9 apr 2024 · 1 h 32 min. 38 sec.

A star of “Sasquatch Sunset” talks Detroit, Hollywood, surfing and the documentary he stars in during the Freep Film Festival, which kicks off this weekend. Then ML, Marc and Shawn...

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A star of “Sasquatch Sunset” talks Detroit, Hollywood, surfing and the documentary he stars in during the Freep Film Festival, which kicks off this weekend. Then ML, Marc and Shawn meet two guys using garish track suits to raise money for charity before ML shares some boasts from guys who think they could shut down Caitlin Clark.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Marc is solely responsible for this week’s intro video and audio selection, which explains why he has cast ML in a new version of the Steve Martin classic “The Jerk.” ML responds by telling Marc and Shawn he doesn’t need anything … except maybe this chair, this Thermos, this remote control and this dog. Only it turns out he doesn’t need this dog…

Christophe Zajac-Denek launched his career in the entertainment industry as a drummer in the Detroit band Hard Lessons. After six years without breaking through, he moved to LA and turned to acting to help pay his bills. Surprisingly, his plan seems to be working, with roles in “Twin Peaks” and the new “Sasquatch Sunset.” If you don’t recognize his name, you may recognize him by his 4-foot-4 stature. Christophe tells ML, Marc and Shawn about life as a little person and how he hopes his documentary will make a big difference.

Christophe has found a lot of different gigs in Hollywood, including a recurring role on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." He describes many of those roles as “foams,” meaning he is inside a foam costume. ML asks him how many star vehicles there are for little people who aren’t named Peter Dinklage or Warrick Davis. Christophe discusses the challenges.

Marc inquires what it was like to work on “Sasquatch Sunset,” a new movie that has plenty of Yetis but no dialogue. Christophe has third billing, behind Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough. After the show, Marc showed ML the trailer which starts with, to put it mildly, an rather unconventional clip.

ML asks Christophe how he deals with people staring at him, a topic he discusses at length in his “Standing on Water” documentary.

Marc asks Christophe to share some of the stupid questions people ask him, and Christophe tells a funny story that occurred while shopping at Honey Bee Market.Dating is so tough for little people that Christophe says 99 percent of women are not interested in him and the 1 percent who are have problems. ML, who is over 6-foot-1, tells Christophe he has the same problem. So they make plans to hit the town together next time Christophe is in Detroit.

Check out Christophe’s podcast, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” using this link.

Meet Christophe this weekend when he comes to promote his film and the Freep Film Festival. Find out more about the festival, including how to get tickets and participate in some cool events, here.   You might even run into Shawn there. He’s moderating the discussion panel after “Rouge.”

August Gitschlag and Conrad Maziarz drop by to promote Track Suit 10, their annual charity fundraising party at Whiskey In The Jar in Hamtramck. This week’s gig will be held Saturday, April 13. The party features outrageous track suits, great music, raffles, prize baskets and good times. Find out more on Instagram at Magsuit.Detroit

ML asks Shawn to rate some of the reasons men gave for why they believe they could beat Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark. Listen and learn where ML found these offbeat fellows.

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GEEK OF THE WEEK: A deadbeat dad’s scheme to dodge a $100,000 child support bill by faking his death ends up costing him more than $250,000 and a potential five-year prison sentence.

ROOM 7609: Michael Penn is the best-looking and most talented Penn brother (sorry, Sean and Chris!). But is he New Wave? ML books “No Myth” into the New Wave suite and asks Marc and Shawn for their take. Send us your favorite deep cut or obscure band – and a story about them or why they mean something to you – by writing to mlsoulofdetroit@gmail.com.

FEEDBACK: Lauren asks ML to help explain why the traditionally conservative Detroit News is slamming Republicans and, potentially, being confused with the traditionally liberal Detroit Free Press. A discussion of the difference between the news and opinion pages follows. We welcome all your comments – and constructive criticism – at mlsoulofdetroit@gmail.com

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