Ferryville Wisconsin- The People

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Ferryville Wisconsin- The People

Ferryville is a little village with a population of 192 in Southwestern Wisconsin. It is located on National Scenic State Highway 35 between Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse Wisconsin. Ferryville...

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Ferryville is a little village with a population of 192 in Southwestern Wisconsin. It is located on National Scenic State Highway 35 between Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse Wisconsin. Ferryville is at rivers edge and is an excellent area for hunting, fishing and water sports. Along with being a sportsman’s paradise, Ferryville, is a motorcycle riders dream due to the hills, valleys, curves and just pretty scenery. We may be a small village but we have plenty of friendly people and lots of beautiful scenery.

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Charley Fisher, we think of Ferryville what first comes to mind for the river. What about the river. All the Mississippians on the white spots of the Mississippi. Bob and I've been in sales for a long time and seen a lot of the Mississippi River, but quite honestly, the river has a is a real dynamic in this part of it, you know, a lot of this is my father-in-law used to say was the hayfields and ballparks until the dams came in in the 30s and the work project brought people to the Mississippi and brought people here in the said you know what we want to be here in course people laughed with work, but they always come back Ferryville pharaohs concert at hundred and 76 people what's her to do a small town, you know, it's kinda interesting. This town is a really welcoming community so the tractor pull started years and years ago the tractor pulls were a big thing in very well and they went away and then the bow to 15 years ago. They came back and so it draws people in, you know they do the fireworks out here on the river in the wintertime the Eagles that you see along the river all winter course. All the fishermen in the duck hunters Bob, that's what brings people to Ferryville so you didn't grow up here. We've lived here most of her adult life. When you think of Ferryville, Wisconsin, Charley, what keeps you here well my wife's family. Of course, you know her, it's a much deeper even than mine here. I mean, her great-grandfathers buried at Freeman Lutheran Church or grandpa and grandma were buried up there were married and her folks were married and buried up there as well and that quite honestly we were married in buried there as well, or you're very not barren for me and Terry. Let's start all over there so actually the roots come from my right side just to be here. What keeps you in the variable, Charley other people to really good group of people that are here, Bob, and for that, we really appreciate it. It's the people and the environment because it's a great area. I mean, you know there's fish and there's hunting the senior years. Good even crop in Ferryville but you spent your erasure children here you live here you got a farm here wife, Ferryville, Wisconsin. He could live anywhere. Wife's roots of course are from here but the people Bob and the people of This year. It's a great network of people and that the scenery is good and the environment. We see a lot of different people come to this area that want to come and see what this is all about it at 176 people. According to the sign that may change. Who knows, but being a small town is there huge draw for people for being a small town ever been here how many opening weekends. It's been just wild you know with people that are here Bob so I yeah there's a lot of draw the fishing the Eagles lot of people draw here is the drawing of raising your daughter here and for the schools are good when my daughter was young. The Prairie view schools out in the middle of the country between Ferryville and DeSoto up on the hills and it's a good group of people again. I got to say about it because it's the truth. It's a network of people that raise these kids, I'm on the road in sales Bob somebody had to do it and she turned out to be valedictorian so I got a given complement. check for the first time came to Ferryville, you know you're courting Christie what were your thoughts of you know, Ferryville, Wisconsin. I keep coming back to about the network of people you know that there's a group of people here that are different then in a lot of areas. Click start the clicks and Ferryville Bob because people. It's such a melted pot of people that have come here and been able to adapt your because of 170 some people's all in the community. People welcomed into the community. See start to see people and you start to know people and you got involved in the church and you got involved in coming downtown have a few beers and knowing the people and the people that couldn't wait to be here on weekends. Bob from their jobs. Whether they were in Chicago or they were in Milwaukee or they worked in Janesville. They couldn't wait to be here in Ferryville so anyway yeah very well spent. Been a great run. Keep bringing up people. Charley and I agree the people in Ferryville are fantastic and the size of the hundred and 76 but I mean it's more than the 176 people communities. Another big word and another cool thing and you know we touched on it a minute ago. Tell me about the tractor pull. So the tractor pull started years ago, long before I was part of Ferryville and my father-in-law was involved in a lot at that point in the Gilman's and a lot of the farms in this area, but even back then, but they do farms from all over coming to be part of the tractor pulls you know you hear people talking about from being over by musket alien blue River and way down and I will come in over here to be part of the tractor pulls back in those days. And of course, it went away for a while. But guess what it's like a lot of things in the soul river. The river changes and so the community changed again and so different people came back and wanted to be part of them. Tractor pulls you mentioned the river and if you bench you know you mentioned people you mentioned the tractor pull and one of the big draws for a lot of people is the river what your thoughts on the Mississippi River. I come from the world of industry and commercial and agriculture. It's it's the reason we have so much strong cash drain in this area. That's why our fertilizers are able to be at a more affordable price. Because of what we can do coming off the river with product versus trucking. It all in and in being in a lot of those areas but it's also the recreation thing about how many people's lives have changed so that not a pontoon boat, drinking a few drinks on a Sunday afternoon with your best friends. People don't forget that stuff Bob know they really don't you deal with a lot of the local people that are farmers and that you know that are that the backbone of our community. There was a lot of tobacco raised here in the day you know and insert tobacco was a big cash crop and a lot of Norwegian heritage. When you get up in the hills around outside of Ferryville. Here, the Lutheran Church, the Freeman Lutheran Church got a strong heritage that way. So me and coming to the ferry to tell me a story about why would want to come here and stay here yet so for Milwaukee are only 3 1/2 hours so it isn't like it's a three day run to come out here and be part of this when you get here you can see some of the prettiest areas that you'll see just comparable to the Black Hills. People want to go to the Black Hills to look at the hills, nice hills out in the Black Hills but they don't have the river as we got here. Do they Bob know they really don't and 3 miles across your one of the widest spots in the in on the in the river right here in favor Wisconsin? He looks out there and I mean it it it's an amazing view. So I was blessed. Looking back on it now that that farm up on the ridge right beside us turned in Eagle Mountain. We got discovered Bob and so went once we got discovered and people started to buy land here and become part of the community. It was like they wanted to stay a part of that was really because of the people that were here and nationally that Them here. It introduced a minute and brought them into the area when we moved that Eagle Mountain was nothing but a farm called the lower place and it was that there was a set of buildings there in a tobacco shed and they burnt the whole thing. They started building roads. They started making views of the river and we met so many unique people that have come here to be part of the community to tell you a story about that that was really interesting so years ago, Christie, Ruben and me. We had tobacco right along the road there and the guy stopped and he built a new house out here. He was a long searching in Chicago and he said I want to stop and I want. I'd love to buy three beliefs tobacco I can have them what you do in a long searching and I want to show people what kills him. Got three big leaves that tobacco and took it back to us back to his office and he always told us he had him in his office and said we raise this back were I I I have a house that we raise it. He wasn't raising it, but he was part of the community. So use we Bob what your favorite story about Fernando. I think one of the things that's one of my favorite stories is actually been part of the celebrations of life with no cone funerals anymore Bob for a couple of really neat people over the years Tom Tower who is a big part of Ferryville and he loved very well. He loved the community, Wilbur Dinger was an old guy that used to be downtown near a lot. That was a great part of the community that they like the community they had a passion and they're all resting here now and so we're part of their life and be part of celebrating their heritage year. So, when push comes to shove, this is where I want to be.
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