Ferryville Wisconsin- Growing Up and Running Business

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Ferryville Wisconsin- Growing Up and Running Business

Ferryville is a little village with a population of 192 in Southwestern Wisconsin. It is located on National Scenic State Highway 35 between Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse Wisconsin. Ferryville...

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Ferryville is a little village with a population of 192 in Southwestern Wisconsin. It is located on National Scenic State Highway 35 between Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse Wisconsin. Ferryville is at rivers edge and is an excellent area for hunting, fishing and water sports. Along with being a sportsman’s paradise, Ferryville, is a motorcycle riders dream due to the hills, valleys, curves and just pretty scenery. We may be a small village but we have plenty of friendly people and lots of beautiful scenery.

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Deb Lomas is the owner of scenic River in in Ferryville Wisconsin and you’re lifelong resident of Ferryville tell you what your first memory of Ferryville and now the end that I ran my parents were owners of the Ferryville see which not only the people depot they lived right across the street so I grandpa line the river my life when we were dating on the river when I let all waterskiing baking the normal thing to do while growing up a lot. I never realized until I got older, how beautiful the area live and how good it was to live along the river never appreciated it because at the time I would let all all you can think about is going bigger and better places and away from home and away from your parents. I did do that for a year when I went to college I always came back proceeded to build my own house here in town and make my daily care when I can cast away, I decided to keep their how to turn it into the vacation rental. When I asked my renters what they come to the area for a lot of my fisherman and hunter site see the high just to get away for the weekend, it seems like everybody comes to the area. Everybody wants to come during the weekend in the summer. I have that book and I get multiple calls for the same weekend people looking for places to say, a lot of everything booked because everybody wants to come here and I realize now as I get older. How beautiful it really is along the river and the sunset and just the beauty of it and now I know why people come here senses here are amazing. So what are some of the things you tell your guests that they should check out when they're in the Ferryville area. I always got in the ring thing I tell him to go over there and look at the quaint little door. I send them to the local union for burgers is a prime rib on Saturday nights are to the wooden nickel just for a quaint little marker drinker dear my send them to Prairie if they like to gamble and go on the boat broke one of the staff just on the local area thing hiking over and not have more if they want to be chasing them to plant clock if they want to golf I send him to Brooklyn or Prairie orchards are a big hit. They like to go over to the orchards which are close by double so the gist of extreme you going up here and raise your kids here between then and now, when I grew up here, there was a lot of kids in town so there is always something to do and something to hang out and even when my kids were young, there was still several families and and kids their age and how and people for them to play with but now it's becoming more touristy and not many families come here will hear that a lot of weekenders and vacation are, it seems to be really up-and-coming for a vacation place and a place to visit with me to stay here. I just I love being a lot better. I own property in La Crosse, but I can't even imagine looking out at traffic when I can look at that in the river. I just can't even imagine my delight, Ferryville coming down the river from across the prairie variable is one of the most beautiful places you can drive through the road passes right to the heart of the town and it's right on the river. It's the only way that you drive right to the heart of the town and can see the river. The whole time. You mention the river quite a bit in your answers. What is this also the river to I grew up along the river. I can't even imagine not living by water as I like to live in my jet ski boat fish camp on the sandbar. I can't imagine not living by the river being a bit erratic and it doesn't really draw people tell me about the people that live in for most of my neighbors nowadays are people that came from the city and had bought properties around me and have picked them up in their permanent residence. Now the house behind me just got sold but for the most part the Norton account is a pretty stable crowd of people that actually live here and then as you had felt the town more than a vacation rental not as many resident properties and upright Eagle Mountain, which is also part of the village. There's quite a few permanent residents up there along with. I think a lot of weekenders, summer residents is a big crowd
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