PipemanRadio Interviews Lordi

16 apr 2023 · 17 min. 25 sec.
PipemanRadio Interviews Lordi

On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Mr. Lordi, an amazing musician and artist known for his music, visuals, cinema, and artistry. Pipeman is impressed by...

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On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Mr. Lordi, an amazing musician and artist known for his music, visuals, cinema, and artistry. Pipeman is impressed by Lordi's latest music video, Dead Again Jayne, and asks him about it. Lordi explains that the video is meant to look like an 80s cable TV horror show showcasing a 1930s old Universal horror movie. He directed and edited the video himself, and he had fun doing two different styles, the 80s cheap cable TV style and the 1930s black and white film style. Lordi reveals that young people today do not understand the concept of television and the old cable TV show since they have never experienced it before. Lordi shares that he has never been on social media and still lives in the 80s and 90s, and he acknowledges that these decades were the greatest. Pipeman agrees, and they discuss how technology has changed the artistry of music videos. Lordi believes that the magic of the videos is gone now that anyone can do it, and the charm is lost. Lordi also talks about one little detail from the video shoot where he noticed that younger film crew members did not know how to use a film camera since everything is now digital. Pipeman and Lordi continue to chat about various topics such as how Lordi likes to scare people and how he sees himself as an entertainer rather than a musician. Lordi also reveals that he is currently working on his autobiography, which he hopes to release soon. Overall, Pipeman and Lordi have a fun and insightful conversation about Lordi's latest music video, the evolution of technology and artistry, and Lordi's upcoming projects. You can get more information on Lordi over at Lordi.fi, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter under Lordi Official. You should check the amazing music videos, also check out atomicfire-records.com to get your hands on the music.

Clear the manège, let the ultimate LORDI show begin! Screem Writers Guild, a new beast of an album by the beloved Finnish hard rock monster squad, is out TODAY on Atomic Fire Records. Its title — a “LORDIfied” play on words — is a reference to the “Screen Writers Guild,” an association of Hollywood screenplay writers (1920s to 1950s), yet there is no doubt that LORDI‘s musical version is much louder and fiercer. “The record itself isn’t a real concept album, but it obviously plays with the overall cinematic theme,” says Mr. Lordi. Screem Writers Guild was produced by Mr. Lordi with Mana and Janne Halmkrona as executive producers. Ilkka Herkman took care of mixing and Pauli Saastamoinen mastered the record. The artwork was also designed by Mr. Lordi himself who has made a name as director for the band’s vision since the early ’90s. Screem Writers Guild will be available in the following formats: Limited Collector’s Box Set – Includes alternative cover artwork, CD-digipak, 2xLP in gatefold, exclusive Live At Masters Of Rock DVD featuring five live songs, five band member portrait art prints plus LORDI notebook. The box set will be available in three color variants: – Red/Black Splatter vinyl @ Atomic Fire Records Mailorder – Green Marbled vinyl @ EMP – Purple/Black Marbled vinyl @ Atomic Fire Records US Mailorder, Nuclear Blast, and Levykauppa Äx Other configurations: – CD-digipak – 2xLP gatefold (Transparent/Blue Marbled) – 2xLP gatefold (Red/Black Splatter; only available in Europe) – 2xLP gatefold (Green Marbled; only available @ EMP) – 2xLP gatefold (Purple/Black Marbled; only available @ Atomic Fire Records US Mailorder, Nuclear Blast, and Levykauppa Äx) – digital Order the album, pre-save it on your favorite DSP, or preorder it digitally at THIS LOCATION. Founded in 1992 by singer, songwriter, and designer Mr. Lordi, LORDI are one of the major Finnish rock/heavy metal acts of our time. Originally rooted in Rovaniemi (Northern Lapland, Finland), the band achieved their international breakthrough after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” in 2006. Since then, the unconventional troop has rocked their way into the spotlight of Europe with charm, unforgettable tunes, and elaborate monster costumes, and have become an integral part of the lineups of globally recognized festivals such as Wacken Open Air (DE) and Masters of Rock (CZ) among others. “A concept album of sorts, Screem Writers Guild plays out like a twisted musical, with numerous faux-macabre spoken word interludes and lashings of cinematic ambience amidst nods to ’70s and ’80s horror flicks. In between, LORDI dish out some of their sharpest songs in years.” — Blabbermouth “Screem Writers Guild, has everything it needs for the haunted motif, from the dark lyrics to the spooky key-laden hard rock and undead monster visuals. At the same time, the band also delivers the hard chops to back it up, drawing from greats like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper.” — Riff Magazine “…a wonderfully promising starting point in the band’s new beginning.” – Chaos Zine “Delivering LORDI‘s typically mocking and sarcastic style, this is a jubilation featuring enjoyably choruses and intriguing harmonies which are impossible to withstand!” — Rock Hard Italy “They’ve absolutely nailed the message they want to put across, and they do it in a very entertaining way.” – Metal Talk LORDI: Mr. Lordi – vocals Kone – guitars Hiisi – bass Hella – keyboard Mana – drums

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