Is Sketch REAL?

Is Sketch REAL?
2 apr 2024 · 1 h 18 min. 7 sec.

This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! This podcast is...

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This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors!
This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at
0:00 Intro 
0:17 Prizepicks Ad
1:37 how long sketch has made content for
2:46 sketch can’t read
4:08 does sketch have a condition
6:19 the first clip brad saw of sketch
7:33 sketch was on brads stream
9:26 sketch before the internet
10:58 sketch ghosted his therapist
11:23 what sketch’s childhood was like
12:26 does sketch smoke?
15:04 what sketch mainly streams
15:33 sketch doesn’t read his chat
17:09 sketch has a deal with twitch
17:32 sketch’s first viral clip
18:28 how sketch got into clipping content
21:42 who do people love sketch so much?
23:06 the value of streaming
24:46 sketch before streaming
25:35 schedule 35 ad
27:05 sketch’s first stream ever
28:47 sketch’s do and font’s
29:38 sketch getting lasik
31:14 the car crash sketch got in
32:03 the most fun sketch has right now doing...
32:37 what creator sketch watched growing up
33:10 sketch came to Steves in a helicopter
34:03 sketch wants to see the world
36:00 how much sketch lost day trading
36:22 sketch is blessed, makes content for fun
38:16 sketch betted on trump
40:40 sketch shooting vlogs?
41:58 what gets to sketch from the people on the internet
45:32 what other creators sketch had watched
46:51 sketch and adin ross
47:43 who sketch is most excited to make content with
48:20 is social media overwhelming to sketch
51:33 the hardest part of streaming
55:21 the fan bases between twitch and kick
58:10 brad got into content because of video games
1:00:49 the number one thing brad does now
1:02:56 sketch looking for a girl
1:07:16 how long brad has been podcasting for
1:07:40 brad on sketch’s content
1:09:08 stevewilldoit joins the podcast
1:10:13 Steve on YouTube
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