Detroit Wins the Draft - April 30, 2024

Detroit Wins the Draft - April 30, 2024
30 apr 2024 · 1 h 14 min. 33 sec.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports stops in to talk about an epic FBI fail and Detroit’s epic performance as host of the NFL Draft while Marc joins in and ML...

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Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports stops in to talk about an epic FBI fail and Detroit’s epic performance as host of the NFL Draft while Marc joins in and ML types Shawn’s national sports writing award.

STRAIGHT DOPE: We start this week’s show trying to celebrate Shawn, whose outstanding work for the Detroit Free Press was honored with a third place award for sports opinion writing in the prestigious National Headliner Awards. Shawn tries to downplay it but, like Ron Burgundy, he really IS kind of a big deal. Read his superlative work here.

Dan returns to the basement just in time for ML to inadvertently revive the Caitlin Clark discussion when he makes the mistake of mentioning that Burt Reynolds, in this week’s intro, is wearing 22 in the movie “Semi Tough,” then noting that it’s the same number he wore in “The Longest Yard.” As luck would have it, 22 is also Clark’s number.

That conversation turns to controversy stirred up when a sports writer for the Indianapolis Star rather awkwardly welcomed Clark to Indy, where she landed as the top pick in the WBNA draft. Read his apology here.

Dan and Marc bemoan the fact that more people are paying attention to that tempest in a teapot instead of another huge story out of Indianapolis: The FBI’s agreement to pay more than $100 million to Larry Nassar’s victims.

Dan discusses how the FBI did virtually nothing to investigate or stop Nassar from abusing young gymnasts – and may have even prevented other authorities from stopping the diabolical doctor. Read his column here.

Detroit is still basking in the afterglow of a successful NFL Draft. Dan, Marc, Shawn and ML discuss what went well, and why Detroit could reap the benefits of throwing a great party for years to come.

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GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn finished third in the national sports writing competition. The person who keeps finishing number two a Dearborn cemetery is this week’s geek.

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