Season 7: Episode 351 - BATMAN: Avatar/House and Garden/The Terrible Trio/Harlequinade

10 feb 2024 · 2 h 41 min.
Season 7:  Episode 351 - BATMAN:  Avatar/House and Garden/The Terrible Trio/Harlequinade

Join us for a riveting episode of the "Literary License Podcast" as we diverge from Batman retrospectives and delve deep into the chaotic world of Pro Wrestling. Journey with our...

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Join us for a riveting episode of the "Literary License Podcast" as we diverge from Batman retrospectives and delve deep into the chaotic world of Pro Wrestling. Journey with our hosts Keith Chawgo, Sean Steffan, and Vicky Rae as we examine significant events, from the controversies surrounding Vince McMahon's resignation to the reactions towards Dwayne 'The Rock'" Johnson's return. Marvel at the dynamics behind the rise of wrestling stars like Cody Rhodes and the political power plays pervading the industry. Picture the thrilling future of wrestling through our intriguing conjectures and hear our comparisons to the world of TV soaps. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on the dichotomy between good and evil, and anticipations for the upcoming Vince McMahon biopic.

Dive into our extensive explorations of video games, unique movie recommendations, and in-depth analysis of the iconic Batman series. Feel our hosts' gaming frustrations and triumphs, understand the hypnotic charm of Yakuza movies, and partake in our anticipation for classic series like Twilight Zone and Friday the 13th. Unravel Batman's complicated relationships and contemplate his future as we navigate the exciting world of streaming. Participate in reflective discussions on power dynamics, personal responsibilities, and mutual attraction as we tackle a range of entertainment topics.

Join us as we analyze fascinating characters like Harley Quinn and the Terrible Trio, uncovering motivations and examining complex dynamics. Further, delve into the intricacies of film making and profitability, shedding light on the importance of fanbases and the enduring appeal of a variety of movies and actors. Discover thrilling genres of horror and action films, understanding the subtlety of messaging, the impacts of company ownership, and financial struggles of major cinema industry players. Round out the conversation with reflections on the presentation and performances in iconic movies like "Barbie" and ponder over the possible future of the "Transformers" franchise in this engaging episode.

Take part in our exploration of the world of movies, toys, celebrities, and nostalgia as we discuss the evolution of the Transformers franchise, the illustrious career of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and the careers of renowned actors like John Travolta and Robin Williams. Relish in our nostalgic reminiscences of forgotten sequels and real-life dynamics mirrored in movies and conclude with an insight into the multifaceted psyche of comedians like Richard Pryor. Traverse through classic TV series' episodes as we wrap up this dynamic episode that is too intriguing to miss!

00:00:20 - A Podcast Journey into the World of Batman; 00:00:55 - Introduction to Batman Week on the podcast; 00:04:37 - Vince McMahon’s return and the involvement of The Rock; 00:08:33 - Manipulation of the media and fan reactions to The Rock’s return; 00:11:35 - The ongoing saga of Vince McMahon and potential revelations; 00:15:09 - The importance of conflict and dichotomy in wrestling storylines; 00:18:39 - Wrestlers’ Controversial Behavior Exposed; 00:24:54 - From Hollywood discussion to European horror films; 00:28:18 - Frustrations with American bureaucracy and video game reminiscing; 00:32:10 - Blu-ray box sets and streaming service discussions; 00:34:42 - Introduction to Batman: The Animated Series and Avatar; 00:38:59 - Reflection on the Ending and the Possibility of Retirement; 00:43:59 - Poison Ivy’s Return and Mysterious Crimes; 00:53:05 - DVD Format Woes and the Need for Remasters; 00:56:38 - ”Ricochet”: A Secret Sequel to Die Hard and the Desire for Remastering; 01:00:36 - ”The Interview”: Controversy and the Story Behind the Movie; 01:06:43 - Analyzing the complexities of workplace relationships and accountability; 01:11:53 - Establishing rules for relationships with colleagues and friends; 01:15:45 - Navigating shifting dynamics and aligning with different friendships; 01:17:09 - Introducing the Terrible Trio: Gotham’s New Master Criminals; 01:22:15 - The Robin Hood Theory and Bored Trust Fund Kids; 01:26:09 - Harlequinade: An Explosive Joker-Harley Dynamic; 01:30:15 - Understanding Harley Quinn: Misrepresentations in Live-Action Adaptations; 01:34:26 - Unleashing the Full Potential of Harley Quinn in Live-Action; 01:38:51 - The Controversial Shelving of Coyote vs. Acme Movie; 01:44:21 - The Vindictive Prick: A Public Embarrassment; 01:48:27 - Horror and Action Films: Easy Background Entertainment; 01:53:16 - Mixed Feelings about Movie Length; 01:56:42 - Barbie’s portrayal and potential as an intellectual property; 02:00:17 - Hoping for a funnier and less serious approach to the film; 02:03:17 - Plans for a Hasbroverse involving G.I. Joe and Transformers; 02:07:22 - The Creepy Plot Point in a Transformers Movie; 02:16:08 - Robin Williams in ”Good Morning Vietnam”; 02:25:35 - Favorite Episode: Avatar and the Fascinating Ra’s al Ghul; 02:30:07 - House and Garden: Exploring Poison Ivy’s Emotional Range; 02:31:43 - Finalizing the Literary License Podcast and Upcoming Batman Series Episode; 02:38:01 - Housewife by Qveen Herby

Opening Credits– The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Animated Series – Copyright . 1992 Warner Brothers Animation – Music by Shirley Walker. All rights reserved

Closing Credits: Housewife by Qveen Herby. Taken from the album Housewife. Copyright 2023 Checkbook Records ​

Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast.

All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission.

All songs available through Amazon Music.
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