jerry koski 10282018

jerry koski 10282018
17 apr 2024 · 24 min. 4 sec.
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Jerry Koski & Derek Releford oh and your mom Rhonda who won't return my requested call back, need to get some of your facts straight about the Suzanne Johnson case before you put people and their lives on BLAST MEDIA!! 1st Suzanne Johnson's neighbors, boys Allen & Gary Bultman would have never in a Million Years do any to harm Suzanne, EVER! Neither one of them had it in them to hurt anyone. Oh, and just so you know, neither Allen nor Gary ever dated Suzanne, Rhonda! #2 It was Donnie Dover, not the oldest David!!! #3 Johnnie Wilmore is not married to Penny Bultman! Suzanne lived right down the street from me. She was very quiet. I used to walk to school and sometimes she was right in front of me. I never remember anything strange or out of the normal happening. But she would have walked by the Wilmore's house on her way to school. I've listened to several of these podcasts about the Murder of Suzanne Johnson. Most of the things you are grasping at are just that. But you need to get the names of the people right. By the way, if Virgil Warner flew over and didn't see Suzanne! How would he be able to see her if her body was covered with a car hood! But this is the 1st I've ever heard about the car hood!! Another thing the well where she was found was Donald Lucks. Well, to check! It was already a proven fact that her body was kept in a freezer somewhere. Then placed out there like 15 days after her disappeance. I wish they would have done more investigation on other people besides Johnnie, but they were so focused on Johnnie the couldn't see past him! But never could pin it on him either.
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