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The Synanon cult had a branch in Detroit where addicts played “The Game,” which Amelia Benavides-Colon describes to Marc and ML while Shawn waxes poetic about the squirrels in Ann...

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The Synanon cult had a branch in Detroit where addicts played “The Game,” which Amelia Benavides-Colon describes to Marc and ML while Shawn waxes poetic about the squirrels in Ann Arbor.

STRAIGHT DOPE: On her way to a gig in Washington, D.C., super Free Press intern Amelia Benavides-Colon revisits the show to talk about ANOTHER cult in Michigan, this one created to help people get off drugs. But first, Shawn explains how he uses the interaction between students and squirrels as a barometer for social norms.
Synanon started in California before heading to Detroit, where it had its only Midwest chapter. But before we get to that, a discussion about the appropriateness of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman Anthony Keidis’ relationship with a 19-year-old dominates the conversation. ML suggests not dating anyone whose parents might have been your classmate, then shares a former roommate’s brush with Flea in East Lansing.
The cult is the subject of a documentary on Max, but first everyone does their Jerry Seinfeld impression while discussing the Duke University students who walked out on Seinfeld during his commencement speech.
By the time Amelia FINALLY gets to talk about the Synanon, she explains its ties to Alcoholics Anonymous and its unusual approach to helping people kick their drug addictions by playing “The Game.”
“The Game” doesn’t sound like much fun. It could last for days and involved hurling insults. It was a lot like this podcast, only longer.
All this addiction talk inspires Shawn to ask Marc if he’s ever taken heroin … and a whole bunch of other drugs. Listen to learn Marc’s answer.
Marc then launches into the weighty topic of whether it’s worse to be murdered or (fill in the blank). If you think “murder” is the obvious answer, you might be surprised by what you hear.
Synanon founder Chuck Dederich finally got in trouble with the law. So he put a snake in the mailbox of a prosecutor. Learn more about charming Charles, including his shifting position on the importance of marriage among cult members.
Read Amelia’s story here.
Amelia wrote many amazing stories this year, and ends her stay at the Free Press with a humdinger about roadside attractions. Read it here.
ML also has a new column, this one telling the story of a man who helped get Mike Duggan elected Detroit mayor in 2013 who is now at the center of a petition fiasco that could get multiple candidates thrown off the ballot. Read On Guard here.
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GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML considers naming Duke students who booed Seinfeld or the guy who punched Steve Buscemi GOW, but instead comes up with a scheme that allows him to say the name “General Booty” over and over.

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