01:07:45 - The Batman Code; 01:18:03 - Streaming Mysteries; 01:29:16 - Alfred’s Origins; 01:37:29 - Lazy Storytelling; 01:42:23 - Troubles in The Mandalorian; 01:50:04 - The Battle with Bane; 01:53:10 - Plans for a Podcast; 02:04:43 - Analysing Babydoll; 02:16:50 - Favourite Episodes Review;

Opening Credits– Adventures of Batman and Robin The  - Animated Series by Shirley Walker.  Copyright 2008 Warner Records. All rights reserved  

Closing Credits: Baby Doll by Ari Abdul.  Taken from the album Fallen Angel.  Copyright 2022 Ari Abdul  

Section Breaks:  Music from the Batman: The Animated Series.  Music by Shirley Walker.  Copyright 2008 Warner Records ​

Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast.   

All rights reserved.  Used by Kind Permission.  

All songs available through Amazon Music.    
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